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1 Political centralization in pre-colonial Africa
Kung bushmen and the Hadza, two hunter–gatherer societies; a few classic unpolitically centralized societies in Africa, these.
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2 Module Ten, Activity Two - Exploring Africa
Decentralized or stateless political societies in Africa were often made up of a group of neighboring towns or villages that had no political connection with a ...
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3 The Centralized African State and its Implications for ...
Abstract. Though the foregoing political economy analysis does allude to certain distinctive aspects of the African state, it does not however incorporate the ...
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4 Precolonial Political Centralization and Contemporary ...
One of these dimensions is political centralization, which ranges from 0 for acephalous or stateless societies such as the Kikuyu (Kenya) and Nuer (Sudan) ...
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SOCIETY. THE ITESO DURING THE ASONYA. J. B. Webster (et al.) E.A.P.H. Nairobi, 1973 pp. xxiii+189, maps, tables, price Shs. 24/- (in East Africa).
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6 Decentralized and Centralized Societies
Centralized society is the structure of despotism. The absolutist monarchs A (e.g., Louis XIV in France ) centralized authority under the old regime by ...
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7 Working Paper No. 141 PRE-COLONIAL POLITICAL ...
The effects of pre-colonial history on contemporary African development have ... as elsewhere in Africa, we record several stateless societies at level.
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8 8.4: Centralized Societies- Chiefdoms and States
Central to the power of a chief is control over economic resources such as land, agricultural surplus, and trade. Chiefs often hold land in ...
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9 The Centralization of African Tribal Societies
Abstract ; The Centralization of African Societies · The following people, at one time or another, have commented upon this essay. While I have ...
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10 Precolonial political centralization and contemporary ...
and the Annual Meeting of the Royal Economic Society. ... most centralized precolonial African states saw their power trail off as one got.
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11 Decentralization in Africa, by Giorgio Brosio, October 2000
This combination of administrative centralization with a non-democratic political framework brought in most cases an increasingly unaccountable and corrupt ...
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12 Political Centralization in Pre-Colonial Africa | Request PDF
The political organization in centralized states in pre-colonial Africa had a power structure that was distributed vertically with the king on ...
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13 Pre-colonial Ethnic Institutions and Contemporary African ...
This group comprises the Zulu, the Ngwato, the Bemba, the Banyankole, and the Kede. The other group consists of those societies which lack centralized authority ...
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14 The Failure Of The Centralized State - Routledge
The Failure Of The Centralized State Institutions And Selfgovernance In Africa. By. James Wunsch. ,. Dele Olowu. ,. John W Harbeson. ,. Vincent Ostrom.
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15 Centralization, Decentralization and Conflict in the Middle ...
share of central government and the lowest federalism index.10 They also show that the. Middle East and North Africa lags behind all other regions in the ...
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16 The Acephalous Society and the Indirect Rule System in Africa
Students of African anthropology have identified two types of societies in indigenous Africa: those that have centralised forms of authority (states); and.
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17 Political Organisation and Social Structure - WheelerBlog
These institutions themselves displayed a large variation in the degree of centralisation, ranging from centralised kingdoms such as the Zulu ...
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18 Precolonial Centralization and Institutional Quality in Africa
measure the degree of precolonial political centralization of African ethnic groups. ... general feature of traditionally centralized African societies.
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19 African History through the Lens of Eco - YouTube
Wheeler Institute for Business and Development
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20 Primitive Political Systems - AnthroSource
with centralized governmental and political organizations. The essays analyzed ... Paula Brown (1951) classified West African societies according to.
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21 Pre-Colonial Political Centralization and ... - IDEAS/RePEc
Downloadable! The importance of pre-colonial history on contemporary African development has become an important .eld of study within development economics ...
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22 List of kingdoms in pre-colonial Africa - Wikipedia
This is a list of kingdoms in pre-colonial Africa, which existed before the Scramble for ... distinguishing five types, by decreasing centralization of power:.
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23 Centralised and Decentralised Societies Compared - Medium
De Tocqueville believed that centralised society is the structure of despotism. The absolutist monarchs A (e.g., Louis XIV in France) ...
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24 Book Review: The Postcolonial African State in Transition
Hence, the colonial and post- colonial centralisation was not alien to the African societies but rather served different means. Chapter 3 examines the time/ ...
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25 Pre-colonial political systems and colonialism - Oxford Academic
Pre-colonial Africa was characterized by a wide diversity of societies. Most pre-colonial societies in Africa were based on communal values, in the sense ...
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26 History of Centralization and Kingship in Sub-Saharan-Africa
reference point for centralized kingdom-statehood in Sub-Saharan Africa. ... Based on a Weberian analysis of functional societies, he posited that.
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27 Decentralisation in East Africa by UCLG CGLU - Issuu
› uclgcglu › docs › decentralisation_a...
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28 Decentralised Service Delivery in East Africa | JICA
the fields of local administration and governance in Africa, or support ... 2-4 Decentralisation and the centralised structure of Kenya (Yuichi Sasaoka) .
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29 Central Africa - Early society and economy | Britannica
The third phase covered less than 10,000 years and brought the development of the societies that have become familiar to modern history. These societies arose ...
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30 Political organisation and state formation - The pre-colonial era
I spend limited time discussing Africa's long history before ... These societies were organized through a decentralized political system in ...
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31 Working Paper No. 141 PRE-COLONIAL POLITICAL ...
suggest that pre-colonial political centralization has had a positive impact on contemporary levels of development within Africa at the country level.
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32 How colonial rule predisposed Africa to fragile authoritarianism
Prior to colonial rule, many – though not all – African societies lived in ... But, most were a long way from being centralised political ...
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33 Kinship Relations & Political Systems in Africa -
In many traditional African societies, kinship ties are similarly expansive and can include a large and diverse range of relationships.
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34 11 Nuer and Stateless Societies
see Robert O. Collins, ed., Problems in African History, pp.167-209. - for a long time, many historians ignored stateless societies, preferring centralised ...
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centralised. In terms of broad state-society relations, African countries are decentralised. Most economic activities remain uncaptured by the state, ...
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36 11: Women and Authority in West African History
Kings and queens (queen mothers) rule over centralized societies; and male and female elders rule over small scale societies. In West Africa men and women take ...
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37 HIS/P6: The Pre-Colonial Societies in Africa
Centralized states also had organized economic activities particularly trade and agriculture. Most of these economic activities were centrally controlled, i.e. ...
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38 Traditional leadership and corruption in pre-colonial Africa
According to them, the structure of African societies then helped in no mean way in curbing corruption considerably. They aver that 'the centralized ...
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39 Acephalous - Oxford Reference
A term used to describe the political system of societies without centralized state authority—such as, for example, traditional African lineage political ...
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a State and centralized systems3 postulates that the former are based upon groups ... African societies that have a separate political organization (the ...
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41 WIDER Working Paper 2021/188-Pre-colonial centralization ...
Africa to collect more tax revenues from both existing and new tax bases. ... centralized societies helped promote the accountability of local leaders by ...
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These societies are also referred to as Egalitarian or stateless societies. Examples of such societies in pre-colonial Africa include the Kikuyu, the Iteso, ...
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43 Social structure and conflict in sub-Saharan Africa | CEPR
However, there are many other differences across African societies beyond their levels of state centralisation. For example, groups also differ ...
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44 The Politics of Decentralization in Africa: A Comparative ...
Indeed, the experiences suggest that a country is likely to make a rapid and sustained transition from a centralised to a decentralised state structure only if ...
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45 Pre-Colonial Nigeria and the European's Fallacy
the societies which had no writing had no history.2 Consequently, ... Africa and Nigeria specifically, the political systems of the people were tagged.
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46 Production systems in pre-colonial Africa
These diseases also affected agricultural societies by limiting crop production, because where disease was endemic the farmers could not keep cattle and thus ...
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47 Precolonial Political Systems - African Studies
Nevertheless, during most of Africa's precolonial history, a significant portion of African people lived in small-scale, egalitarian societies ...
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48 Decentralisation and citizen participation in West Africa
Decentralisation was seen as a means by which the over-centralisation of political decisions at the top of the state could be altered. Civil society actors ...
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49 African Civilizations: From The Pre-Colonial to the Modern Day
Unlike most Euro-Asian civilizations, African societies favored oral tradition ... structure can be divided into centralized and decentralized societies.
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50 Colonialism and Economic Development in Africa
Most parts of Africa did not have the types of centralized political ... In the former, societies like the Masai or Kikuyu would have likely.
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The pre-colonial African societies had centralized and decentralized political set up whichwere able to expand and build strong empires likeBuganda, ...
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52 FEATURE REVIEW The contemporary African state
ropean, not African, and set up against African societies rather than having evolved ... a low regime of economic accumulation and political centralisation, ...
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53 Equatorial Guinea | South African History Online
The prominent Bantu societies were the Fang people who developed a centralised society with a strong army able to prevent colonisation by ...
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54 The Colonial and Pre-Colonial Eras in Nigeria | AHA
There were some specific outcomes and impacts for Africans as a result of WWI. ... presence of Europeans in their society and with a famous riot/rebellion.
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55 Decentralisation in Africa: Scope, Motivations and Impact on ...
African societies which reduces the polarisation of power ... may also be used to justify the centralisation of certain services.
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56 Warrior and the state in pre-colonial Africa - Zambia Daily Mail
On the other hand, 'state' societies had a centralised authority (personified in the head chief) and incorporated several other societies ...
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57 General History of Africa - UNESCO
Highly centralized political and administrative structures develop and societies with distinct social classes and, often, a strongly feudal character.
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society, Egharebva (1960) on Benin, Smith (1960) on government in Zazzau, Skinner ... problem of understanding of original African centralised polities.
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59 Centralized And Decentralized Societies During The Slave...
The Atlantic Slave Trade had a profound effect on the way states were constructed and transformed in West Africa. Some societies became very powerful, ...
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60 Elias-Africa-And-the-Development-of-IL-Edited1.pdf
society, there is no centralized authority, little or no administrative ... Whereas the chiefly or monarchical societies in Africa are run under the.
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61 Political impact of decentralization in Africa
countries and has had significant effects on African societies, ... centralized cooperation, and political disputes in urbanizing African local govern-.
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62 Democracy and Governance in Africa | Democratization in Africa
Political autonomy and policy participation for local communities and ethnic groups in society are significant factors of government legitimacy. Participants ...
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63 Political Centralization in Africa - Economist's View - TypePad
In part because of its geography, the African continent has been slow to develop trade routes with exception of its coastal areas. African kingdoms that did ...
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for centralized authority while another section chose to live without it. ... in many West African societies, including the Asante and Fanti of Ghana as ...
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65 A History of Decentralization
Centralization is in response to the need for national unity, ... local governments and civil society more competent in the management of their own affairs.
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66 'Indigenous African Institutions' by George Attiyey
2.3.2 Chiefless or non-centralised societies. 32. 2.4 Colonialism in Africa. 35. 2.4.1 Gradual colonialism. 35. 2.4.2 Governance during the ...
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67 Centralized Institutions and Cascades
information is available - pushes societies towards certain equilibria. ... are less likely to be addressed in centralized societies, since central.
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68 Africa before Transatlantic Enslavement
In many part of the continent no major centralised states existed and many people lived in societies where there were no great divisions of wealth and power ...
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69 South Africa: When Strong Institutions and Massive ...
A rising tide of disillusion across a broad swathe of society further undermined the political settlement. The losers in elite conflicts ...
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70 Genetic legacy of state centralization in the Kuba ... - PNAS
State centralization occurs when previously separate communities are united, forming a single political system often associated with economy, trade, ...
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Many societies held the belief that the spirits of the departed had great power of ... to introduce Christianity in West Africa, particularly in Nigeria.
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72 Traditional Institutions in Africa, Past and Present - OSF
where societies lacked centralized institutions the creation of new institutions was imperative for the roll-out of colonial rule (e.g. Fortes and ...
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73 Segmentary versus Centralized States Among the Ancient Maya
tion of ancient Maya society have vacillated between ... Alur of Africa, clearly neither a stateless segmentary lin- eage society ...
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74 Impacts of Socio-political Organisational Structures ...
African societies could be broadly categorised into two classes, namely centralised and non- centralised states. Elias (1956, 11) described these states in ...
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75 Leadership and Statebuilding in Post-Colonial Africa
However, dominant narratives of statebuilding as a post conflict endeavour have seen states like Cameroon which lack a functional state-society relationship ...
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76 The Warrior and the State in Precolonial Africa
from those of small scale, precolonial African societies which evolved a chiefly ... centralised (segmentary), military organisation ought therefore to ...
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77 What are the characteristics of non-centralized states ... - Quora
What characteristics qualify Nigeria as the giant of Africa? ... support a fully centralized government believe they have the answers to society's problems ...
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The people who lived in these societies, unlike their counterparts in Oyo and Benin which are centralized for example, were distinguished by ...
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79 Philosophy and Restructuring of Nigeria - SSRN Papers
resolution, pre-colonial African societies could be classified into two major groups, namely, “those that have 'centralised' / chiefly political systems…and ...
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80 Approaches of Post-colonial and Indigenous Social Work
Two broad types of African pre-colonial political formations refer to. 'Stateless' or acephalous societies and states which centralised authority.
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81 Revisiting Civil Society in Africa Pieter Labuschagne ...
This begs the question: why is civil society in Africa different from its counterparts in ... that in many of the traditional centralised societies, the.
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82 Political Anthropology: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
Egalitarian societies also lack a government or centralized leadership. ... Many pastoralists in East Africa, for example, have age grades and age sets.
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83 Quantitative Evidence from Native Authority Institutions
However, because most precolonial African societies were not despotic, ... population density and political centralization in Africa.
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84 East African Community
The East African Community (EAC) is a regional intergovernmental organisation of 6 Partner States: the Republics of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, ...
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85 Two Power and Space in Precolonial Africa
In particular, precolonial African societies unbundled ownership and control of ... “the growth of a unified and highly centralised state with an absolute ...
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86 Pre-Colonial Kenya | AFR 110: Intro to Contemporary Africa
Rich in diversity, Kenya houses up to 42 ethnic groups which all differ in history, culture, politics, economy, and society.
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87 Land Access, Agricultural Land Use Changes and Narratives ...
Ghana is one of the West African parties to the ... centralised state societies and non-centralised societies [35]. The centralised stated ...
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88 History of Zimbabwe - Colonialism
Pre-colonial Zimbabwe was a multi-ethnic society inhabited by the ... By about the 14th century, the process of political centralisation had begun among the ...
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89 ALI A. MAZRUI The Africans: A Triple Heritage (1986)
This is the theme of gloriana in African history. But alongside these African societies of centralised complexity and gloriana have lived people ...
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90 Ethnic Groups - East Africa Living Encyclopedia
The first category includes the large and historically highly centralized kingdom ... the Bagisu, and many smaller societies in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.
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91 Africa Before The Slave Trade And Colonization
Africa during antiquity before the Slave Trade and Colonization was characterised by Iron Age Kingdoms forming centralised States as well as ...
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92 The politics of poverty: Elites, citizens, and states - OECD
Governance describes the way countries and societies manage their affairs ... State Legitimacy and Development in Africa; the DFID Governance Portfolio ...
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93 Pre-colonial history of Ghana - GhanaWeb
4000 B.C.), but these societies, based on fishing in the extensive lagoons ... the first black African nation to gain its independence from colonial rule ...
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94 The State of Decentralization in West Africa: Mixed Progess
Experience in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone. Since the 1990s, various African countries have adopted measures of ...
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95 Between strong states, decentralization and development in ...
... to state centralization is needed, especially in the African context, ... through which economic processes are instituted in societies.
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96 Colonialists didn't fail to root out Africa's tribal politics. They ...
According to this narrative, African societies are yet to be fully ... the victorious ethnic coalition established a centralised state, ...
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