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1 What If? What Else? What Then? A Critical Thinking Game
by KW Free · 1997 · Cited by 10 —
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2 What if? What else? What then? A critical thinking ... - PubMed
What if? What else? What then? A critical thinking game.
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3 If...Then...Else Statement - Visual Basic | Microsoft Learn
Else statement is encountered, condition is tested. If condition is True , the statements following Then are executed. If condition is False , ...
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4 The if-then and if-then-else Statements (The Java™ Tutorials ...
The if-then-else statement provides a secondary path of execution when an "if" clause evaluates to false . You could use an if-then-else statement in the ...
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5 If...Then...Else Statement
Use the If… Then… Else statement to define two blocks of statements. One of the statements runs when the specified condition is True, and the other one runs ...
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IF-THEN-ELSE IF-END IF ... Fortran evaluates logical-expression-1 and if the result is .TRUE., statements-1 is executed followed by the statement after END IF. If ...
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7 If/Then/Else Statements - Elements Docs
The if / then statement is a conditional statement that executes its sub-statement, which follows the then keyword, only if the provided condition evaluates to ...
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8 JavaScript If-Else and If-Then – JS Conditional Statements
The if...else is a type of conditional statement that will execute a block of code when the condition in the if statement is truthy . If the ...
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9 Conditional (computer programming) - Wikipedia
The if–then construct (sometimes called if–then–else ) is common across many programming languages. Although the syntax varies from language to language, the ...
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10 Macro Language Dictionary : %IF-%THEN/%ELSE
In the SETTAX macro, the %IF-%THEN/%ELSE statement tests the value of the macro variable TAXRATE to control the generation of one of two DATA steps. The first ...
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11 Control Structures | Roblox Creator Documentation
Ypu can use an elseif statements to test for additional conditions if the if condition is false. You can use an else statement to execute code if all if and ...
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12 Translating an If-Then-Else Statement into MIPS Assembly ...
Translating an If-Then-Else Statement into MIPS Assembly Instructions. Chapter 3: Instructions: Language of the Machine - 22 of 35.
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13 Chapter 4: The if/else (if) statement and Nested statements
The if/else statement extends the if statement by specifying an action if the if (true/false expression) is false. if (condition) { // do this if condition ...
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14 The if/then/else Construct | Scala Book
The if/then/else Construct. Language. A basic Scala if statement looks like this: if (a == b) doSomething(). You can also write that statement like this:.
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15 "Person of Interest" If-Then-Else (TV Episode 2015) - IMDb
If-Then-Else: Directed by Chris Fisher. With Jim Caviezel, Kevin Chapman, Amy Acker, Sarah Shahi. Samaritan launches a cyber-attack on the stock exchange, ...
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16 Python if...else Statement - Programiz
The elif is short for else if. It allows us to check for multiple expressions. If the condition for if is False , it checks the condition of the next elif ...
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17 10.2 If-then-else
10.2 If-then-else. Although our second try in using a cut in the max predicate to make it more efficient went wrong, the argument that we used when placing ...
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18 MIT App Inventor Control Blocks
If the condition is true, performs the actions in the -then sequence of blocks; ... The animation below shows how to use the if else mutator block.
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19 JavaScript if else else if - W3Schools
Use the else if statement to specify a new condition if the first condition is false. Syntax. if (condition1) { // block of code to be executed if condition1 is ...
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20 Keyword If...ElseIf...Else...EndIf - AutoIt
Else...EndIf. Conditionally run statements. If <expression> Then ... [ElseIf expression-n Then ... If not, the first true ElseIf block is executed.
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21 IF THEN ELSE - Anaplan Technical Documentation
Tests a Boolean argument and returns one of two results based on whether it is true or false. For example, you can use the IF THEN ELSE function ...
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22 SAS : IF-Then-Else Statements - ListenData
SAS : IF-Then-Else Statements ... Task 1 : Suppose you are asked to exclude some of the observations in a SAS data set from an analysis that you are generating.
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23 Com Ref - Analysis: IF THEN ELSE - User Guide | Epi Info - CDC
Analysis Commands: IF THEN ELSE · The <expression> represents a condition that determines whether or not subsequent commands will be run. · The [command(s)] ...
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24 4. More Control Flow Tools — Python 3.11.0 documentation
The keyword ' elif ' is short for 'else if', and is useful to avoid ... with the else clause of a try statement than it does with that of if statements: a ...
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25 Oracle / PLSQL: IF-THEN-ELSE Statement - TechOnTheNet
In Oracle, the IF-THEN-ELSE statement is used to execute code when a condition is TRUE, or execute different code if the condition evaluates to FALSE.
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26 IF...THEN...ELSE -
The IF...THEN...ELSE statement conditionally executes a statement or block of statements. Note: Another way to write an IF...THEN...ELSE statement is with a ...
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27 IF/THEN/ELSE Instructions - IBM
IF/THEN/ELSE Instructions ... When you put the entire instruction on one line, you must separate the THEN clause from the ELSE clause with a semicolon.
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28 Pascal - if then else statement - Tutorialspoint
Pascal - if then else statement, An if-then statement can be followed by an optional else statement, which executes when the Boolean expression is false.
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29 Conditional - IF...THEN Statements - FORTH, Inc.
The word = takes two values of the stack and compares them to see if they are equal. Execute code IF a condition is true, else skip past the THEN. If the ...
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30 Excel formula: If else | Exceljet
If you need to test a condition, then take one action if the condition is TRUE, and another action if the condition if FALSE, you can use the IF function. The ...
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31 else (Programming in Emacs Lisp) -
3.8 If–then–else Expressions. An if expression may have an optional third argument, called the else-part, for the case when the true-or-false-test returns ...
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32 If () Then, Else (block) - Scratch Wiki,_Else_(block)
The if () then, else block is a control block and a C block. (It is also sometimes known as an "E" block.) The block checks its boolean ...
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33 How to Use IF...THEN Logic in SQL Server | Tutorial by Chartio
This is most easily accomplished in all versions of SQL Server using the CASE statement, which acts as a logical IF...THEN...ELSE expression and returns ...
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34 If...Then...Else - BigFix Developer
Else. If-then-else clauses have the form: if <conditional-expression> then <expression1> else <expression2>.
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35 Rule: If-Then-Else - UiPath Documentation Portal
Rule: If-Then-Else · the condition(s) to check (that's goes in the If statement) · what happens if the condition is true (that's goes in the Then statement) · what ...
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36 If-Then-Else | Person of Interest Wiki - Fandom
"If-Then-Else" is the 11th episode of season 4 and the 79th produced hour of Person of Interest. It originally aired on January 6, 2015.
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37 Basic conditional branching with if-then statements
"If this is true, then do this thing. If not, then do something else." For example, type out the following sequence: if [[ $num ...
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38 IF…THEN…ELSE - Parallax Inc
Evaluate Condition and, if it is true, execute the statement(s) following THEN, otherwise jump to and evaluate the ELSEIF condition. If no ELSEIF statement/ ...
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Get started with IFTTT, the easiest way to do more with your favorite apps and devices for free. Make your home more relaxing. Make your work more ...
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40 Applying Subschemas Conditionally - JSON Schema
New in draft 7 The if , then and else keywords allow the application of a subschema based on the outcome of another schema, much like the if / then / else ...
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41 Conditions and loops | Kotlin
In Kotlin, if is an expression: it returns a value. Therefore, there is no ternary operator ( condition ? then : else ) because ordinary if ...
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42 The Scala 3 if/then/else-if/else/end syntax and examples
Here's an example of the Scala 3 if-then/else-if/else syntax, as used as the body of a method: def compare(a: Int, b: Int): Int = if a < b ...
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43 BASIC Programming/Beginning BASIC/Control Structures/IF ...
The IF...THEN...ELSEIF...ELSE control statement allows identifying if a certain condition is true, and executes a block of code if it is the case.
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44 If Statements - Bash Scripting Tutorial
Learn if statements, else, elif and case statements with sample scripts, ... A basic if statement effectively says, if a particular test is true, then ...
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45 Conditions: if, then, else - Learn Python 3 - Snakify
5. 'elif' word ... If you have more than two options to tell apart using the conditional operator, you can use if... elif... else statement. ... In this case the ...
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46 IFS Function in Excel - Formula, Examples, How to Use IFS ...
The IFS Function[1] in Excel is a Logical function that was introduced in Excel 2016. The function is an alternative to the Nested IF function ...
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47 Logical Functions - Tableau Help
Logical functions available in Tableau: ; ELSE, IF <expr> THEN <then> ELSE <else> END. Tests a series of expressions returning the <then> value for the first ...
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48 VBA If, ElseIf, Else (Ultimate Guide to If Statements)
We will discuss them in more detail later in the article. Here is the syntax for a simple one-line If statement: If [test_expression] then [action].
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49 3.12 Conditionals: if, cond, and, and or - Racket Documentation
Evaluates test-expr. If it produces any value other than #f, then then-expr is evaluated, and its results are the result for the if form.
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50 If Then Else Statement in Excel VBA (explained with examples)
Learn how to use IF Then Else statement in Excel VBA. It allows you to check one or more conditions and then execute a code based on whether ...
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51 $cond (aggregation) — MongoDB Manual
$cond requires all three arguments ( if-then-else ) for either syntax. If the <boolean-expression> evaluates to true , then $cond evaluates and returns the ...
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52 IF - THEN - ELSE and IFNOT - F-Chart Software
IF - THEN - ELSE and IFNOT. Both single and multiple line formats for IF - THEN - ELSE statements are allowed in Internal Functions and Procedures.
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53 How to Use If Statements in PowerShell - PDQ
PowerShell allows you to nest If and Else statements within If and Else statements (incoming Inception vibes). Nested conditional statements ...
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54 If Then Else Patch - Spark AR - Facebook
Use the If Then Else patch to switch between two states in response to something depending on the data type selected. Inputs. Name, Description. Condition.
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55 Keywords: If Then Else.purs - PureScript: Jordan's Reference
IfThenElse where -- There's support for if-then-else statements test1 :: Boolean -> String test1 condition = if condition then "true path" else "false path" ...
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56 IF THEN ELSE(cond, tval, fval) Traditional IF-THEN ... - Vensim
Only the value returned is evaluated, so the other value could be an expression that would lead to an error. Units: IF THEN ELSE( dimensionless, Funits, ...
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57 Decision Making in PL/SQL (if-then , if-then-else, Nested if ...
if – then- else: The if statement alone tells us that if a condition is true it will execute a block of statements and if the condition is false ...
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58 How to Use IF Statements in Python (if, else, elif, and more)
Then we say that if variable x is smaller than variable y , print out x is smaller than y ). Indeed, if we execute this code, we'll print out ...
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59 Programming in Lua : 4.3.1 -
1 – if then else. An if statement tests its condition and executes its then-part or its else-part accordingly. The else-part is optional. if ...
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60 Create if, then, else statements - Dataiku Documentation
This processor performs actions or calculations based on conditional statements defined using an if, then else syntax. IF [Condition(s)] THEN [Action(s) If ...
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61 Using the IF THEN ELSE function - Zendesk help
The IF THEN ELSE function is used in calculations in several different ways, including filtering, grouping, bucketing, and relabeling ...
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62 If Statements - Beginner Roblox Scripting #11 - If, Then, Else
Dec 15, 2019
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63 Python - if, else, elif conditions (With Examples)
If all the statements are not in the same indentation, either space or a tab then it will raise an IdentationError . Example: Invalid Indentation in the Block.
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64 If...Then...Else
If...Then...Else. General Control Statement. Syntax samples. IF <Boolean expression> THEN <statement 1> {ELSE <statement 2>}. IF Var1 = 5 THEN WAIT 2 min.
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65 3.1. If Statements — Hands-on Python Tutorial for Python 3
3.1.1. Simple Conditions¶. The statements introduced in this chapter will involve tests or conditions. More syntax for conditions will be introduced later, but ...
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66 IF...THEN...ELSE statement - Progress Documentation
Makes the execution of a statement or block of statements conditional. If the value of the expression following the IF statement is TRUE, the AVM processes ...
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67 How do I perform an IF...THEN in an SQL SELECT?
32 Answers 32 ... The CASE statement is the closest to IF in SQL and is supported on all versions of SQL Server. ... CASE statements can be embedded in other CASE ...
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68 SQL CASE | Intermediate SQL - Mode Analytics
This SQL tutorial for data analysis covers using if/then logic with the SQL ... The ELSE statement is optional, and provides a way to capture values not ...
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69 5 ways to apply an IF condition in Pandas DataFrame
You then want to apply the following IF conditions: ... x: 'value if condition is met' if x condition else 'value if condition is not met').
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70 VBScript Conditional Statement: IF Else, ElseIF, Select Case ...
You will use the VBScript If-Then statement if you want to execute some code when a specific condition is true. For example, you want to output ...
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71 A Beginner's Guide to IF Statements in Tableau
When we use the keyword, ELSE, we do not need a conditional expression. ELSE simply means that, if none of the earlier conditional expressions ...
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72 How to create If...Then...Else formulas in Crystal Reports
This Knowledgebase solution will provide different examples of when an "if... then... else..." formula might be required in the Crystal Report.
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73 Solved: if then else - Microsoft Power BI Community
Solved: Most languages have a structure that allows multiple conditions to be met in an IF statement, like this: IF condition1 THEN result1 Else If.
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74 If-then-else branching and logical tools—ArcGIS Pro
If-then-else logic is a concept for performing actions based on different conditions. If-then-else logic can be explained as follows: if the condition is ...
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75 ELI5: Is AI just a bunch of if and else statements?
If 1 and 1, then 2. If X happens, do a thing. Else, do another thing. These kind of basic operations are the necessary building blocks for ...
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76 Regex Tutorial - If-Then-Else Conditionals
A special construct (?ifthen|else) allows you to create conditional regular expressions. If the if part evaluates to true, then the regex engine will ...
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77 Conditional Statements: If, Else-If, If-Then And Select Case
This tutorial explains various conditional statements in VBA such as If, Else-If, If-Then, Nested If, And Select Case with examples.
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78 IF Statement Tableau: Ultimate Guide on Conditional Logic 101
Tableau IF-ELSE Statement · If the conditional expression is satisfied (TRUE), the statement after the THEN keyword will be returned. · When the ...
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79 Easy Conditional Mail Merge Formatting (If...Then...Else)
How to Insert Conditional Content (If…Then…Else) in Word Mail Merge Fields · 1. Open MS Word > Go to Mailings tab · 2. Click Start mail merge and ...
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80 Back to Basics: Conditional Logic with PowerShell If-Else
PowerShell evaluates the condition in Test 1. · If the result of Test 1 returns true, the code inside the If statement list will run, then ...
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81 If..then..elseif..else..end if ‒ QlikView - Qlik | Help
Since the if..then statement is a control statement and as such is ended with either a semicolon or end-of-line, each of its four possible clauses (if..then, ...
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82 if - Maple Help - Maplesoft
The construct elif conditional expression then statement sequence can be repeated any number of times. The keyword elif stands for else if.
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83 Conditional (ternary) operator - JavaScript - MDN Web Docs
then an expression to execute if the condition is truthy followed by a colon ... is frequently used as an alternative to an if...else statement.
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84 If-Then-Else Blocks - MATLAB & Simulink - MathWorks
If the input to the If block is not positive, as specified by the else condition, then the If Action Subsystem Saturation between -0.75 and 0.75 is ...
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85 If-then-else - HaskellWiki
For processing conditions, the if-then-else syntax was defined in Haskell98. However it could be simply replaced by the function if' with.
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86 If-then-else - Type Classes
Branching conditionals can be written straightforwardly using the if-then-else syntax in Haskell. Note that all three are keywords and that each branch of ...
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87 Lesson 5: If-Then-Else Statements - STAT ONLINE
follow the good programming practice of programming for missing values; write an if-then-else statement that involves any of the comparison operators; write a ...
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88 Bash if loop examples (if then fi, if then elif fi, if then else fi)
The if statement allows you to specify courses of action to be taken in a shell script, depending on the success or failure of some command.
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89 IF..ELSE..THEN functions in BEX - SAP Blogs
IF..ELSE..THEN functions in BEX · There is no specific function for IF. · If we specify Condition like *0 + 1 then the condition will wont work.
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90 if - Manual - PHP
Often you'd want to have more than one statement to be executed conditionally. Of course, there's no need to wrap each statement with an if clause.
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91 PL/pgSQL IF Statement
The if then else statement executes the statements in the if branch if the condition evaluates to true; otherwise, it executes the statements in the else ...
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92 “If-then”: Using Conditional Sentences in Academic Writing
If-then conditional sentences present situations and possible outcomes. These are used to discuss the results or are part of a research ...
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93 How to implement if then else? - NI Community
if the x is more than L output must be 3. What should be done(since there isnt any if then else commnad in labview)?. Thanks in advance.
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94 Everything you wanted to know about the IF statement
Like many other languages, PowerShell has statements for ... If the value was $false , then it would skip over that scriptblock.
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95 How to Use IF Statement in Power BI? - eduCBA
“If the sales value is >6500 then incentive will be 300 or else incentive will ... This looks a lot easier than regular IF condition in MS Excel isn't it???
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96 conditional execution -- if-then-else statements - Macaulay2
The basic way to control the execution of code is with the if expression. Such an expression typically has the form if X then Y else Z
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