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1 Potential State Shutdown Information
Update, 7/1/2021 - State shutdown avoided. The House and Senate pressed forward to pass a budget before midnight July 1 to avoid a government shutdown.
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2 MN government begins planning for potential shutdown
Minnesota state government employees have been officially warned they'll be sidelined if no budget is approved by the end of June. Layoff ...
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3 Is a state government shutdown looming in Minnesota ...
In the past, there was always the possibility that the courts would bail out the executive and legislative branches for their failure to agree.
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4 2011 Minnesota state government shutdown - Wikipedia
The Republican caucuses and their leaders demanded bigger spending cuts, and for the budget shortfall to be met without tax increases, while Dayton demanded ...
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5 Federal shutdown's impact on Minnesota? State officials unsure
... on how the partial federal government shutdown is affecting the state. ... Frans warned, myriad programs could be negatively affected.
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6 What the federal government shutdown means for Minnesota
And as USA Today points out, the shutdown affects nine government departments (Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Homeland Security, Interior, ...
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7 How will the shutdown hurt Minnesota? Here are some issues
If the funding shutdown is short, state Management and Budget Commissioner Myron Frans says Minnesota resources can fill in the gap for ...
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8 Here's How Much Government Shutdown Affects Minnesota | Apple ...
... Government Shutdown Affects Minnesota - Apple Valley-Rosemount, MN - The ... federal government shutdown has lasted nearly two weeks and could extend ...
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9 Impact on Rural Development Loans - Minnesota Housing
federal government shutdown as it relates to home mortgage programs. ... Division will purchase RD loans without a guarantee in place on a.
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10 MN Government Shutdown Effects Us All - Someplace Safe
As of today, MN government has shut down after failure to reach an agreement on a budget for the next two years. So what does this mean for ...
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11 Minnesota braces for effects of federal government shutdown
The partial shutdown would affect only 25 percent of the federal government. It was not immediately clear how many Minnesota employees would be ...
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12 Could A MN Government Shutdown Affect Your Vacation Plans?
Well, that could now be in jeopardy since the Minnesota State Legislature failed to ... There hasn't been a government shutdown in Minnesota for 10 years.
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13 memorandum of understanding
the term of a federal shutdown and the positions affected by a federal shutdown ... or indirect result of a federal government shutdown shall continue to ...
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14 MN budget - Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare
... for the governor and legislature to come up with a budget solution draws nearer, many people are wondering how a government shutdown could affect them.
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15 Shutdown could soon take toll on most vulnerable Minnesotans
“People sometimes think of this federal shutdown as an academic exercise. It's not. It's very, very real and it has tremendous effects on real ...
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16 Minnesota's new FY 2022-23 budget takes important steps ...
state government shutdown. In ... The budget includes two provisions that will go into effect if the state projects a surplus in a future budget.
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17 Emergency Regulation No. 2022-1 - City of Minneapolis
Examples include retail stores, rental establishments, government buildings, stadiums, arenas, convention centers, and service establishments as ...
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18 MMB talks about impact in MN of partial federal ... - YouTube
Jan 14, 2019
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19 State governments shut down, too - The Washington Post
The fiscal effects of the shutdown were in dispute. While the shutdown cost the government at least $60 million in lost revenues and additional ...
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20 How a federal government shutdown could affect MN - Minneapolis ...
Obama administration officials provided more details about what a government shutdown would mean — a growing possibility with no agreement yet about f ...
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21 News Flash • Carlton County, MN • CivicEngage
The MFIP (Minnesota Family Investment Program) and tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program will not be affected by a federal government shutdown ...
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22 Shutdown Has Direct, But Limited, Effect On MN
The Minnesota Management and Budget agency also announced, in a memo issued before the shutdown, that state funds would not be used to replace ...
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23 Reopening Buildings After Prolonged Shutdown or Reduced ...
Legionella and Legionnaires' disease. Stagnant or standing water in a plumbing system can increase the risk for growth and spread of Legionella and other ...
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24 Potential State Government Shutdown
How might Minnesota State Arts Board applicants and grantees be affected if there is a state government shutdown?
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25 How Will Minnesota's Shutdown Affect My Business? - Business ...
As of July 1st, Minnesota has enacted a state government shutdown until a budget can be approved by the Governor and MN State Legislature.
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26 Information Related to a Government Shutdown | NASA
Sep 27, 2022 —
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27 State Parks Fall Prey to MN Government Shutdown
These two situations are similar, but not identical. In the current Minnesota shutdown all state parks will be closed. In the 1995 federal ...
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28 MN Was State Least Affected by Government Shutdown - American ...
They range from each state's share of federal jobs and contracts to the percentage of kids covered by the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). You can ...
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29 MN Government Shutdown Affects Lake Treatments | PLM Lake and ...
PLM has has been notified by the MN DNR that if there is a government shutdown, all aquatic plant management and commercial mechanical control permits will ...
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30 Legislative Update - Middle Management Association (MMA)
Minnesota's 2021 legislative session convened on January 5th. ... a special session and even more important a government shutdown was at the ...
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31 Calendar • Koochiching County, MN • CivicEngage
Search calendar by: · Event Details · WIC is not affected by the Government shutdown - Call 283-7055 for an appointment ...
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32 Here - NAMI Minnesota
BIPOC Mental Health Workforce: NAMI Minnesota's top priority for the 2021 ... There is less than a week until we would face a government shutdown, ...
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33 Coronavirus COVID-19 | Saint Paul Minnesota
You do not need to provide a government-issued ID or medical insurance to be ... You should get a card when you get your COVID-19 vaccination that includes ...
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34 COVID-19 - Resources for City Officials
Local Government Operations. COVID-19 State of Emergency Ends: How Does This Affect City Meetings? - League of MN Cities Information Available to Help ...
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35 Health Care - U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar
As Minnesota's U.S. senator, I will continue to focus on these health care ... called on the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to study the effects of ...
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36 2021 Legislative Session Summary - Revize
shut down state government necessitated leadership to ... This proposal does not impact the DNR's current process for OHW designations. It would require a.
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37 MN Beer Shutdown: Liquor Stores Closing Doors - Reuters
However, as their supplies dwindle, it will become unprofitable to remain open. The impending Minnesota beer shutdown is also affecting ...
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38 Press Releases - Mark Takano
There, residents will learn about the effects of a temporary government shutdown. The page will also be updated as new information becomes available and ...
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39 Senator Smith on Government Shutdown |
› video › senator-smith-governme...
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40 Future Shutdowns Serious - Patriot News MN
Future state shutdowns could have a more severe impact on Minnesotans. ... Two weeks ago, the Minnesota Supreme Court upheld Gov.
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41 Elevator Shut Down Guide | Minnesota Council On Disability
Shutting down elevator service – whether temporarily or permanently – can be more ... you and other affected residents should meet with building management, ...
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42 MN Govt Updates 08.12 - Heat and Frost Insulators Local 34
MN Government Updates 08.12 ... Once appointed, commissioners can serve without any action by the Senate, but they cannot serve any longer if the Senate has ...
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43 COMPLAINT - Minnesota Judicial Branch
Plaintiffs Ninetieth Minnesota State Senate and Ninetieth Minnesota ... branch of government “can control, coerce or re'strain the action or ...
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44 How you could feel the impact of a US government shutdown
That means more federal agencies would likely be affected in a new shutdown. The partial shutdown in 2018-2019 was a record-setting 35 days, ...
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45 Disability Services Quarterly Updates Aug. 2021
Disability Services Quarterly Updates WebEx will start shortly! ... Division / Minnesota Department of Human Services (
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46 MN House & Senate propose very different environment budgets
The agreed-upon budget will take effect July 1, the beginning of the ... a partial government shutdown for any areas of state government ...
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We've received inquiries from providers wondering if payments have been impacted by the government shutdown. This has not impacted payments..
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48 Federal Communications Commission | The United States of ...
Review emergency communications procedures for the areas affected by Tropical Storm Nicole. #FCCGov #Nicole · Emergency Communications Procedures ...
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49 MN State Shutdown Day 13: Impact on the Local Economy
In the meantime while 22,000 state workers are out of work, the shutdown affects everyone from citizens who depend on social services to ...
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50 Mankato, MN | Home
Residential garbage and recycling pick-up will not be affected. View information about Mankato's garbage and recycling pick-up: ...
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51 Policy News & Monthly Review | American Geosciences Institute
... its first hearing of the 116th Congress to review how the recent government shutdown affected agency spending. Subcommittee Chair Betty McCollum (D-MN) ...
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52 Shutdown - Smart Start Minnesota
In 30 minutes, Minnesota's State government will shut-down. Essential services, such as State Patrol and the Courts will continue to operate ...
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53 Office Closings and Emergencies | SSA - Social Security
We will still hold scheduled hearings on November 25. Closures or Delays Affecting In-Person Service. Local Social Security offices are offering more in-person ...
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54 A state government shutdown this year wouldn't just be pretty ...
The last time Minnesota state government was shut down as a result of budget brinkmanship, most of Minnesota state government didn't shut ...
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55 How the federal government shutdown may effect SNAP ...
› pdf-files › Gvmt-sh...
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56 Minnesota Government Shutdown: State Could Close Doors ...
A simmering labor dispute in Minnesota could erupt into a full-blown state government shutdown just in time for the July 4th holiday weekend ...
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57 Minnesota Facing Government Shutdown
A shutdown wouldn't affect critical operations, but officials say Minnesota citizens will definitely notice. On Wednesday, a judge issued a bare ...
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58 Sen. Tina Smith visits campus to meet with UMN officials ...
Representatives from departments like One Stop Student Services and the Polar Geospatial Center said the shutdown affects research projects, student loans, ...
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59 Medical Cannabis Frequently Asked Questions - MN Dept. of ...
My current medical team does not participate in the Medical Cannabis Program. Where can I find a health care practitioner to certify me?
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61 COVID-19 RESOURCES - Minnesota Retailers Association
Governor Walz announced this evening that he will lift Minnesota's mask ... for retail stores can be found here: ...
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62 Practical Advice and Support During the Federal Government ...
This is the first payroll distribution affected by the shutdown. ... Minnesota Workforce Center: or call (888) 438.5627.
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63 Window on Washington – November 21, 2022, Vol. 6, Issue 44
Senate Democrats will hold their elections in December. ... 16 to agree on new funding levels to avert a government shutdown.
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64 Government shutdown hits Native Americans hard - Newsela
MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — The current partial government shutdown is now the longest in American history. The shutdown began at midnight on ...
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65 'Go To Work!' Minnesotans Vent As State Government ... - NPR
-- "Programs and benefits funded by Medicaid will continue and that food shelves will be stocked during a shutdown." -- "A fire inspector laid ...
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66 How Will the Partial Government Shutdown Affect Employers?
"Unlike other recent government shutdowns, the instant closure affects only nine federal agencies [including] the Department of the Treasury .
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67 E-Verify Unavailable Due to Government Shutdown - DeWitt LLP
Until the government passes legislation to reopen its operations and approve a new budget, E-Verify will remain inactive. How does the E-Verify shutdown affect ...
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68 1 LAWS of MINNESOTA for 2011 Ch. 10, Art. 1 2011 First ...
waiving racing day requirements during government shutdown; ... affecting agencies that have undergone sunset review and shall periodically ...
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69 What the Government Shutdown in Minnesota Means for ...
... what a Minnesota state government shutdown would mean for nonprofits and what the two organizations are doing to prepare groups for what ...
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70 What's happening at Minnesota federal prisons and courts ...
We Minnesotans are more experienced than most of the country at enduring government shutdowns. This time, however, it's not the state that's ...
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71 MN Nonprofits on Government Shutdown | Season 2001 - PBS
› video › mn-nonprofits-on-govern...
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72 Minnesota shutdown impact spotty so far | Government ...
A longer shutdown would mean a longer list of affected services, he added. Most people felt little impact Tuesday, but about 18,000 civilian federal workers ...
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73 Interfaith Advocacy: The Role of Religious Coalitions in the ...
3(1999): 315–336; Weiwu Zhang and Stella C. Chia, “The Effects of Mass Media Use ... Justice We Pursue Blog, “Changing Our World: Government Shutdown,” blog ...
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74 July 14, 2005 (special) - Newsline
This administration will continue to seek additional funding for ... The recent partial government shutdown that sent 3,800 Mn/DOT employees ...
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75 Minerals Yearbook - Volume 3 - Page 17-11 - Google Books Result
( MAC ) of Mongolia , shutdown its operations at the Bumbat Mine in the ... from the Government and industry officials concerning over the tax impact on the ...
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76 Tag Archives: Shutdown - Mental Health Minnesota
The state government ordered employees to report as normal this morning, and will be bringing back functions and services as able.
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77 Government-wide Index to Federal Research & Development Reports
3.00 $ 0.75 U 40 24 AL - CU , RADIATION DAMAGE IN , EFFECTS OF ALUMINUM ... BMI - X - 10129 $ 4.00 $ 0.75 U 45 24 AL - CU - MG - MN , EROSION BY WATER OF ...
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78 Stalemate in Minnesota Shutdown Affects DMV
"The Minnesota state government officially shut down all non-essential ... and what services will not be provided during the Minnesota government shutdown.
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79 Budget of the United States Government: Analytical perspectives
... but rather on affect Government spending and receipts . Small changes budget authority , or funding , which is the authority proin these assumptions can ...
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80 Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications
( I 53.11 / 4 : 37107 - A rotor power shutdown ( microform ) / nations : joint ... 95-12032 Duluth , MN - WI ( L 2.122 / 23 : D 88/994 ) , Dust in the small ...
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81 Political Science Professor, Andrew Aoki, tells Fox 9 the ...
Thousands of federal employees were furloughed across the country due to the government shutdown that began on Friday, January 19. Fortunately, ...
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82 Nuclear Science Abstracts
It is velieved that when the reactor is shut down , if an element as a ... The removal of the poison tubes will prolong the reactivity lifetime of the ...
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83 The SAGE Guide to Curriculum in Education - Google Books Result
Ming Fang He, Brian D. Schultz, William H. Schubert ... Let them eat data: How computers affect education, cultural diversity, ... Shut down or restart?
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84 Energy Research Abstracts
This report does not stand as a manual nor provide prescriptive guidelines on ... activities by government to reduce the impacts of service interruptions .
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85 StreamStats: Streamflow Statistics and Spatial Analysis Tools ...
The revised equations will be included in the next StreamStats update which is scheduled for July 8, 2021. These revisions only affect flood frequency ...
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86 Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments - IRS
Get up-to-date status on affected IRS operations and services. ... People who are missing stimulus payments should review the information on ...
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87 Thursday, September 26, 2013 - U.S. Department of the Interior
This number would decrease if the shutdown goes beyond two to ... Government: Causes, Processes, and Effects, September 27, 2010;.
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88 Closed School Discharge - Federal Student Aid
Learn about the eligibility requirements for closed school loan discharge and how you can apply. ... If your school closes while you're enrolled or soon after you ...
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89 Service alerts - Newsroom - About USPS home
Visit or to prepare for hurricanes and ... Residential customers and small businesses can find out if mail is ...
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90 Debt ceiling vs government shutdown 2021 - CNBC
The federal government's fiscal calendar runs from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30, meaning a shutdown will occur if lawmakers don't pass a budget by the ...
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91 Residents Of Minnesota Continue To Suffer Because of ...
Tax refund checks will not be issued as long as Minnesota State Tax Court remains closed, and a huge number of state-funded programs that provide aid to the ...
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92 American Postal Workers Union: Home
We will continue to be in discussions with the Postal Service as the spread of the disease widens around the world and new information is learned. The APWU ...
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93 Federal Government Shutdown: How Are Employers Affected ...
After a brief federal government shutdown late in the evening Feb. 8, Congress finally passed a two-year budget that will ensure the federal government ...
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94 Becker County, MN - Official Home Page
Government. Government Main Page · Commissioners · District 1 - Larry Knutson · District 2 - Ben Grimsley · District 3 - John Okeson · District 4 - Richard ...
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