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1 Pregnancy after abortion: Chances, safety, and risks
In most cases, an abortion does not affect fertility or future pregnancies. It is possible to ovulate and become pregnant within 2 weeks after an abortion. In ...
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2 Can you get pregnant after an abortion? - Flo Health
The answer is yes; you can get pregnant after an abortion and relatively quickly. “A woman can ovulate [release an egg for fertilization] and become pregnant ...
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3 Blog: How long after an abortion can you get pregnant again?
You can conceive again very quickly after an abortion. An egg can be released from the ovary as soon as 8 days after your treatment.
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4 Pregnancy After Abortion - What to Expect
Yes, you can get pregnant after having an abortion. Generally, having an abortion does not affect fertility or increase a woman's risk for other ...
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5 Fertility After Abortion: Does Abortion Affect Fertility? - Healthline
According to ACOG, having an abortion doesn't generally affect your ability to get pregnant in the future. It also does not increase the risks for pregnancy ...
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6 How soon after abortion can you get pregnant? - Healthily
When can you try for a baby again after abortion? · you can try for a baby after an abortion as soon as you feel ready. · getting pregnant again ...
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7 How Soon After an Abortion Can You Get Pregnant? (Q&As)
Can you get pregnant after abortion? ... Yes. You can get pregnant after having an abortion. This is true for both surgical and medical abortions. If you have ...
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8 Can you get pregnant again after having an abortion?
Can you get pregnant again after having an abortion? ... The science on fertility and abortion is clear: Having an abortion does not make it ...
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9 When is it Safe to Get Pregnant After an Abortion? - Avail NYC
The doctor and staff will talk to you about when you can have sex again after your procedure. For most women, that answer is one to two weeks. However, you will ...
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10 Can I get pregnant again right after an abortion?
A woman's menstrual cycle can resume normally shortly after an abortion. This means that depending on when she ovulates (which corresponds to ...
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11 Pregnancy After an Abortion | 132 Healthwise
Your fertility will return to normal right away after an abortion. You could get pregnant again within just a few weeks, so you'll need to use contraception ...
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12 Pregnancy after having an abortion - Emma's Diary
But a possible impact on fertility is still a common concern for women who have had the procedure, as there are many stories doing the rounds about fertility ...
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13 Is it hard to get pregnant after an abortion? - Today's Parent
In fact, a woman is fertile within days after terminating a pregnancy, though the risk of miscarriage is slightly higher in the three months ...
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14 Your Questions About Pregnancy After Abortion, Answered by ...
Experts agree it's no harder to get pregnant after having an abortion. It's actually a bit more of the opposite: "You now have proven fertility, ...
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15 Elective abortion: Does it affect subsequent pregnancies?
If you have had an elective abortion and you are concerned about its possible impact on a future pregnancy, talk to your health care provider.
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16 When can you get pregnant again after having an abortion ...
Although your menstruation may not come for several weeks after your abortion, you can ovulate (be fertile) at any time after the abortion.
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17 Ovulation resumption after medical abortion with mifepristone ...
Return to ovulation following medical abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol occurs on average 3 weeks postabortion. Mifepristone 200 mg does not appear ...
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18 Conception After an Abortion - Is It Possible? - FirstCry Parenting
Abortion doesn't affect the fertility of a woman and the ovulation process resumes after an abortion. This means that getting pregnant after an abortion is very ...
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19 Will a past abortion affect my pregnancy? - Tommy's
Women who conceive within 6 months of a miscarriage instead of waiting up to a year have been shown to reduce their risk of another miscarriage by one-third, ...
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20 Infertility after abortion | "IVMED" Rodynne dzherelo
Fertility treatment after abortion ... In most cases, after termination of pregnancy, infertility can be cured. Treatment should be started no earlier than half a ...
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21 Can an Abortion Affect Your Fertility? - The New York Times
No, there is no link between safe abortion and the ability to get pregnant in the future. [Have a question about women's health?
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22 Pregnancy After Miscarriage
Getting pregnant after a miscarriage ... There is no perfect amount of time to wait before trying to conceive again, but many healthcare providers encourage woman ...
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23 Pregnancy After Abortion - New Kids Center
Pregnancy can occur within 7 to 10 days of abortion even when the woman is still bleeding. It is important to use reliable birth control technique just after ...
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24 When can you get pregnant again after having a medical ...
Although it may be several weeks after your abortion before you get your menstruation again, you could ovulate in the first week or two after your abortion, ...
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25 Abortions & Future Pregnancy
Medication abortion and surgical abortion are both safe procedures. Neither procedure is safer than the other, nor does one safeguard fertility better than the ...
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26 Infertility after abortion | ViittoriaVita - VittoriaVita
What may be the reason of concern during the pregnancy after an abortion? ... If a woman is able to become pregnant after a previous abortion, the ...
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27 Abortion Care - ACOG
Induced abortion ends a pregnancy with medication or a medical procedure. ... How soon can you get pregnant after an abortion? Periods usually return 4 to 6 ...
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28 Sexual Health and Contraception - After an Abortion - BPAS
You can get pregnant almost immediately after an abortion. Luckily, most methods of contraception can be started on the same day as your treatment, ...
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29 Fertility after miscarriage or abortion: Is pregancy possible?
Another possible miscarriage related process that could complicate conception is uterine dilatation. This procedure can weaken the uterus and ...
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30 Women Need Not Wait to Conceive After Miscarriage, Abortion
Women who conceived within 6 months of having a miscarriage or induced abortion were not at risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes, ...
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31 Can you get pregnant within two weeks of having an abortion?
It's usually safe to resume vaginal penetration about 2 to 3 weeks after an abortion, or after a woman has seen her women's health care provider ...
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32 After your procedure - The Private Clinic – Surry Hills
After an abortion, the pregnancy hormone in your blood will remain in your body for several weeks, decreasing gradually over time. Home pregnancy tests and ...
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33 What are the Chances of Pregnancy after Miscarriage?
According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), most women who experience an early pregnancy loss are able to conceive again and ...
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34 Abortion Pill Side Effects On Infertility
Having an abortion, especially a medical abortion, won't usually affect your chances of becoming pregnant or carrying out future pregnancies ...
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35 Can an Abortion Really Lead to Infertility?
Your Your Options Medical Centers offers free pregnancy services to the Boston ... With both procedures, after the above steps are complete, ...
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36 Pregnancy After Miscarriage - Verywell Family
After a miscarriage, it's very possible to become pregnant, have a full-term pregnancy, and deliver a healthy baby. Most people will have a ...
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37 BEST TREATMENT if No Pregnancy after Abortion ... - YouTube
Doctors' Circle World's Largest Health Platform
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38 Abortion & Pregnancy Risks | La Dept. of Health -
After an abortion, a woman may have both positive and negative feelings, even at the same time. One woman may feel relief, both that the procedure is over and ...
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39 What happens after miscarriage - Pregnancy, Birth and Baby
If you have had a miscarriage, the next pregnancy will usually be normal. After a miscarriage, the chance of you miscarrying again is low (1 in 5 women).
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40 Does Having an Abortion Affect Your Future Fertility?
But if you get pregnant after having a surgical abortion (or any other procedure that can affect the cervix), talking to your doctor about ...
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41 How soon can you be pregnant after an abortion?
Yes. Any woman can get pregnant after an abortion, whether they had a medical or surgical abortion. If you recently had an abortion and are not ...
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42 Miscarriage - Better Health Channel
Trying for another pregnancy after miscarriage ... There is no right time to try for another pregnancy. Some people decide they need time to adjust to their loss, ...
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43 Can Abortion Cause Infertility?
How soon after having an abortion can you get pregnant? Physically, you can get pregnant after an abortion as soon as you can have sex again ...
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44 Study: No Need to Delay Pregnancy After Miscarriage - WebMD
Exactly how long a woman should wait to conceive after a miscarriage is controversial. Some doctors suggest trying again as soon as possible, ...
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45 What Is Ectopic Pregnancy? | Definition and Treatment
If you get pregnant after you've been sterilized or while you have an IUD, it's more likely to be ectopic. But this is very rare, because these types of birth ...
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46 Abortion Pill FAQs - Queens Women's Health Center
The abortion pill does not harm a woman's reproductive capacity. Back to top. Is there a bigger chance of pregnancy problems after a medical abortion?
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47 What Happens After an Abortion | Biological changes you may ...
The likely reason for this empty feeling is a result of the hormone, Oxytocin, streaming through a mother's body during pregnancy. This hormone hard wires women ...
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48 Chances of Pregnancy after Abortion, What should I know?
Both in cases of spontaneous abortion and induced abortion, it is advisable to consult with the gynecologist about the right time to try to get ...
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49 Frequently Asked Questions - Abortion - Access Health Center
Recovery after an abortion usually happens fairly quickly. Most women can return to a fairly normal routine in a few days. Q. how much bleeding is there after ...
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50 Information on fetal development, abortion and alternatives
Approximately 2 weeks after the first day of the last normal menstrual period. Conception, also known as fertilization, occurs when the egg from the woman ...
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51 Incomplete Abortion - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
If managed expectantly, natural passage of POC usually occurs 1 to 4 weeks after a pregnancy has failed (i.e., after embryonic death). Waiting 1 to 2 weeks ...
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52 Counterpoint: Long-Lasting Distress after Abortion
Those who had abortions were nearly twice as likely to be treated for sleep disorders during the first 180 days after the end of pregnancy compared to those who ...
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53 How Long After a Miscarriage to Try Again?
Well, what about miscarriage? After a miscarriage, how soon can you try to get pregnant again? In the United States, the most common ...
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54 Termination of Pregnancy (Abortion) - My Doctor Online
After an abortion, you can get pregnant even before your period starts again (which usually happens in about 4 to 8 weeks). Use an effective birth control ...
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55 Do abortions affect fertility? Why experts say no - Modern Fertility
If you've had an abortion or are considering one now, know that research shows it's a safe way to terminate a pregnancy — and it won't influence ...
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56 Medical Abortion: Care Instructions - MyHealth Alberta
You can get pregnant in the weeks right after an abortion. If you don't want to get pregnant, talk with your doctor about birth control methods.
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57 Can abortion affect your fertility? - 1800 My Options
This International Safe Abortion Day, we ask guest contributor, ... In fact, some people can get pregnant quite quickly after an abortion.
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(A) a telephone number by which the pregnant woman may reach the physician, or other health care personnel ... (11) an infant born alive after the abortion;.
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59 Pregnancy Soon After Abortion Ups Risk of Preterm Birth
— But no increased risk after 6 months ... Women who waited less than 6 months to become pregnant following an abortion showed a small, but ...
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60 Does Having An Abortion Affect Your Fertility? - Forbes
“The data tells us there is no link between abortion and future fertility when abortion is safe. Only abortions that are associated with ...
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61 What to expect in the days after an (induced) abortion - Clue app
I generally advise patients not to use a tampon while the pregnancy is expelling during medication abortion (after taking misoprostol) because ...
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62 Trying to Get Pregnant Soon After Miscarriage is a Good Idea
Women and couples who experience a miscarriage are often told by clinicians to wait three months or longer before attempting to conceive ...
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63 What Will Your Period Be Like After an Abortion? - Greatist
When can you go on birth control? You can resume birth control immediately after your abortion. In fact, it's recommended, because you can get pregnant within ...
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64 Because of Texas abortion law, her wanted pregnancy ... - NPR
For the women, expectant management after premature rupture of membranes comes with its own health risks. One study showed they were four times ...
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65 Trying again - The Miscarriage Association
When can I try to get pregnant again? · It is advised not to have sexual intercourse after miscarriage until all the bleeding has stopped. · It can be helpful to ...
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66 Side Effects of Abortion - Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center
It generally requires 3 visits to the clinic. The FDA allows this type of abortion procedure up to 49 days after the last menstrual period. Mifepristone (RU 486) ...
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67 Pregnancy After Miscarriage | Rush System
Trying to conceive after a miscarriage. ... Physically speaking, as long as there weren't any significant complications with the miscarriage, it's generally ...
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68 Chances Of Twins After Miscarriage: What Are They? - Twinstuff
The good news is that it's perfectly safe to try to conceive again after a miscarriage. And contrary to what women were once told, new research says that ...
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69 Septic Abortion - Gynecology and Obstetrics - Merck Manuals
Septic abortions are much more common after induced abortion done by untrained ... be done to check for retained products of conception as a possible cause.
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70 Getting pregnant after miscarriage: All you need to know
When trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage, it is safe to wait for a couple of months. This gap is important for uterus recovery from a ...
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71 Six ways to prepare for pregnancy after miscarriage
Doctors recommend waiting up to three months or at least one complete menstrual cycle before trying to conceive again. You might start ovulating ...
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72 Why is it difficult to get pregnant again after abortion because ...
Safe abortion, whether it's done via pills or surgically, doesn't impact one's health or ability to get pregnant. A new cycle starts immediately after medical ...
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73 Abortion Stories - Advocates for Youth
A very close friend of mine talked about the possibility, otherwise I truly had never even considered a pregnancy termination. I was like, wait, you mean I don' ...
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74 Safe abortion - World Health Organization (WHO)
2.5 Medical abortion: 12 weeks (or 84 days) of pregnancy ... what will be done before, during and after the procedure, including any tests that.
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75 Use of Misoprostol to Treat Incomplete Abortion Should Be ...
Use of Misoprostol to Treat Incomplete Abortion Should Be Limited To the First 12 Weeks of Pregnancy ... The use of misoprostol for incomplete ...
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76 Interpregnancy interval and adverse pregnancy outcomes ...
The World Health Organization recommends to wait at least 6 months after miscarriage and induced abortion before becoming pregnant again to ...
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77 What are the Long-Term Risks of Abortion?
This study also found that women who conceived within six months of their abortion procedure had an increased risk of that pregnancy resulting ...
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78 Women's experiences when unsure about whether or not to ...
Abortion during the first trimester is legal in most Western countries. However, deciding to terminate a pregnancy is a challenging process, and some women ...
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79 After the Abortion | USCCB
The pro-life pregnancy service centers in the U.S. report that many women come into the centers pregnant again on the anniversary date of the abortion or on the ...
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80 Menstrual Period After Abortion: What You Need to Know
After stopping the pregnancy, it takes weeks for your body to get back to normal. The hCG hormone can't disappear overnight. That is one of the ...
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81 Pregnancy after abortion | Vinmec
Abortion due to unintended pregnancy or intentional causes such as fetal malformations, medical conditions of the pregnant woman, when examined, ...
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82 How to prepare for a healthy pregnancy after miscarriage
Miscarriage is a shattering experience that can leave you nervous about getting pregnant again or having anxiety. You might be flooded with ...
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83 What to Know About Pregnancy After a Miscarriage
You should refrain from intercourse for at least 2 weeks to reduce your chances of developing an infection. Ovulation and subsequent pregnancy can happen as ...
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84 The course of mental health after miscarriage and induced ...
... than the miscarriage group at two and five years after the pregnancy ... To this last item, the women were allowed to select from six ...
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85 Getting Pregnant after Abortion | SheCares
A safely and successfully performed abortion has not been found to affect a woman's reproductive ability. It is possible to get pregnant shortly after the ...
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86 I could not survive another day - Pregnancy Sickness Support
women's experience of abortion for severe pregnancy sickness ... yes I can conceive but being able to ... eat a normal diet then treatment may well be.
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87 Miscarriage, stillbirth and ectopic pregnancy | nidirect
Your healthcare professional may consider a diagnosis of recurrent miscarriage or recurrent pregnancy loss after the loss of two or more pregnancies.
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88 Patient education: Miscarriage (Beyond the Basics) - UpToDate
However, bleeding and discomfort can occur in normal pregnancies. In many cases, bleeding resolves on its own and the pregnancy continues ...
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89 FSRH guideline on contraception after pregnancy
estradiol-containing combined oral contraceptives after pregnancy ... 3.2.2 Is emergency contraception (EC) safe to use after abortion?
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90 Abortion Pill vs. Morning After Pill | What you need to know
Yes! Whether you get a brand name or generic version of pills or opt for a copper IUD, emergency contraception is a safe way to prevent unwanted pregnancy ...
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91 Coping with Miscarriage - Stanford Children's Health
It's usually safe to conceive after one normal menstrual cycle. At times, though, you might be advised to have medical tests first to determine the cause of ...
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92 Understanding Second Trimester Miscarriage - UC Davis Health
Pregnancy loss in the second trimester can be the result of a very preterm ... After a surgical evacuation, normal activity can typically be resumed the ...
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93 Can Having an Abortion Affect Future Pregnancies?
Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy After Abortion · Avoid getting pregnant for at least 6 months after having an abortion. · If you'd like to try to ...
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94 Abortion (Termination of Pregnancy) -
Both types of procedure usually work very well. There is a small risk that you may continue to be pregnant after both types of abortion. This ...
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95 When women are denied an abortion, their children fare ...
As we wrote in the journal Contraception, women who received a wanted abortion were more likely to have an intended pregnancy in the next five ...
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