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1 Do We Have to Pay for That? Part 2—Travel and Commute ...
The answer is no, unless the employer and employee have agreed (expressly or through an established practice) to treat the time as hours worked.
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2 Fact Sheet: Hours of Work for Travel - OPM
For FLSA-covered employees, travel time is credited if it is qualifying hours of work under either the title 5 rules or under OPM's FLSA regulations-in ...
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3 Travel time to work law | citrusHR
Is travel time considered work time? And is travelling for work paid? Our HR experts share their insights and tell us what the law says.
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4 Under the FLSA, when must nonexempt employees be paid ...
Travel time must be paid unless it is normal home-to-work commute time, or when travel requires an overnight stay and the time spent traveling as a ...
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5 Working time for someone who travels for their job - Acas
If an employee has a fixed place of work (such as an office they go to every day), their regular travel time to and from work does not usually count as working ...
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6 EU level: ECJ rules that travel time is treated as working time |
The ECJ ruled that, where workers do not have a fixed or habitual place of work, time spent travelling each day between their homes and the ...
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7 Is travelling to and from work likely to count as working time?
Under the National Minimum Wage Regulations time spent travelling to and from home will not usually count as working time and will not have to be paid or taken ...
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8 Is travel time included in working hours? (Working Time ...
For most workers, routine travel time commuting to work does not count as working hours. However, for workers with 'no fixed place of work' and who travel ...
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9 Is Travelling to Work Working Time? The Tyco Case
In Breffni Carpentry Services Ltd and Deniss Solodounikovs (DWT0816) the Labour Court held that only the hours which the Complainant spent at the workplace, and ...
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10 Travel time is work time - Tekna
The Working Environment Act operates only with the concepts of work time and non-work time; the law does not allow anything in-between, for example travel time.
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11 H. Travel Time
The easiest way to think of the travel time regulations is to remember that basically, any travel on company business that cuts across the normal workday is ...
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12 Five Things Employers Need to Know About the ECJ's ...
The WTR imposes a 48 hour limit on average weekly working hours. For peripatetic workers, travel time between home and appointments now counts ...
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13 European Court of Justice rules that travel time should be ...
The Luxembourg court ruled last week that for workers with no fixed office, such as care workers and door-to-door salesmen, time spent travelling to work ...
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14 Is Travelling for Work, Working Time? - BBS Law
Neither the European Working Time Directive nor the Working Time Regulations 1998 say anything about whether travel to and from a place of work counts as ...
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15 Traveling to Work: European Rules for Mobile Employees
The European Working Time Directive, or EWTD, is an initiative by the European Union that ensures workers are safe and healthy. That means having a limit to how ...
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16 Working time regulations | Business Law Donut
Working time regulations · Time spent training, travelling or on standby may be included in working hours · Night workers should not exceed an average of eight ...
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17 Time travelling to and from work can count as working time
Travel time between jobs counted as working time. However, time spent travelling from home to the first job of the day and from the last job ...
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18 Do You Travel From Home Straight to a Customer? | Crunch
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided in September 2015 that travel time counts as working time. ‍This applies when a worker doesn't have a fixed ...
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19 Case study: Is travelling for work, working time? | OGR Insights
Is travel time between home and a temporary workplace, outside of normal working hours, working time? Neither the European Working Time Directive nor the ...
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20 Federal Labor Laws on Travel Time & Expenses
FSLA rules require that a nonexempt employee be paid for traveling during work time, but not for time commuting to and from work. However, if the travel is ...
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21 Travelling To and From Work: Does It Count As Working Time?
The time that an employee to travels to and from work is generally not counted as part of their working hours, however, any travelling they are doing whilst at ...
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22 Massachusetts law about hours and conditions of employment
A compilation of laws, regulations, and web sources on hours and conditions of ... Must I be paid for time I spend traveling to work?
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23 29 CFR Part 785 -- Hours Worked - eCFR
84-89, 29 U.S.C. 251-262) eliminates from working time certain travel and walking time and other similar “preliminary” and “postliminary” activities ...
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24 In what circumstances is travelling time included in ... - XpertHR
In what circumstances is travelling time included in the working time calculation? To continue reading, register for free access now.
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25 A Guide to Travel Time Pay Policies | Hubstaff
Paid time for which the minimum wage is due under UK laws includes any travels in connection with work. Transportation from one work location to another is also ...
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26 Travelling For Work Law | Peninsula UK
Travel time to work ... It's made clear in the Working Time Regulations 1998 time spent travelling to work from home, and from work to home (for ...
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27 Check how many hours you're working - Citizens Advice
If your employer asks you to stay at your workplace and you have to be available to work when they ask, all the time you're on call counts as working time. If ...
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28 Does time spent travelling to work amount to working time?
So, does time spent travelling to work amount to working time? The European Court of Justice has held that the time spent by workers travelling between ...
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29 Travel Time Pay Rules in California (2022): The Ultimate Guide
Oftentimes, when an employee is required to travel for work and are entitled to be paid for that time, they are working “off the clock.” That ...
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30 Everything You Should Know About Travel Time To Work
Time spent commuting to and from work, outside of work hours, is unpaid. If an employee spends time traveling between work locations during ...
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31 STATE OF CALIFORNIA Gavin Newsom, Governor
minimum wage due the employee for all hours worked in each pay period. ... Travel time is considered compensable work hours where the employer requires its ...
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32 Working time limits (the 48-hour week) | nidirect
Most workers should not have to work more than an average of 48 hours a week, according to the Working Time Regulations. The Regulations also give you rights to ...
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33 Working time directive | Health and Safety Executive Northern ...
The Working Time Regulations govern the hours most workers can work and sets limits on an average working week, statutory entitlement to paid leave, ...
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34 Hours of Work – Canada Labour Code, Part III – Division I
In general travel time is not considered to be hours of work for the purposes of the Code. While there may be specific industry regulations or collective ...
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35 When Must I Pay Employees for Travel Time? - The Balance
In general, your business should pay employees for the time they spend traveling for work-related activities. You don't have to pay ...
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36 Does travel time count as “working time”? - Briefing
work and travel directly from home to and from their first ... the EU Working Time Directive (the Directive). Who is affected?
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37 Do Employees Get Paid for Travel Time? - Cilenti & Cooper
According to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), time spent during regular work hours is compensable work time, including time spent traveling. However,
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38 Commuting may be treated as working time - Lindsays
The Advocate General saw no distinction between travel between jobs, which was agreed to be working time, and, in these circumstances, to and from the first ...
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39 Working Time and Commutes in France | Littler Mendelson P.C.
... consider an employee's commute as effective working time. ... his weekly work schedule was in violation of the 2003 EU Directive's limit ...
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40 What does the Working Hours Act entail? |
Time spent commuting between home and work does not constitute working time. Travel between work sites and for work purposes does count as ...
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41 Maximum weekly working hours: Overview - GOV.UK
You cannot work more than 48 hours a week on average - normally averaged over 17 weeks. This law is sometimes called the 'working time directive' or ...
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42 The Working Time Regulations - HSE
night work limits; and; health assessments for night work. HSE does not however, enforce: time off;; rest break entitlements; or; paid ...
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43 Working Hours and Breaks - Workplace Relations Commission
Working Hours & Breaks · for employees generally - 4 months · for employees where work is subject to seasonality, a foreseeable surge in activity, or where ...
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44 Legal Working Hours & Working Time Regulations
time someone spends on call away from the workplace · breaks when no work is done, for example, lunch breaks · travelling outside of normal ...
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45 Travel Time Between Home and a Temporary Workplace Can ...
Neither the European Law nor the WTR state whether travel to and from a place of work or between places of work should be considered 'working ...
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46 Should employees' travel time between their home ... -
the CJEU ruled that, in the case of an employee with no fixed or habitual place of work, travel time between the employee's home and the first and last customer ...
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47 Case update (3): Working time - travel time - Menzies Law
On each working day, the employees travelled to jobs at customers' premises ... working time for the purposes of EU law i.e. the Working Time Directive.
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48 What are the maximum hours I can be expected to work over ...
Workers covered by the Working Time Regulations must not be required to work more than 13 hours per day. Also individuals must not be required, ...
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49 When does work time begin and end when traveling ...
For multiple day business trips, the same rules apply with one exception. While all time spent working must be paid, compensable transit time may be limited to ...
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50 Wages and Hours Frequently Asked Questions
Answers about current minimum wage, rules of overtime, maximum hours of work and more.
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51 Working time and breaks | Advice guides
The Working Time Regulations 1998 apply across the UK. They affect the number of hours an employee can work per week as well as the rest breaks the employee ...
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52 Working Time Regulations - when is commuting time, working ...
The Working Time Directive, which applies to all EU countries including the UK, states that workers may not be made to work for more than 48 ...
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53 Hours of work - Citizens Information
The maximum working hours for most employees are set out in the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997. ... Find out about what work breaks and rest periods you ...
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54 The EU Says That Some Commuting Time Counts As Paid Work
In the EU, workers are protected by the Working Time Directive, which limits weekly working hours to 48 hours, and governs the amount of rest ...
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55 Travel Time to Count as Working Time for Mobile Workers
The directive, which is aimed at protecting workers from exploitation, prevents workers from being required to work more than an average of 48 hours per week ...
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56 Wage FAQs - Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry
Do I Have to Work Overtime if I Don't Want To? Are Salaried Employees Entitled to Overtime? ... What Are the Requirements for Travel Time Pay?
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57 Travelling to work 'is work', European court rules - BBC News
Time spent travelling to and from first and last appointments by workers without a fixed office should be regarded as working time, the European ...
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58 Working time - Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Travel time is not regarded as working time unless it is considered work. The employer has a duty to make sure that travel outside working time does not place ...
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59 Working Hours Act (1982:673) -
The Government or, following a Government decision, the Swedish Work Environment. Authority, issues regulations concerning the manner in which records referred ...
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60 Is business travel time working time? - IONOS
In the UK, the remuneration of travel times for business trips is regulated individually. If you have a generous employer, they are likely to ...
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61 Wisconsin Hours of Work and Overtime Law
This page was formerly named ERD-8298-P. The information in this page should be regarded as only a summary of the overtime regulations.
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62 Working Time Guidance & Regulation - CIPD
Working hours in the UK are governed by the Working Time Regulations 1998. These limit the working week to an average of 48 hours (although there is an ...
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63 Do we have to pay for that? Part 2—Travel and commute time ...
Today, we're looking at work-related travel time, including time spent getting to ... What if the employee has no “normal working hours”?
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64 What is Work? European Court Says Travel Time is Work Time
The Working Time Directive is one of the European Union's cornerstone laws protecting workers' rights. Passed in 2003, the law stipulates ...
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65 Mobile workers and working time: travel to work and pay
The company did not treat employees' travel from home to customers' premises as “working time” under the Working Time Directive. The company ...
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66 FAQs About Employee Travel Time - Is It Compensable?
... time spent neither working nor traveling) outside of his/her regular work hours is not compensable and does not count as "time worked.".
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67 Work travelling time should count as working time | HR Solutions
The recent European Court of Justice judgement ruled travel time to work should be considered as part of an employees working hours for the ...
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68 4.5 Legislation on working hours, breaks and days off
(2) Work in excess of statutory working hours exceeding 60 hours in a month*1 ... breaks and days off (with the exception of regulations on night work).
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69 Travelling Time - Is It Work? CJEU Decides that ... - Dechert LLP
Its current policy is that only the time from the beginning of the first appointment to the end of the last appointment of the day counts as ...
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70 Working time: travelling | Practical Law - Westlaw
Non-statutory government guidance suggests that time spent travelling for workers who have to travel as part of their job, such as travelling ...
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71 Bargaining on working hours | UNISON
Directive (WTD), which was adopted back in 1993 as a health and safety measure. ... of work), working time may include periods spent travelling from home to ...
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72 Hours of work | Your guide to the Employment Standards Act
If the employee has a usual workplace but is required to travel to another location to perform work, the time traveling to and from that ...
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73 5 Tips For Billing Travel Time When You Work In The Medical ...
Is Travel Part Of My Working Day? It is not common practice to count travel time and time spent at work as working hours. You're Responsible For ...
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74 Working in Norway: Your rights and obligations - Arbeidstilsynet
As a rule, normal working hours (arbeidstid) in Norway are: 9 hours within 24 hours (normal working day); 40 hours in 7 days (normal work week). There are some ...
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75 Working Across Multiple Locations: In-depth | Croner-i
Travelling in the course of work during a worker's normal working hour's counts as hours when the National Minimum Wage (NMW) must be paid to a time worker.
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76 Employment Eye - Travel to work can be 'work'
Neither the Directive nor the WTR state whether travel to and from a place of work, or between places of work, should be considered 'working ...
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77 Administrative Policy ES.C.2
What is travel time and when is it considered “hours worked”? Travel time is time spent by an employee travelling for a work-related purpose.
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78 Legal working hours | Totaljobs
It does not include travelling to and from work, time when you are on call but not working, training at college, or time taken to travel to an occasional ...
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79 New Supreme Court ruling on travel and working time
In a new ruling on the matter, the Supreme Court considers that time spent travelling from the entrance of the company's premises to the ...
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80 The Working Hours Act in Brief - Arbetsmiljöverket
The purpose of the Act is to give workers protection against working too much. The Act contains rules on how much you can work per day, ...
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81 EFTA Court: Travel time is working time - LinkedIn
The Court confirms that time spent on travel is working time irrespectively of whether the time spent traveling is within normal working hours ...
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82 European Court Rules that Travelling to Work Counts as ...
The Working Time Directive ensures that no one should have to work more than 48 hours per week (with opt-outs for specific professions).
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83 Pay and working hours for posted workers - Workplace Denmark
In the Danish labour market pay and working hours are primarily regulated by ... work supplement; Supplement for external work and work requiring travel, ...
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84 Report summary: Working Long Hours: a Review of the ...
Study looking at research on working time patterns in the UK with a view to ... whether it includes time working at home or in travel to and from work, etc.
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85 Community midwives' work time includes travel to and from ...
The working time directive, put into domestic law by the Working Time Regulations 1998, seeks to protect the health and safety of workers, including midwives, ...
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86 Working Time Regulations; Your questions answered - RMT
Working time is any period in which staff are working. It includes time spent training and travelling to work site, but does not include routine travel ...
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87 Commuting Is "Work" and Employees Should Be Paid for It ...
The directive, for instance, bars employers from forcing workers to log more than 48 hours per week. The court says that during trips to and ...
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88 Working time, breaks and holidays - Trades Union Congress
The law relating to your working time is complicated. ... a working lunch. • travelling to work if you have ... These regulations give most workers the ...
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89 The Austrian Working Hours Act - ABA - Work in Austria
In the case of passive travel time, the legally prescribed maximum of twelve hours of work in one day or 60 hours per week may be exceeded. The rules applying ...
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90 The daily commute is ruled to be 'working time' for mobile ...
The Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU") has ruled that, for employees with no fixed or habitual place of work, time spent travelling ...
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91 Your work commute could count as working time following ...
The directive referred to is the European Union's working time directive, which is designed to stop workers being exploited by employers by ...
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92 Hours of work - Fair Work Ombudsman
Check out our Fixing a workplace problem section for practical information about: working out if there is a problem; speaking with your employer or employee ...
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93 INSIGHT: Peripatetic workers' travel time can be classed as ...
Neither the directive nor the Working Time Regulations 1998 (WTR) specify whether travel to and from a place of work or between places of ...
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94 Tyco and Working Time - esphr
A recent European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling has found that the time spent by workers, who do not have a fixed place of work, travelling between their ...
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95 What you need to know when driving during work hours
However, for those travelling to one or several fixed locations, travel to the workplace remains part of the working day. Employees may not be ...
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96 human resources policy - working time directive
It does not include travel from the worker's home to his/her place of work, rest breaks, travel time outside normal working time or non-job related training.
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97 Employment law update on travel to work ruling - Bradfield
The ruling has been incorporated into the Working Time Directive (WTD) which caps the working week at 48 hours unless workers opt out.
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