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1 How to Dominate as a Power Forward in Basketball (Tips and ...
However, a power forward can be dominant if he couples those traits with great physical conditioning, the willingness to make selfless plays, and the ...
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2 Basketball Forward Types
A forward in basketball is one of five player positions on a basketball team either referring to the small forward (SF) or the power forward (PF).
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3 How To Play Power Forward In Basketball: The Best Position
There are many different qualities and skillsets you need to play power forward, including strength, athleticism, endurance, footwork, and coordination! You ...
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4 How to Play Power Forward in Basketball | Hoops Addict
Good power forwards can space the floor by knocking down shots from outside of the paint. Work on shooting the ball so that your teammates can ...
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5 The Ultimate Guide to Playing Power Forward | ACTIVE
Power forwards must be excellent rebounders--and just as importantly, must be able to take care of the ball after securing it. Power forwards have to be able to ...
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6 The Complete Guide to Playing Power Forward - Hoops King
Power Forward · They spend most of the game inside the three-point line with the exception of stepping out to set a screen or make a pass to a ...
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7 Basketball Positions and Roles - ActiveSG
1. Centre · 2. Power Forward · 3. Small Forward · 4. Shooting Guard · 5. Point Guard.
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8 Power forward (basketball) - Wikipedia
The power forward (PF), also known as the four or strong forward, is a position in basketball. Power forwards play a role similar to centers.
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9 Positions (1-5) - Basketball - Google Sites
They should be able to help with ball handling, make an outside shot, and get rebounds. The small forward is often a great defensive player as well. The ...
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10 What Does a Power Forward Do In Basketball? - Dunk or Three
Power forward is one of the most interesting positions in basketball. It sits in a middle ground between center and guard where you need to ...
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11 How to become a better small forward and power ... - Quora
And mimic moves or imagine a defender on you With right defense and keep trying to get around him. Using dribble moves also. While your doing this make sure you ...
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12 Positions In Basketball: 5 Positions Explained
The small forward is the best utility player on the team. It's typically the player on the team who can do it all. They may be taller and don't ...
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13 What Are Basketball Positions? - Dick's Sporting Goods Pro Tips
To be successful on offense, power forwards need to use an array of shots. Putbacks, short jumpers and baseline fades can make a power forward an effective ...
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14 5 Positions in Basketball: Where Do Your Skills Fit?
#1 - Point Guard - Usually the best ball handler. · #2 - Shooting Guard (also called Off-Guard or Wing) - Usually the best outside shooter. · #3 - Small Forward ( ...
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15 How to Become a Great Point Guard - Coach's Clipboard
You're going to get bumped in there and you must be tough, take the contact and finish in spite of it. Like any other basketball skill, this takes some practice ...
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16 The Future of the NBA's Small Forward Position Is in Very ...
JW: In terms of incoming talent, we're all good at the small forward position. We're actually better than good—over the next two years, the NBA could be adding ...
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17 Power Forward | Men's Basketball Positional Guidelines
Good back to the basket skills often times this player is very close and similar to the center. Typically needs to fill out frame, get in better shape or ...
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18 Basketball Positions Explained: What Each Player Does
Generally speaking, each team is made up of five designated positions: shooting guard, small forward, point guard, power forward and center.
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19 Every Position in Basketball, Explained - Nike
An opponent defending a power forward can't just hang around the basket — if the power forward backs away from the basket, they often can make ...
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20 The Differences Between a Power Forward and Center
The power forward position is known as the #4 position and is a good position for players that are tall but can move on very well on the court. ... It is a ...
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21 Basketball Positions Guide: Names, Roles, and Formations
The best position to play in the NBA is the shooting guard. The shooting guard is relied on to make distance shots usually behind the 3-point line. This ...
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22 What Are The 5 Positions In Basketball? [And Their Roles]
#2. Shooting Guard · Shooting. · Moving without the ball. · Ball handling. · Rebounding. · Playing strong defense.
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23 Basketball Positions - Correct My Play
Forwards are usually not leaders, but they are good at pumping up the team when they need spirit. A good forward is generally strong, for instance when they get ...
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24 What Does A Sf Do In Basketball? - Metro League
What makes a good power forward? ... A power forward must be excellent at rebounders, as well as able to take care of the ball after securing it. They are ...
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25 Power Forward Password - Unlocking the Secrets of the 4 Man
Power is the operate word here. Your power forward should be big and strong, the enforcer of your back line. Typically an aggressive and rugged player, who ...
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26 Basketball Positions : Simple Explanation of Basic Concepts
This type of power forward emphasizes shooting three-pointers beyond the arc as opposed to scoring near the low post area. In other words, they will stretch the ...
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27 Basketball Positions Explained: Roles and Responsibilities
A point forward is a natural small forward who's good enough to handle the ball full-time as a point guard. The position offers numerous ...
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28 Basketball Positions Explained - Guide for Building a ...
When playing offense, the small forward is expected to make 3-pointers, act as a screener, and advance towards the paint to position himself for ...
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29 5 Things Every Basketball Post Player Should Know
When you are battling for position, you want to make sure that you have good timing. If you try to duck in too early, you will be pushed back out before ...
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30 Basketball Positions: The Ultimate Guide to the Game
The second of the five positions is the shooting guard, also known as the 'two', 'off guard' or 'wing' (along with the small forward). They're the other guard ...
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31 Basketball Player Positions and Roles - HoopTactics
A team's playmaker (coach on the floor). Usually the shortest player on the team. Must possess good passing and dribbling skills. Must make good decisions ...
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32 Understanding Player Positions in Basketball - Dummies
Power Forward: Has muscles or at least a little bulk. Must be able to catch passes and hit shots near the basket. A good, rugged rebounder, but ...
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33 Improve Your Power Forward Skills -
The power forward (also known as the “four”) is an integral part of any basketball team that intends to play with toughness and physicality.
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34 How to Improve Basketball Moves and Individual Offense
Teaching players that you beat the defense with your feet and you separate with the ball will help keep your dribble efficient and effective. Get the Ball Where ...
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35 Basketball Cuts and Positions | - Arete Hoops
The forward is usually the tallest player on the court besides the center and traditionally plays close to the basket. Players at the 4 spot usually work in ...
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36 How to Play Basketball Offense - Description of Team Positions
Like the point guard, the power, or strong forward, does not receive much recognition. Usually, if he's doing his job well, his role as the player doing the " ...
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37 Basketball Players' Positions |
The larger of the two forwards, the power forward specialises in the rebounds and defense. The player will play on the wing like the small forward but will tend ...
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38 Top NBA power forwards for 2021-22: Ranking all 30 starters
NBA power forward rankings 2021-22 · 1. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks · 2. Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets · 3. Anthony Davis, Los Angeles ...
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39 Power forward (basketball) - Wikiwand
The power forward , also known as the four or strong forward, is a position in basketball. Power forwards play a role similar to centers.
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40 Basketball Small Forward vs. Power Forward (The Difference)
Basketball players in the small forward position are better at shooting hoops. They're able to make more shots compared to power forward such as ...
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41 20 greatest power forwards ever: The HoopsHype list
› lists › 20-greatest-power-forw...
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42 Five Player Positions in Basketball Explained - Sports Aspire
He who can make long and strong shots is an asset to any basketball team. While a power forward always needs to be an enforcer and play an offensive game, ...
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43 Fastbreak On FanNation's Top-10 Power Forwards Entering ...
Fastbreak On FanNation's Top-10 Power Forwards Entering 2022-23 NBA Season · No. 10: John Collins - Atlanta Hawks · No. 9: Julius Randle - New ...
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44 The etymology of basketball positions — the origin of guard ...
What they lack in height, they make up in basketball IQ. Meanwhile, centers and forwards are traditionally taller and bulkier. They are in ...
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45 3 Ways to Be a Good Basketball Player - wikiHow
› ... › Basketball
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46 How to become a better small forward : r/Basketball - Reddit
do what you are required to do as a 3. score points, play make and be good on defense ig. if your struggling with any of that just focus on ...
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47 Basketball Post Play Skills to Help You Dominate the Paint
When your back is straight you naturally have better balance, stability, and agility to move any which way at a moments notice. It also makes you taller and ...
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48 NBA 2K22: Best Teams To Play For As A Power Forward
The Timberwolves made for a tough playoff team. Their inexperience didn't help, but it feels like Minnesota is on the verge of something awesome ...
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49 Basketball Positions
Power Forward (also called #5) – Usually one of the taller players on the team who is a strong rebounder and can move around the key. Center (also called #5) – ...
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50 2022-23 Hollinger NBA Player Statistics - Power Forwards
› hollinger › statistics › position
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51 Basketball Player Positions - Sportskeeda
An SF is the most flexible position in the NBA as he can take charge of the wings as well as take up the role of a Power Forward. He is also a good ball ...
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52 Basketball Positions -
The shooting guard is usually the team's best shooter. The shooting guard can make shots from long distance and also is a good dribbler.
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53 Basketball Positions - South Geelong Kings Basketball Club
Besides being able to shoot the ball, shooting guards must have good ball-handling skills because they have to be able to create their own shots off the dribble ...
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54 2021-22 Top 10 Power Forwards In NCAA DI Women's ...
There's plenty that goes into what makes a good power forward, but the names who can check off those boxes in women's college basketball are ...
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55 What Is A Power Forward In Basketball? Definition & Meaning
Although power forwards primarily play offensively in the low post and score most of their baskets in the paint, many power forwards of today have good mid- ...
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56 Basketball Game Positions and Increasing Basketball Courts
Point guard gives pass to his team-mates to make basket. To create an easy basket, he directs his teammates forward and gives good passes.
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57 Best Traits For Each Postion | Hoops Amino
When you look for your teammates strengths it makes it easier for them to get baskets. If you are a point guard you need to have great passing ...
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58 What are the Different Positions in Basketball? (with pictures)
Small forward is one of the positions that requires the most versatility in a basketball player, as the player must be able to go down low ...
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59 NBA 2K23: Best Power Forward Builds - Push Square
As a Power Forward you'll be looking to pick up rebound and finish off offensive plays. Look for teams that are weak in the position with great ...
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60 NBA power forward rankings: Giannis, Kevin Durant, LeBron ...
Yes, the back-to-the-basket four-man is an ancient as the phone booth, and in fact, many of today's best players at the position are tasked with ...
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61 What Is A Wing In Basketball? [Court & Position Explained]
What makes a great small forward ; The versatility of small forwards puts certain requirements on their basketball and personal skills. Among ...
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62 Passing and Catching are a very important part of a Basketball ...
A successful team makes strong and accurate passes, and always catches the ball. Coaches must ensure that their players understand the fundamentals and ...
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63 Ranking the top 30 power forwards in the NBA
No position better indicates the evolving nature of NBA basketball than the power forward position. It's an interesting blend of more ...
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64 Basketball rules: How to play, scoring and all you need to know
Small forward: Playing as a short forward needs a versatile skill set. It requires strength and height as well as speed and dribbling abilities.
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65 How to Make a Basketball Highlight Video for Men's ... - NCSA
Power forward highlight video · Shooting ability (range) and ability to finish around the rim · Rebounding · Shot blocking and defensive ability to disrupt flow of ...
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66 Positions | Basketball Wiki - Fandom
The positions of Basketball are five: Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward ... have a very wide skill set, they should also be able to make good passes.
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67 Top 5 Most Important Positions in Basketball (A Complete ...
The most important position in basketball is the point guard. Point guards are the ones who lead the team, make everyone around them better, and have a lot of ...
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68 File:Basketball positions.svg - Wikimedia Commons
creates a high volume of shots on offense; guards the opponent's best perimeter player on defense. Mid-range jumpers and three point shots account for most ...
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69 Better Basketball | Basketball training videos for coaches and ...
Better Basketball training has been one of the most important keys to our team's successes and the future successes of our program moving forward.
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70 Basketball Speed and Quickness - Lee Taft
Players that have great reaction ability are able to make quick moves. Let's compare great offensive movers to a prize fighter. Great boxers have the ability to ...
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71 From Center to Point Guard: Explore 5 Key Basketball Positions
... of basketball, a lineup consists of five players who each specialize in a different key position on the court: center, power forward, ...
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72 Basketball Nomenclature: Reassessing Positions in a ...
You can have a transcendentally great player who's a 1-Point-5; a transcendentally great Wing Creator just becomes one of those next-level ...
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73 Hometown Life All-Area girls basketball team: Vote for the best ...
For the first time ever, readers can vote for who they thought were the area's best players at each individual position: Center, power forward, ...
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74 Basketball Drills for a Power Forward - SportsRec
In this drill, the power forward must make a jab step fake to the inside, then cut to the baseline with one or two dribbles, then explode to the ...
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75 Basketball Glossary
Power Forward – a power forward is a position on a team designated as a player who is one of the taller players and typically plays well by scoring around the ...
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76 Ranking Top 30 Power Forwards 2020-2021 NBA season
I loved this signing for the Lakers because not only did it make the Lakers better, it made the Clippers worse. Harrell is a high motor forward ...
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77 NBA 2K23: 8 Best Power Forwards, Ranked - TheGamer
Having a sturdy frontcourt starts with the power forward position. Players who excel in this spot typically set up shop near the painted ...
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78 Power Forward Active Player Contracts -
› nba › power-forward
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79 Best NBA 2K23 builds for each position: Point guard, Power ...
NBA 2K23 best builds for each position include the best builds for Point guard, Shooting guard, Small forward, Power forward, and Center.
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80 What Basketball Position Should I Play Shortcuts
The power forward is the team's most offensive player and best scorer. They do not focus on long shots so much as on difficult shots from shorter distances.
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81 The Best Power Forward Build in NBA 2K23 - DiamondLobby
As a stretch power forward, it makes sense to equip Spot Up Precision in next gen. The takeover will boost your well-timed and well-aimed ...
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82 Offensive Roles - Basketball Index
Today, we shift that focus somewhat to better integrate core competencies of players ... roles you'll see referenced in BBall Index content moving forward: ...
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83 Getting into Position: Basketball - SportsEngine
The small forward is typically the most versatile position on the floor. They must be able to dribble, pass, shoot, drive to the basket, and ...
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84 Top 15 Fantasy Basketball Power Forwards In 2022-23 NBA ...
Power forward has an interesting mix of players who can also play small forward and center, which means it has a very deep player pool to select ...
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85 The basics of basketball: Player position breakdown
Small forwards are also secondary rebounders behind power forward and center. Small forwards are known to be aggressive and strong; tall enough ...
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86 Basketball Positions: Complete Overview - Sports Warrior 365
The Small Forward is often times the best athlete on the team. There is usually a great combination of size, speed, jumping ability, ball handling and court ...
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87 NBA 2K23: Best Power Forward (PF) Build and Tips
Even though you may not be the primary ball handler, you still want your player to be able to be a playmaker and make your teammates better, not ...
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88 Basketball Positions: Power Forward, Point Guard, Shooting ...
They must be an effective rebounder and an effective inside shooter. Power Forward should be strong and they should have a good experience in ...
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89 NBA 2K23: The BEST Power Forward Builds -
A power Forward is basically a very versatile character on the court in Basketball. You can play not only aggressively but also defensively. It ...
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90 Basketball Forward Position - Myosource Kinetic Bands
Basketball forwards can improve their speed, agility, and endurance at the basketball forward position by building a strong core and leg muscles using ...
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91 Offensive Positions - Amherst Youth Basketball
Positions 1 and 2 refer to guards. Position 3 is a small forward, and Positions 4 and 5 are post players. Alternately, for younger age groups, one might ...
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92 Five Past Power Forwards Who Would Have Dominated 2020
The ideal modern-day 4 would be able to make it rain, ... In today's NBA, the best offenses weaponize the threat of the 3-point shot to ...
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93 The Most Important Positions to Consider in Basketball Betting
There are three basic positions in the game of basketball. These are guard, forward, and center. Guards are normally the shortest players on ...
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94 Building The Perfect NBA Power Forward: Kevin Durant's ...
The best asset he has working for him in clutch minutes is the ability to slow the game down. He does not settle for low-percentage shots from ...
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