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1 Long-Tail Keywords: What They Are & How to Use Them
Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to use when they're ready to buy. Read on to learn all things ...
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2 Long-tail Keywords: What They Are and How to Get Search ...
Long-tail keywords are search queries that get a small number of searches per month. They tend to be longer and more specific than their “head” ...
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3 How to Find Long Tail Keywords for YouTube - TubeRanker
Any keyword shorter than 3 words should be considered a short tail keyword. Small channels should avoid these short-tail keywords. Just ...
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4 What are Long Tail Keywords? - Reliablesoft
How to Use Long Tail Keywords · Put the keyword at the start of the headline (and title tag!) · Use the only the keyword as the slug (the part of ...
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5 Title tag: Long tail words or keyword dilution? | SEO Forum - Moz
The best thing to think of is targeting for the highest volume keyword as well as a long tail keyword. In other words, you want to target long tail keywords ...
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6 Long-Tail/Short-Tail Keywords and How to Find Them
Long-tail keywords are very specific terms. They usually contain four or more words that clearly specify what the consumer is looking for and what their intent ...
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7 How To Rank Higher in YouTube Search with Long Tail ...
This was because I was only using short tail tags such as 'Aldi'. When I learnt about using long tail keywords, I updated my tags section ...
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8 Long tail keywords on Etsy - what they are and how to use them
What about the 20 characters limit in Etsy tags? “But Deb, you didn't talk about the 20 character limit in the tags”. RIGHT. I almost ...
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9 Get 750+ Long Tail Keywords From Google For Free
A keyword can be either a short or a long tail keyword. Keywords that have over two or three words in it can be considered a long tail. If a search term has ...
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10 Three good reasons to target long tail keywords! - Wordtracker
Long tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling. You see, whenever a customer uses a ...
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11 How to tag your keywords 10X faster and beat your SEO ...
Either way, keyword tagging can be a long and tiresome process. Before we get into how to hack the process, let's address the question: “Why ...
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12 Can we use long tail Keywords for Meta tags - SitePoint
Adding long tail keywords in meta tags should not affect your website in keyword ranking.But do not insert more that 6 keywords in your meta ...
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13 How to find long tail keywords for Youtube videos - Amarindaz
As soon as you uploaded a new video, YouTube has no idea about your video to assign a rank for all possible and related keywords. This is where YouTube tags ...
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14 What is an example of keyword long tail for meta tags? - Quora
Meta Title: It appears in the SERP while users conduct a search. It includes focus/main keywords and influences the overall SEO. It is a prime part of the ...
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15 Short-Tail vs Long-Tail Keywords -
Short-tail keywords are much more general search queries consisting of one or two words, while long-tail keywords consist of three to five or even more words.
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16 Grow Your SEO Traffic with Long Tail Keywords
Using long tail keyword targeting for improved SEO can help you ... as well as white label link building support to other SEO agencies.
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17 Long-Tail Vs. Short-Tail Keywords: What's the Difference? | Blog
A long-tail keyword is a phrase consisting of around four or five words (sometimes more), like “wedding photographer in Boston” or “productivity ...
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18 Long Tail Keywords for Etsy Sellers - What You Need to Know
Focus Keywords: Focus keywords are tags that are in your title, and any keywords in your title that can be recreated by combining two of your ...
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19 Long-Tail Keywords: What You Should Know - Outreach Bee
First of all, a long-tail keyword is a phrase that includes at least three words, which can include a variety of different phrases.
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20 Etsy SEO - Long Tail Keywords or High Views?
As an Etsy shop owner trying to decide on keywords for your titles and tags, I am not sure there is anything more confusing than figuring ...
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21 Help me understand Long-tail Keyword tags : r/EtsySellers
Help me understand Long-tail Keyword tags. I just want to double check. But say I were to tag “yellow happy sub “ on a listing That would be ...
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22 Long Tail Keywords - Etsy
Check out our long tail keywords selection for the very best in ... Keyword tags, SEO keyword research for Digital wall art prints, ...
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23 How to Create the Perfect H1 Tag for SEO - Neil Patel
H1 tags are an important ranking factor for content on the internet. In this guide, learn to create ... H1 tag - bandit texting long tail keyword example.
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24 7 Ways to Use Long-Tail Keywords in Your SEO Strategy
Writing long-form content that's around 2,000 words can help you rank better on search engines. Focus on using one to two long-tail keywords per ...
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25 5 Best Long-Tail Keyword Generator Tools to Uncover New ...
Google Keyword Planner is one of our favorite tools for finding long-tail keywords. If you jump through a hoop or two, you can use it for free, ...
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26 How to Use Long Tail Keywords to Climb Rankings ... - Bluleadz
Long tail keywords are the keywords that run about three or four words long. They're very specific and very niche.
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27 Why Long-Tail Keywords Should Be Your SEO Secret Weapon
Unfortunately, there is no exact answer for how long a long-tail keyword is. It tends to be longer than two or three words because it takes more ...
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28 Meta Keywords Too Long | Dragon Metrics Help Center
Meta keyword tags that are over 150 characters long are regarded as being too long. Why It's Important. While for most search engines it's debatable as to ...
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29 Focus Keywords, Non-Focus Keywords, and Tags Table
The percentage of tags that are long tail keywords is included in your grade. This encourages you to use more descriptive phrases in your tags instead of using ...
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30 Why You Should Use Long Tail Keywords for SEO - Spiralytics
Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that are three or more words long and very specific as they are more focused on a niche.
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31 YouTube SEO: How to find the best traffic-generating keywords
Columnist Sherry Bonelli explains how to glean keyword insights from ... You'll want to look for multiword tags (i.e., long-tail keywords) ...
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32 How to Integrate Keywords in Blog Posts for Maximum SEO ...
Don't Exceed Allotted Character Length – Search engines want you to keep title tags between 60 and 70 characters. · Place Chosen Keyword at the Beginning – This ...
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33 How many long-tail keywords is ideal in ONE blog post?
However in the Hubspot inbound marketing course, I seem to remember Justin Champion mentioned that ideally, you should just target one long-tail keyword per ...
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34 SEO Title Tag Optimization - SpyFu
For this reason, a length of 50–60 characters is ideal. Short enough to not get cut off and long enough to give Google and readers a specific, ...
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35 Long Tail Keyword Generator Tool online by SmallSEOTools
Long tail keywords are those three, four or five key word phrases specific to what your website is selling. You see, whenever a customer enters a highly ...
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36 How Long-Tail Keywords Will Increase Your Rankings
Want to know the secret to high search rankings? Long-tail keywords. A long-tail keyword is a search term that has three or more words.
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37 Keywords 101: How to Use Keywords for SEO Optimization
So instead of “interior designer,” a long tail keyword would be “luxury ... Google uses the alt tag to rank pictures in Google Images, and Pinterest pulls ...
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38 Long-Tail Keywords: How to Find and Use Them for SEO
Long-tail keywords are longer search phrases (typically, three or more words) with highly specific search intent. Because these keywords are more unique, they ...
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39 Meta Keywords are Dead, Long Live Meta Keywords!
Prioritize your keyword phrases from most to least important (never more than three per page) and create a meta keyword tag for them.
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40 What Is a Title Tag, and Why Is It Important for SEO?
A long-tail keyword is a specific, audience-focused keyword phrase that is generally three or more words in length. Long-tail keywords are more ...
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41 Header Tags & Keywords For SEO - Blue Water Marketing
Meta Description Tags · Give each page a unique meta description that clearly reflects what's on the page. · Google's snippets typically max out around 150-160 ...
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42 Don't let Meta Keywords Hurt your SEO - Meticulosity
This is a meta tag that also goes in the head content of your page's code. It has a maximum of 160 characters. You should place your focus keyword within the ...
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43 How To Write The Perfect SEO Title Tag In 2019
As Google and your average searcher have matured, page titles have moved far beyond keyword stuffing! Here's our top tips for writing a meta title tag that ...
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44 Long Tail Keywords: How to Improve CTR in Search Results
There is no set cut off for the number of words, but they tend to be longer when compared to short-tail keywords, which are usually 1 to 2 words ...
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45 What Is Long-Tail SEO and How Can You Use It? - WebFX
Like your title tag, your URL should feature your long-tail keyword. If you're targeting the keyword, “how to clean furnace filter,” for instance, you may make ...
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46 How to SEO title tags in 2022 - Hobo Web
When writing longer title tags ensure the first 50-60 characters include the primary keyword phrase and that this sentence makes perfect sense ( ...
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47 What Meta Tags Are and How They'll Help You Get More ...
Also, don't overuse keywords in your title and description meta tags. For a long time, spammers “stuffed” keywords into meta tags to rank well in Google.
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48 Difference Between Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords
Long tail keywords do not necessarily contain the “head” keyword, and do not need to be a specific length. That said, the majority of long tail ...
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49 Optimizing Title Tags | Important Title-Tag Best Practices
Get better SEO by optimizing title-tags for length, accuracy, keywords, ... The truth is that there are few wrong ways to write a title-tag as long as it's ...
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50 How to Use Long Tail Keywords to Improve Your SEO
General keywords are usually two to three-word phrases which are much more competitive to rank for, while long tail keywords might have four or more words with ...
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51 SEO: Do Keywords and META Tags Still Matter? - Wood Street
› web-design-development › s...
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52 Etsy Tags, Etsy Keywords: The Difference - eRank Help
Let's Do One Together. The same applies when you have a keyword that exceeds Etsy's 20-character limit for a tag. When you have a keyword that's over the 20 ...
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53 Is the order of keywords in the title tag important? An SEO ...
For each article I used the keyword as the H1 tag and then once in the ... A really long title that tells you a whole bunch that you need to ...
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54 What Are YouTube Tags? And Why They Matter for Video SEO
Add Long Tail Keywords: If you have room, add 1-2 long tail variations of your target keywords as tags. For example, you're about to upload a video ...
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55 What's the maximum length of the meta keywords tag?
FYI, meta keywords have no effect on SEO whatsoever. There is no official length requirement ...
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56 14 of the Best Tools to Find Great Long-Tail Keywords
Essentially, a long-tail keyword is more like a keyphrase. For instance, “fitness” is often a keyword in Google search. Something like, “fitness for obese ...
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57 The Comprehensive Guide to Title Tags in | SEO - First Rank
Make sure that it's not too long – you have a maximum of 60 characters to write a captivating and relevant title tag. By targeting relevant keywords, your ...
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58 How To Optimize Your Title Tag For SEO - KlientBoost
How long should a title tag be? It depends on who you ask. Most SEOs recommend keeping title tags between 50-60 characters (600 pixels). Anything longer and ...
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59 On-Page SEO Checklist and SEO Best Practices For 2023
SEO Keyword Use · Paragraphs should be concise, focused, and digestible for users – preferably 4-5 sentences long so you don't overwhelm users.
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60 How to Find Long-Tail Keywords to Grow Your Traffic
Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, contain usually three words or more and are more focused. For example, digital marketing for dummies is a ...
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61 HOW TO: Get More Views by Targeting 'Long Tail'/Compound ...
Long tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever your video is about. They are also known ...
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62 Stop Using the Meta Keywords Tag for SEO - SEMbyotic
Here's the reality: Google stopped using this tag a long time ago because too many site owners were abusing it. Other search engines have since ...
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63 What Is a Title Tag & How to Optimize Title Tags for Google
While Google won't penalize you for a long title, it may shorten or rewrite it. And its version of the title won't always make sense. For that ...
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64 (Meta) Title Tag Services | SEO + Keyword Optimization | Logical
Meta tags are short snippets of text that describe website content. They show up in search results, and significantly impact keyword rankings. Performance ...
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65 What Are Long Tail Keywords and How Are They Used?
Lastly, to answer the question you came for, what are long tail keywords? These are very specific and include more than three words (and can ...
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66 Google's Title and Meta Descriptions Length (Updated 2022)
Accurately summarize the page content. · Use unique descriptions for each page. · Include your primary keyword and related keywords naturally.
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67 How to Write SEO Friendly Title Tags: Guide & Best Practices
How long can your title be? Generally, it's a good idea to keep the title tag lengths between 60 to 70 characters. However, Google actually has a limit of 600 ...
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68 What are Title Tags, and do they help with SEO? [+13 writing ...
The length of your title tags matters because long page titles get shortened by Google and replaced with an ellipsis. In turn, this can result ...
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69 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for YouTube: A Step-by ...
Aim to make the description at least 250 words long, using your keyword(s) 2-4 times. You can also use the video description as a tool to cross-promote to other ...
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70 Title Tag Optimization: The Complete SEO Guide for 2022
Your title tag should be a 100% match of the page content. One other factor you need to consider is the title tag length. How Long Should Your ...
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71 What Are Meta Tags And How Do They Work - Similarweb
Simply put, meta tags are keywords and short phrases that describe ... Keyword Generator, to help you figure out the long-tail keywords that ...
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72 Meta Keywords (and why you shouldn't use them in 2021!)
Search engines recognized early on that the tag was misused for manipulation of the rankings. For a long time, the tag has been considered a real Low Hanging ...
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73 How (and Why) to Use Tags on YouTube - social CSU
This is followed by three to four allied keywords that possibly have a higher search volume than my exact match keyword. It is always ...
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74 Short Tail vs Long Tail Keywords in Paid Search | WTM
Short Tail vs Long Tail Keywords in Paid Search ... Here at WTM Digital, we generally classify keywords that are three or less words in length as short-tail, and ...
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75 Here's What To Know About Using Meta Keywords In 2020
Title Tags · Use less than 60 characters since Google typically shows only 55 to 64 characters. · Add modifiers to your title tag · Embed long-tail ...
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76 10 Most Important Meta Tags You Need to Know for SEO
If your description contains the keywords a searcher used in their search query, they will appear on the SERP in bold. This goes a very long way ...
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77 How to Use H1 Tags and H2 Tags to Maximize SEO
Here's another well-executed h1 tag found in an article from Marketing Land. With a length of 56 characters and a long tail keyword, it is easy ...
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78 The Difference Between Long-Tail & Short-Tail Keywords, and ...
More than 70% of internet searches are made up of long-tail keywords, and the users you do gather from these terms have a higher intent to purchase because they ...
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79 Does Google Value Keyword Meta Tags?
Do Meta Keywords Matter? Simply put: No. For a long time, a meta tag was a very valuable piece of an overall SEO strategy.
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80 What is an SEO Title Tag? | Constant Contact
To optimize your title tag for multiple keywords, add some modifiers to your primary keyword to create a few long-tail variations, ...
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81 What are long tail keywords and how to find them? - Social Hive
It is generally agreed that anything over 3 or 4 words, which is quite specific in terms, is going to count as a long tail keyword. There is no ...
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82 Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking
Because the keywords meta tag was so often abused, many years ago Google began disregarding the keywords meta tag. Does this mean that Google ignores all meta ...
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83 Meta Keywords: Why You Shouldn't Use Them in 2022 ...
It's not true, the general rule is to avoid the use of meta-keywords tags, but if you want to learn ... Long story short, don't use the meta tag keywords .
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84 5 Tips on Choosing the Right Keywords - CommonPlaces
Long tail keywords are a combination of three or more words or phrases. ... conference in New York that Yahoo! no longer supports the meta keywords tag.
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85 Long-tail keywords, length and how to find them? - Oncrawl
According to Stephen Mahaney, long-tail keyword is a highly specific phrase consisting of three and four words. Here's why it's wrong: Three and ...
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86 Sensational SEO Strategies: When To Include Short Tail ...
Long tail keywords: 4 or more words with a low search volume, but a high degree of specificity: e.g. “London branding and marketing company.”.
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87 Youtube Tags and Their Best Practices - BiQ Cloud
When you enter your target keyword, which in this case would be your primary keyword, you'll see a mix of both long tail and short tail keywords ...
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88 How To Use Keywords in Your Content for SEO
Typically, “long-tail” keywords would be included in this category. ... let's get some helpful keyword data in your SEO title tag (also ...
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89 Meta Tags in 2022: Why are They Important in SEO?
Embed long tail keywords in title tags; Add numbers to your title (9 Important HTML tags for your website to improve your SEO); Start your title tag with your ...
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90 Choose the optimum keywords to tag your knowledge base ...
Long-tail keywords are more targeted than general keywords. They contain more words and relate to a very specific subject. Fewer users will be searching for ...
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91 What is a Title Tag & Ideal Length For SEO in 2022
In our dataset, the longest Google search results title is 82 characters long. The longest untruncated title is 78 characters long. Bear in mind ...
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92 SEO Title Tags: 5 Steps to Write the Best Page Titles
SEO Tips for Writing Title Tags · 1. Incorporate Your Target Keywords. Google uses the title tag to determine the content of the page and whether ...
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93 SEO Keywords: The Long & Short of It - Semetrical
A short-tail keyword, also known as a 'head term', is a general search term that typically contains 1-3 words and covers a broad topic. Short- ...
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94 What Are Short Tail Keywords for SEO? (+ REAL Examples)
Confused about short tail vs long tail keywords? Learn about short tail keywords and how they help get more organic traffic.
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95 8 Actionable Steps to Find Best Tags for Youtube Videos
Just note it down your target keyword. Your target keywords could be 3-4 letter words like how to lose weight, find long tail keywords, etc. Let's assume “find ...
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96 Long-tail Keywords: 3 Ways to Find Super-focused Keywords
It's important to note that the length of the search query doesn't determine whether or not it's considered long-tail. An Ahrefs study showed ...
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