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1 FINAL psychology Flashcards - Quizlet
Two problems with romantic love are that it _____. A) lasts too long and uses up too much energy. B) is based on mystery and fantasy
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2 Two problems with romantic love are that it Select one - Chegg
Question: Two problems with romantic love are that it Select one: O a. lacks compassion and real attraction O b. lasts too long and uses up too much energy O C.
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3 Two problems with romantic love are that it a lasts - Course Hero
Two problems with romantic love are that it a lasts too long and uses up too from PSY 420 at California State University, Northridge.
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4 Researchers Identify The 6 Most Common Problems ... - Forbes
Many people find long-term relationships to be tiring and they get bored quickly. They also feel that the passion and romantic love fades sooner ...
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5 The Psychology Behind Love and Romance - South University
It's called the greatest virtue. It's love. Love is fascinating and complex. Romantic love, in particular, seems to be a beautiful mystery ...
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6 The Psychology of Love: Theories and Facts | Psych Central
A romantic relationship is a type of pair bond. It can start as mutual attraction and evolve into love over time. When you like someone, you enjoy their ...
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7 Structural difficulties in romantic love: 'Hard times for lovers'
It appears then that a more pressing problem in this regard concerns the psychological aspect of the partners of those involved in extramarital affairs. Non- ...
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8 Proximate and Ultimate Perspectives on Romantic Love - PMC
The effects of the human pair-bonded state of “romantic love” on cognitive function ... Deacon's dilemma: The problem of pair-bonding in human evolution.
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9 Can't Fall In Love? 10 Psychological Issues That Could Be ...
I have learned that we are not entitled to romantic love…so we mustn't be too despondent if we don't find it. Just enjoy the good things in our ...
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10 2 Romantic Love as an Attachment Process
We will show how attachment theory defines the essential problem of romantic relationship distress, paints a clear picture of a secure attachment bond and ...
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11 Love Is Not an Emotion - Psychology
This article aims to show the necessity to eliminate romantic love, ... experienced relationship problems with family members or friends ( Sheftall et al., ...
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12 Love and the Commitment Problem in Romantic Relations ...
Love and the Commitment Problem in Romantic Relations and Friendship. Gian C. Gonzaga, Dacher Keltner, Esme A. Londahl, and Michael D. Smith.
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13 What Is Romantic Love? | Psychology Today
Assuming we succeed in acquiring a partner with those qualities, however, we face two problems. One, those qualities do not last (e.g., our ...
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14 The adverse psychological effects of love - Medical News Today
But sometimes, being “lovesick” can feel exactly like that — an illness. In fact, romantic love can bring about many adverse psychological ...
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15 Is It Love or Mental Illness? They're Closer Than You Think
"The brain system involved in romantic love is powerful," says Helen ... But the images signal the potential toll of relationship problems.
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16 Romantic Love (Chapter 32) - The Cambridge Handbook of ...
Romantic love seems to be a key factor in quality of life generally, being a source of both some of the greatest joys and some of the greatest problems, ...
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17 We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love
We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love [Johnson, Robert A.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We: Understanding the Psychology ...
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18 5 Psychological Theories of Love - Verywell Mind
Attachment Theory of Love. In 1987, Cindy Hazan and Phillip Shaver, two researchers from the University of Denver, theorized that romantic love ...
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19 The Gottman Institute | A research-based approach to ...
The Gottman Institute. A research-based approach to relationships. Explore our resources and tools developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman.
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20 Two Problems in Roman Love Elegy - JSTOR
the love we find described in Roman elegy different in kind from what we consider "romantic" love? I. OVID'S CORINNA. In most discussions of Ovid's Corinna ...
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21 A Phenomenological Study of Falling Out of Romantic Love
I do not describe a relationship as romantic love if the couple does not ... difficulty obtaining participants who were both interested in this topic and ...
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22 Towards a Comprehensive Theory of Love: The Quadruple ...
Indeed, research indicates that physical attractiveness and sensual feelings are essential in romantic love and dating (Brislin and Lewis, 1968; ...
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23 Love - GoodTherapy
Instead of working to improve intimacy with her current partner, she is overcome by lust for someone new. The ideal intimate relationship scenario, some might ...
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24 A Brief History of Romance (And Why It Matters) - Mark Manson
Humanity soon dominated the planet. Cavemen romantic love Without developing emotional attachments to one another, we probably all would have been eaten by ...
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25 Philophobia (Fear of Falling in Love): Causes & Treatment
Family history: Witnessing a parent or loved one struggle with a phobia or anxiety disorder may make you more likely to have the same fears.
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26 Romantic Love - What is Psychology?
To those familiar with the research literature, romantic love today is no longer the ... love is a source of some of the deepest joys and greatest problems, ...
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27 How To Use Your CBT Skills To Conceptualize Relationship ...
... To Conceptualize Relationship And Interpersonal Problems: Two New ... Then we'll look at some existing psychological formulations and ...
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28 Conflict and Compromise in the Research of Romantic Love
Some of the problems in the empirical literature on romantic love are not particular to this field of research. They involve larger issues of scientific.
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29 [PDF] Love and the commitment problem in romantic relations ...
The authors studied romantic partners and adolescent opposite-sex friends during interactions that elicited love and threatened the bond to ...
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30 The many unexpected sides of romantic love - EurekAlert!
Yet, love can also cause problems. "The more love one feels for one's partner, the more one has to lose if the relationship ends," he says.
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31 A phenomenological study of the meaning of love in marriage
This study investigates falling out of romantic love (FORL) in marriage, a relatively unexplored pathway to marital dissatisfaction and divorce. The aims of ...
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32 Types of Love | Developmental Psychology - Lumen Learning
Romantic Love: Intimacy and passion are components of romantic love, but there is no commitment. The partners spend much time with one another and enjoy ...
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33 Lay Beliefs about the Possibility of Finding Enduring Love
This, in turn, predicted “secure attachment” to the romantic ... that relationship problems between parents can be perpetuated in the next ...
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34 Love in the Fourth Dimension | Annual Review of Psychology
Underlying the belief that romantic love was a strong form of attraction ... Love researchers are saddled with the problem that “love” means ...
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35 Stanford research explains why some people have more ...
Stanford research explains why some people have more difficulty recovering from romantic breakups. Stanford psychologists found that ...
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36 The dark side of believing in true love - BBC Future
Success in a romantic relationship is based mostly on whether the people are “right” for each other. 2. There is a person out there who is ...
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37 The Love Styles and Reactions to Romantic Betrayal
the love styles and various negative psychological and physical problems. 45. TABLE 5. Partial correlations, controlling for time since·betrayal,',between.
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38 Romantic Love Conceptualized as an Attachment Process
Implications for theories of romantic love are discussed, as are measurement problems and other issues related to future tests of the attachment.
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39 15 Most Common Relationship Problems & Solutions
Communication is a two-way street that both people need to focus on together. If you want your romantic relationship to work in the long run, ...
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40 Philophobia: Understanding Fear of Falling in Love - Healthline
difficulty functioning; nausea. You may be aware that the fear is irrational but still feel unable to control it. Philophobia isn't social anxiety disorder, ...
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41 Behavioral activation is one of the most important CBT skills ...
Behavioral Activation is based on the well-researched understanding that ... Problem solving around potential barriers to activation ... Saying “I love you”.
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42 The Dangerous Disease that is Love
are at higher risk of experiencing heart problems and early death.2 So if the psychological agony and physiological pain of a relationship ...
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43 When love and science double date - Harvard Gazette
All this busy-ness has affected non-romantic relationships too, which has a ripple effect on the romantic ones, Olds said. A respected national ...
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44 Philosophy of Love
This article examines the nature of love and some of the ethical and political ... Romantic Love; The Nature of Love: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual; Love: ...
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45 7.2 Close Relationships: Liking and Loving over the Long Term
Explore Sternberg's triangular model of love. Review research on romantic love and attention to others. Outline the role of attachment style in close ...
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46 Triangular theory of love - Wikipedia
Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most ... Storge), friendly love or platonic love (Philia), romantic love (Eros), ...
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47 The Problem of Romantic Love:: Shakespeare and ...
Download Citation | The Problem of Romantic Love:: Shakespeare and Evolutionary Psychology | What is the nature of love?
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48 Butterflies in your stomach: Is is love or anxiety? | Society
Anxiety can cause constant worry, problems concentrating and falling ... “The more ideas we have about romantic love – not romanticism; ...
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49 Why Do So Many People Respond Negatively to Being Loved?
2. Being loved arouses sadness and painful feelings from the past. ... to take a chance again on real love and gratification from a romantic partner.
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50 Romantic Love in the United States: Applying Cultural Models ...
Romantic Love in the United States: Applying Cultural Models Theory and Methods ... This, clearly, is the problem in her relationship with her long-term ...
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51 Why Some People Can't Fall in Love - Exploring your mind
B ehind this fact, usually lie certain unidentified reasons or problems. They're not so easy to assimilate in contexts where romantic love ...
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52 New research reveals the impact of optimism on problem ...
The study examined 112 couples who had been in a romantic relationship and living together for at least 6 months. The sample included 107 ...
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that marriage problems are emotional in nature and that the success of marital ... attention is given to romantic love in the clinical literature.
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54 Why Is It So Hard to Find Love on Dating Apps? - The Atlantic
Brooks: Today, we want to explore whether romance facilitated by technology has delivered on its promises and what it means to actually put the ...
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55 The Psychology of Romantic Love Quotes by Nathaniel Branden
10 quotes from The Psychology of Romantic Love: 'Never marry a person who is not a ... some psychological problems—if they don't, they'll soon develop them.
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56 What To Do When You Want To Be Loved But Can't Seem To ...
Once you have accepted that your desire for love and connection is normal, examining the root of the problem may be helpful in moving forward.
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57 We Understanding The Psychology Of Romantic Love Robert ...
We Understanding The Psychology Of Romantic Love Robert A Johnson is ... do to ease the pain • Surefire techniques to fix common problems–depression, PMS,.
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58 Limerence vs. Love: What's the Difference? - Brides
A therapist defines limerence, explains how it compare to love, and what to ... The problem with the whole limerence vs. love conundrum is ...
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59 Cultivating Happiness -
Learn what the latest psychology research tells us about how to cultivate and ... us to chase: success, wealth, fame, power, good looks, romantic love.
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the present research, however, was restricted to romantic love, which may be defined simply as love between ... faults. 4. I would do almost anything.
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61 The life-long psychological effects your first love has on you
A 2005 fMRI study on couples in love found that romantic love is a motivation system that's similar to what we experience during addiction.
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62 Lectures on the Psychology of Romantic Love
Additional Info, Lectures on the Psychology of Romantic Love by Nathaniel Branden 16 Lectures (Recorded Circa 1970). Downloadable MP3 Format: 18 hours (est) ...
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63 How Cognitive Dissonance Affects Your Relationships
Similar situations occur within romantic relationships, but it can become a bit more complicated if and when the person involved is someone you ...
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64 How Research on Working Memory Can Improve Your ...
Disagreements are virtually inevitable in a romantic relationship. ... The couples were then left alone to discuss the problems, ...
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65 Chapter draft for a volume on the psychology of love, edited by ...
Behavioral systems and romantic love. 8 support in order to down-regulate distress in the service of problem-focused coping (Mikulincer. & Shaver, 2003).
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66 The Psychology of Romance: The Impact of Personality Traits ...
As such, their influence on relationships provides a foundation from which to investigate (un)successful couples. A layman's attempt to explain the love affair ...
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67 How Your Anxiety Disorder is Affecting Your Romantic ...
The worrying is almost impossible to control and can often negatively affect your romantic ... you can love each other more deeply and connect in a new way.
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68 How Romanticism Ruined Love - The School Of Life
Romanticism elevated sex to the supreme expression of love. Frequent, mutually satisfying sex became the bellwether of the health of any relationship. Without ...
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69 The Psychology of Divorce and the Pursuit of Happiness
One is the sex drive, second is these feelings of intense romantic love, and the third is feelings of deep attachment to a partner." According to Fisher, it's ...
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70 The problem with romantic comedies - The Holly Spirit
Rom-Coms: realistic forms of love, or Hallmark's money maker? The+season+finale+of+How+I+Met+Your+. Photo ...
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71 "Is There Love after Liberation?": The Problem of Romantic ...
During the 1970s, feminists confronted the ramifications of romantic love in their efforts to politicize the personal.
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72 Is It LOVE, Or Is It MANIA? -
Morin sees a tendency in her clients with bipolar disorder to use romantic relationships as a kind of antidote, at least in the first flush of ...
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73 Brains Do It: Lust, Attraction, and Attachment | Dana Foundation
Most people smitten by romantic love experience sexual desire for the beloved, ... A male would have had considerable difficulty attracting, protecting, ...
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74 The myth of romantic love may be ruining your health
The link between stress, a broken heart (love sickness), mental health (depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, insomnia) and physical health ...
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75 The Problem With Being a 'Hopeless Romantic', According to ...
relationship experts share the pros and cons of hopeless romanticism — and a different way of thinking about love that might be even more ...
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76 How To Love Someone With A Mental Illness - NAMI
When we empathize with the people in our lives without needing to hold their ... For instance, a person with an anxiety disorder may have difficulty ...
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77 30 Common Relationship Problems and Solutions
For some, however, that phase of love eventually fades. ... and physical relationships with someone other than your romantic partner are all ...
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78 A Cultural Perspective on Romantic Love
The crucial question is whether romantic love is only a western ... laugh or listening to each other's problems in nonjudgmental ways, ...
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79 Lay Beliefs About Romantic Relationships: A Mediator of the ...
Lay Beliefs About the Possibility of Finding Enduring Love as ... Mental health problems and negative couple interaction have also been ...
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80 Love Is Not a Permanent State of Enthusiasm - The New Yorker
From the New Yorker Festival, the couples therapist and podcast host discusses infidelity, apologies, and the problem with wedding vows ...
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81 Love as a drug: can romance be medically prescribed?
The problem is the drugs they're talking about are illegal psychoactive substances such as psilocybin and, in particular, ...
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82 What's the Psychology Behind First Love? - Psychreg
First love is the first dose of addiction. According to the study carried out by Helen Fisher in 2005 on the fMRI of couples in love, romantic ...
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83 Thinking about the Other in Romantic Love
That the problems of thinking about the other in romantic love can come to seem ethical--veering around questions of projection, violation, respect--as well ...
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84 1.16: Loving More Than One Person At the Same Time
I say romantically (meaning the general sense of romance, ... the day's joys and problems, going to concerts you would like to attend, ...
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85 Romantic Love Affects Your Brain Like a Drug - WebMD
Intense feelings of romantic love affect the brain in the same way drugs like cocaine or powerful pain relievers do, a study suggests.
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86 Uncertainty can increase romantic attraction. | Frank Batten ...
College women viewed the Facebook profiles of four male students who had ... the difficulty in predicting our future emotional reactions, ...
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Statement of the Problem . ... understanding romantic relationships and romantic love since love is a, “process of becoming attached that shares important ...
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88 What I Learned from Never Experiencing “Romantic” Love
The hardest part was that it was both and neither of our faults. If only life were like fairy tales. My Lifelong Search for Romantic Love. Does ...
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89 The Psychology of Missing Someone: 5 Ways to Cope With Grief
This Thriveworks blog looks at the psychology and physical effects ... Researchers note that romantic love is addictive on purpose—the rush ...
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90 The Positive Effects of Love on Mental Health: 5 Ways Your ...
A healthy, loving relationship is protective against poor mental health, ... The benefits of relationships are not restricted to romantic ...
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91 Contrary to widely held beliefs, romance can last in long-term ...
Romantic love can last a lifetime and lead to happier, healthier relationships. advertisement. "Many believe that romantic love is the same as ...
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92 What Can We Learn about Romantic Love from Harry ...
However, Frankfurt does not think this presents a problem for his view because the lover can only accrue the benefits of loving by loving disinterestedly: “what ...
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93 Romantic relationship breakup: An experimental model to ...
In the present study we explore whether the breakup of a romantic ... death of a loved one and prevalence of psychiatric problems including ...
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This study tested the relationship between romantic love and extraversion, using the ... Thank you to my sister for always listening to my problems with.
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95 What Falling in Love Does to the Brain - Live Science
Experts have said that romantic love is one of the most powerful emotions a person can have. Humans' brains have been wired to choose a mate ...
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