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1 How Long Do Deer Live? White-Tail, Mule Deer, Buck Vs. Doe ...
The average wild mule deer lives between 9 and 11 years according to The National Wildlife Federation. How Long Do Male Deer Live? Male deer tend to have ...
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2 Mule Deer Fact Sheet - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Mule deer usually live 9-11 years in the wild and can live to be much older when in captivity. Size. These deer range from 3.0-3.5 feet tall at the shoulder, ...
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3 Deer Lifespan: How Long Do Deer Live? - AZ Animals
Lifespans of Different Species of Deer · White-tailed deer: 3-5 years in the wild, 20 years in captivity · Mule deer: 5-9 years in the wild, 15-20 ...
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4 How Long Do Deer Live? | Grand View Outdoors
Research provided by Quality Deer Management Association reported whitetail does living in captivity for up to 18 years of age, while a handful ...
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5 Mule Deer -
If given the chance, mule deer can live up to approximately 12 years of age. A mule deer's life typically begins in May or June. A mature doe will often give ...
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6 Mule Deer Fact Sheet - Zoo Idaho
Lifespan. Mule deer live up to 9-11 years in the wild and 20 or more years in captivity. Reproduction. The mating period for ...
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7 Mule deer - Wikipedia
The mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) is a deer indigenous to western North America; it is named for its ears, which are large like those of the mule.
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8 Mule Deer Facts - Mule Deer Foundation
Mule deer and black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus) are are often regarded as 'The Deer of the West' and are one of the most iconic animals in North ...
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9 How Long Do Deer Live? Interesting Lifespan Facts You Didn ...
The mule deer lifespan usually lasts from 9-11 years of age in the wild. This period may be longer in captivity due to them being provided safety and access to ...
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10 Mule Deer Species Profile, Alaska Department of Fish and ...
The mule deer is named for its large ears, that resemble those of a mule, which are about three-fourths the length of the head. It can also be identified by the ...
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11 Mule Deer - DesertUSA
Life span in the wild is 10 years, but mule deer have lived up to 25 years in captivity. Federal, state, and provincial land and wildlife management agencies ...
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12 Mule Deer (Odocoileus Hemionus) Montana, Idaho, Wyoming
The life span of a mule deer in the wild is 10 years, but mule deer have lived for up to 25 years in captivity. Common predators of mule deer include mountain ...
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13 Mule Deer (U.S. National Park Service)
Mule deer are social animals and typically stay together in multigenerational familly groups of related females. Bucks older than yearlings will ...
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14 Mule Deer - New Mexico Game and Fish
tain mule deer reached a low point ... A long- range study indicates that weather is the major force ... does, but do not gather harems as elk do.
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15 Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus)
In California, long distance migration is rare among large mammals, and mule deer are one of the few that migrate. Migrating deer herds in Mono and Inyo ...
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16 How Long Do White-Tailed Deer Live? | Realtree Camo
If we break it down by sex, we find that the average life expectancy of a buck is 2.9 years, while the average lifespan of a doe is 6½ years ...
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17 Mule Deer Facts
What do mule deer eat? Why is habitat conservation necessary? What does a mule deer look like? How long do mule deer live? How big are mule deer?
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18 Mule Deer - ProTrails | Lexicon
Mule Deer Size and Appearance: Mule deer stand 3 - 4' tall, 4.5 - 7' long, and average 120-250 pounds (trophy bucks can reach over 400 lbs). Mule deer can live ...
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19 White-tailed Deer Biology - Fish & Wildlife -
Deer may live to 20 years or more in captivity, but in the wild, a 10 year old white-tailed deer is considered old. Weights vary considerably, but an average ...
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20 Deer | Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
Eastern Oregon's mule deer live in the more open country of the High ... Whitetails have long, wide tails that can easily be seen, especially when they are ...
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21 Best Time to Hunt Mule Deer
Mule Deer tend to live in arid, rocky environments thrive in areas of plentiful ... This theory was said to be used by hunters and fishermen long before ...
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22 Mule Deer - Facts, Diet, Habitat & Pictures on
Mule Deer ; Population size. Unknown. Life Span. 9-22 yrs ; TOP SPEED. 72 km/h. WEIGHT. 43-150 kg ; HEIGHT. 80-106 cm. LENGTH. 1-2 m.
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23 Managing Desert Mule Deer | Roberts
In captivity mule deer may live as long as 15 to 20 years, but few wild deer live more than 8 ... four does. A desirable buck to doe ratio may vary from one.
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24 Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus) - Directives
Antler growth begins as soon as the old antlers have been shed (late January through early ... Mule deer eat a great diversity of living, wilted, dry,.
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25 Mule Deer | North Carolina Deer & Elk Farmers Association
Mule deer may live 9-11 years in the wild (but usually don't due to hunting, weather and predators) and can live to be much older when in captivity. Mule deer ...
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26 Mule Deer - Discover Lewis & Clark
the long hair which grows on the outer sides of the 1st joint of the hinder legs, and which in the common deer do not usually occupy more than 2 inches in them ...
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27 Mule Deer - Big Bear Alpine Zoo
How long do they live? Mule deer usually live 9-11 years in the wild and can live to be much older when in captivity. How many mule deer can ...
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28 Ask The Deer Biologist A Question - PA Game Commission
How long do deer usually live in the wild and how long do they live in captivity? Deer can be very long lived. In the wild, there have been documented cases ...
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29 Odocoileus virginianus: INFORMATION - ADW
Most white-tailed deer live about 2 to 3 years. Maximum life span in the wild is 20 years but few live past 10 years old. Typical lifespan. Status: wild ...
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30 Mule Deer - Wild Aware Utah
Some things you should know about mule deer. Rocky Mountain mule deer, Odocoileus hemionus, are found throughout Utah and live in many types of habitats, from ...
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31 Mule Deer - Montana Field Guide
Outside of hind foot has a slit-like scent gland up to seven inches long. Mature bucks weigh 250 to 275 lbs. on good range, does 160 to 180. More gregarious and ...
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32 Mountain Lion Hunting - Mule Deer - AZGFD
In the wild deer have a life span of about ten years. Hunt History. As befits Arizona's principal game animal, deer received some protection as early as 1887 ...
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33 How Long Do Deer Live? Deer Lifespan Explained
Mule deer live between 9-11 years. ... Mule deer like the ones in this picture have a life expectancy of around 9-11 years. How Long Do Male Deer ...
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34 The Story of Colorado's Mule Deer
affection westerners have for this long-eared animal. Mule deer live throughout Colo- ... Settlers and ranchers also did their best to eliminate wildfires.
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35 Table of Contents Overview Black-tailed Deer White ... - ODFW
The basic life histories of Oregon's deer species (Columbia black-tailed deer, Columbia and Northwest (Idaho) white-tailed deer, and mule deer) are all very ...
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36 Mule Deer Management in Texas
However, infected mule deer appear to be healthy and do not ... mule deer living in a desert environment typically are on a ... long in mule deer (Fig. 7).
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37 Mule Deer - Idaho Fish and Game
Mule deer like to eat the soft tips of shrubs and ... predators do play a role in the amount of mule deer ... to increase the number of mule deer living in.
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38 Living with wildlife: Deer | Washington Department of Fish ...
Mule deer summering in the Cascades migrate as far as 80 miles to reach adequate winter range. Black-tailed and white-tailed deer normally reside within a ½ to ...
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39 mule deer | mammal - Encyclopedia Britannica
mule deer, (Odocoileus hemionus), a medium-sized, gregarious deer of western North America that derives its name from its large ears. Mule deer also have ...
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40 Mule Deer Information & Facts | Odocoileus Hemionus
Mule Deer are related to White Tailed Deer, a more widely distributed species native to North America, with key differences in range, ear shape, tail color, and ...
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41 Mule Deer | Articles - Colorado Encyclopedia
› article › mule-deer
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42 Mule Deer vs Whitetail Deer: Learn the Differences, Slay Bucks
Much of what we know about the whitetail lifespan comes from hunter-collected data. Know Your Game: How Long Do Whitetail Deer Live? Nov 16, ...
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43 Mule and Black-tailed deer
Due to a long history of isolation along the ... from Mule Deer to the extent that it has been ... older, dominant bucks do most of the mating. Most.
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44 How Long Do Deer Live? -
The highest age of a wild mule deer is recorded to be 20 years. Deers in the wild tend to have a shorter life span than those in captivity. This is due to what ...
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45 Mule Deer vs. Whitetails: A Species Comparison - MeatEater
Mule deer antlers are also generally larger than a whitetail's, ... where mule deer live lends itself to finding them from a long distance ...
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46 Mule Deer Breakdown: Month by Month - Go Hunt
Mule deer can survive in lush, forested environments as well as open desert ... however, each month, mule deer bucks do something different.
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47 Deer (Mule) -
They live up to 10 years in the wild. They are not threatened. Related Links. Coloring Page · Labeling Page · Download Hi-Res B&W Diagram
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48 Mule Deer - Desert Wildlife
Mule deer rarely travel far from water or forage, and tend to bed down within easy walking distance of both. Young mule deer and does tend to forage together in ...
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49 Mule Deer Extended Animal Information Page
Fawns (usually two, sometimes three) are born May-June. Life expectancy is usually 8-12 years in the wild. This deer feeds mainly in early morning and evening, ...
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50 White-Tailed Deer - Hinterland Who's Who
The mule deer can be distinguished by a small white tail with a black tip and ... It is not surprising that those that do survive a severe winter return to ...
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51 Mule Deer Management for Montana Landowners
Mule deer depend on their habitat for nourishment and successful reproduction. The quality of animals in a deer herd is a direct reflection of the quality of ...
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52 Differences Between Whitetail and Mule Deer - Omega Outdoors
I have hunted whitetail for my whole life and every now and then I will see deer with more blonde or more red coats, so these rules do not hold up 100% of the ...
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53 Black-tailed Deer - Western Hunter
The natural life span is 9 to 10 years (17 to 20 yrs. in captivity,) although many live far less since they are either hunted or killed by predators. It is ...
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54 Mammal - Species - White-tailed deer - SCDNR
Approximately 10 years in the wild. South Carolina State Record: The 1906-2010 SC White-tailed Deer Antler Records are divided into Non-Typical White-tailed and ...
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55 Mule Deer - Wild America Wiki - Fandom
These young deer, called fawns, are reddish-brown with a speckled white back. After a year, the fawn will leave its mother and venture out on its own. Mule deer ...
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56 Mule Deer Vs. White-tailed Deer – 8 Key Differences
Mule deer have longer lifespans than white-tailed deer. On average, mule deer live around 9 to 11 years in the wild. White-tailed deer lifespans are typically 4 ...
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57 7 Core Tips For A Successful Mule Deer Hunt - KUIU
If you see a deer do the same thing twice, you'll get him the 3rd time. ... The Mule deer who primarily live on east-facing slopes tend to bed down for the ...
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58 The Life of a Mule Deer - Yukon Wildlife Preserve
Mule deer are an indigenous deer species to North America, ranging from as far south as central Mexico up all the way up to Dawson City, ...
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59 Mule Deer - Habitat Extension Bulletin
mule deer have declined in the early years of the ... energy expended in order to survive thermal ... cost-effective, nor do they result in long-term.
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60 Deer - WAF - World Animal Foundation
Deer live for about 10-12 years in the wild. In captivity, they can live for up to 20 years. Morphology of Deer. They come in many different shapes and sizes, ...
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61 Mule Deer in New Mexico - BE BOLD. Shape the Future.
Antlers from a white-tailed deer. Life Cycle. The breeding season or rut for mule deer in New Mexico begins in late November (northern areas of the state) and ...
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62 Black-Tailed Deer - Discover Vancouver Island
Many does will become pregnant when they are about 1.5 years old and the majority will be pregnant by the 2.5 year mark.The life cycle of a blacktail is 9-10 ...
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63 Making Sense of Whitetails, Blacktails and Mule Deer ...
Long hunting seasons and wide distribution of the species allow more hunters to target white-tailed deer than any other Cervidae member, with ...
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64 Colorful Colorado: A look at Colorado's deer
In comparison, mule deer have a white tail with a black-tip and a white patch on their rump. Males are called bucks, females are does and their ...
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65 California Mule Deer - OVLC
In the case of the California mule deer, the antlers fork in an upward growth, whereas the other ... Does will begin oestrus again if they do not mate.
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66 3 Ways to Age a Deer - wikiHow
› Age-a-Deer
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67 How much Meat to Pack out on a Mule Deer?
The questions about how much meat is on an animal or how do you pack that much meat ... A field dressing mule deer weighs 70.4% of live weight on average.
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68 Field Judging - Mule Deer and Blacktails
Do the back forks and front forks match their counterparts on the opposite antler in depth and tine length? In scoring, symmetry is a factor. It is common to ...
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69 White-tail Deer in Tennessee -
White-tailed deer may live up to 12 years in the wild, although they rarely reach anything over seven years of age. Hunting is the number one cause of ...
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70 Mule Deer - Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
This is why there should never be more deer on an area than the winter range can support. Life History. Like its food habits, the activities of the mule deer ...
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71 Identifying Types of Deer -
Range movements limited to one to three miles depending on sex, age, and habitat. Herbivore. Lives up to 10 years. Male is polygamous, with most whitetails in ...
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72 Understanding Deer - Native Animal Rescue
The California Mule deer and Black-Tailed Deer are closely related deer whose range covers much of the state ... Most of those injured deer do not survive.
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73 Blacktail deer are a different species of deer than the whitetail ...
The blacktail deer then split off a subspecies, the mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus hemionus), which is the youngest living deer species, arising 10,000 years ...
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74 What's The Oldest Deer on Record?
Most hunters consider a 5½-year-old buck to be really old. I agree with them, as only a small percentage of bucks live that long in the wild.
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75 Mule Deer Vs Whitetail Deer Hunting | Great Days Outdoors
Mule deer hunters generally rely far more on their optics (binoculars, spotting scope and range finders) than white-tailed hunters do. “Next I ...
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76 Here's Where Deer Go And Live During The Day - Pest Pointers
They are thick deer, with large ears that have black on the ends. Mule deer inhabit forests, grasslands, shrublands, wetlands, and deserts. Typically, their ...
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EARLY LIFE BEHAVIOR. Shortly after birth, mule deer fawns exhibit hiding behavior to avoid detection and maximize survival. Newborn fawns are licked clean ...
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78 Mule Deer - Description, Habitat, Image, Diet, and Interesting ...
Mule deer are a large species of deer that live in North America. While they look like their relative, the whitetail deer, this species lives mostly in the ...
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79 How Long Does A Deer Live -
The life expectancy of a mule deer is 9-11 years. Location. deer location. Deer with healthy populations, a lot of feed, and generally safe places to spend ...
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80 Mule Deer Habitat | North Dakota Game and Fish
General Information Mule deer, named for their mule-like ears, ... Do not start an artificial feeding program, such as feeders, bait stations, corn piles, ...
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81 Deer Hunting in NebraskaNebraska Game and Parks |
From mule deer to whitetail, no matter how you prefer to take your shot, Nebraska has ... Tune into the Deer Hunting Q&A on Facebook Live tomorrow at noon!
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82 How to grow trophy mule deer - Idaho for Wildlife
deer simply must live long enough to reach their full biological potential. Bull elk, for instance, do not achieve maxi- mum antler growth until they are 7 ...
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83 Black-Tailed Deer Facts | Pets on
They're smaller and darker than mule deer and white-tailed ... ... Columbian black-tailed deer have stocky bodies and long, slim legs.
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84 Reproductive Seasonality in Deer
The mating season for Mule Deer peaks in November and December. ... them from other types of deer is, the males do not use their antlers to attract mates.
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85 Mule Deer | NatureLynx
Detection and avoidance of predators in White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and Mule Deer (O. hemionus). Ethology 107(2):125-147. Living with Wildlife, ...
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The mule deer gets its name from its overly large ears. ... older bucks generally have larger antlers with more points than do younger deer.
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87 Natural history of deer in Minnesota - MN DNR
Predators. Wolves, coyotes, bears, and bobcats hunt and eat whitetails. Habitat and range. White-tailed deer live in prairies ...
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88 Science & Engineering - What about Mule Deer? - PNNL
What do mule deer look like? The mule deer gets its name from its large mule-like ears, which usually are about one-quarter larger than those of the white- ...
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89 Understanding Mule Deer Migration in South Central B.C.
BC Wildife Federation
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90 Best States to Hunt Mule Deer - onX
Nearly 320,000 mule deer live there, so if you do get a tag and the ... Like most of the best mule deer hunting states covered so far, ...
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91 Managing for Quality Mule Deer on Working Lands
While mule deer mature at about 4-6 years old, elk mature at 7-8 years and pronghorn mature at 3-4 years. Habitat wise, a takeaway applicable to ...
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92 Hunting the Mule Deer Rut
Is it high up on the bushes and far out from the trail? That might indicate arterial spurting. Does it seem to be in the center of the tracks, even though you ...
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93 Deer Fibroma: Wildlife Diseases -
In most cases, deer with fibromas can live a normal and productive life and should be left alone and allowed to do so. In severe cases where abnormally ...
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94 Gestation Period For A Mule Deer? - Farm Animal Report
Mule deer have a lifespan of about eight years. They reach sexual maturity at around one year old, and females give birth to one or two fawns ...
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95 Living With Mule Deer - Nevada Department of Wildlife
Ultimately, removal of animals is not a long-term solution. Even if every single deer was removed, more would likely come into the area if there was suitable ...
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