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The Mental Health Acts (HMSO, 1959, 1983, 2007) are about compulsory detention and compulsory treatment, and the main treatment is medication.
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2 Civil Involuntary Detention
Any adult person may file an application for detention, evaluation, and treatment with the probate division of the circuit court where the person may be ...
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3 71.05.150 << 71.05.153 >> 71.05.154 -
Emergency detention of persons with behavioral health disorders—Procedure. ... to be taken into emergency custody in an evaluation and treatment facility, ...
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4 Petition for Involuntary Admission for Treatment
Temporary Detention Order No. ... volunteering for hospitalization or treatment, has a mental illness and is in ... involuntary admission order entered on .
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5 § 37.2-817.1. (Effective October 1, 2022) Monitoring and court ...
The person shall remain in custody until a temporary detention order is issued or until the person is released, but in no event shall the period exceed eight ...
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6 How to Obtain An Order for Detention and Examination in a ...
for an Order of Detention and Examination. This Order for Detention and ... treatment in the community or past hospitalizations. Be as specific as possible ...
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7 Inpatient Treatment Order rights - SA Health
An Inpatient Treatment Order is a legal way of providing treatment to a person with a mental illness when they are unable to agree to treatment and may not be ...
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8 Questions and Answers on Emergency Custody and ...
A medical temporary detention order allows the person to be detained for 24 hours to permit necessary medical treatment. A magistrate has no authority to issue ...
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9 Emergency Commitments - Order of Detention
Emergency Commitments - Order of Detention. If you have a family member or friend who needs immediate treatment for a mental illness or chemical dependency ...
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10 What are community treatment orders (CTOs)? - Mind
If you have been detained in hospital, you may be discharged on to a community treatment order (CTO). ... The UK Government is changing the Mental Health Act.
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11 Rights of Adults Receiving Treatment in an Indiana Mental ...
It is important to know that an immediate or emergency detention can become ... order the individual's custody, care, or treatment in an appropriate mental ...
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12 Section 25-03.1-21 - Involuntary treatment order - Alternatives ...
If the respondent refuses to comply with this hospitalization order, the court may direct a peace officer to take the respondent into protective custody and ...
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(e) A jail or similar detention facility may not be deemed suitable ... SUBCHAPTER B. JUDGE'S OR MAGISTRATE'S ORDER FOR EMERGENCY APPREHENSION AND DETENTION.
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14 Recommendation for a detention and treatment order
Recommendation for a detention and treatment order. Details. Topic: Forms and templates. Date published: 19 Dec 2017. Size: 4 pages.
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15 Suspension Certificate - CTO or CO detention SUS1A
to notify the Mental Welfare Commission where a responsible medical officer authorises a suspension of detention relating to a compulsory treatment order or ...
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16 Mental Health Court Process | Bexar County, TX
If they are, the judge will sign an Order for Emergency Apprehension and Detention, and the Bexar County Sheriff's Office's Mental Health Deputies will ...
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17 Assessment, treatment and detention orders for drug ...
Initially an order may only be made in relation to a child who is subject to detention in a training centre at the time the order is made ( ...
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18 Emergency Detention | Case Management | State TB ... - CDC
After the request for release, detention shall not continue for more than five business days in the absence of a court order authorizing detention. However, in ...
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19 Initiating Court-Ordered Assisted Treatment
For inpatient or outpatient commitment: If a person detained for seventy-two hours … or a respondent under court order for evaluation … has received an ...
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20 Information on Mental Health Legislation - SAMH
You can be detained by any doctor for up to 72 hours to protect you or other people. This is called an Emergency Detention Certificate; You can be detained by a ...
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21 Mental Health Act | Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland
Changes to the Act · Emergency detention · Short-term detention · Compulsory treatment orders · Principles of the Act · Independent advocacy · Named persons · Mental ...
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22 Application for Detention and Treatment Order (PDF 20KB
Severe Substance Dependence Treatment Act 2010. Section 10(2). APPLICATION FOR A DETENTION AND TREATMENT ORDER. IN THE MAGISTRATES' COURT. Court Reference:.
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23 Mental Health Act - NHS
People detained under the Mental Health Act need urgent treatment for a mental health disorder and are at risk of harm to themselves or others.
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24 Youth Treatment Orders - Attorney-General's Department
If a young person does not comply with an Assessment or Treatment Order voluntarily, application can be made to the Youth Court to make a Detention Order.
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May be up to 24 hours since the 'inpatient treatment order in a general hospital' (Form 6B) is made. □ Continuation of detention to enable a person placed on ...
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and requires immediate care, treatment, and/or detention. ... form filed with DSAMH within 24 hours of signature of the detention order.
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27 Section 3 - Detention for treatment - Biscoes Solicitors
You must be suffering from a mental disorder of a nature and/or degree which makes it appropriate for you to be liable to be detained in hospital for treatment.
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28 Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act ...
Transitional provisions. 141, Persons detained under section 19 of Mental Health Act 1969. 142, Proceedings for reception order commenced but not completed.
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29 Detention, treatment and care while in a mental health facility
They may be detained for a period of 1 month from the date the second admission or renewal certificate is issued. If a patient is under a third or subsequent ...
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30 Emergency Detention in the Inpatient Setting and a Persons ...
If a decision is made to detain a person, an Emergency Detention -3 days (ED3) ... If the diagnosis is mental illness, a Psychiatric Treatment Order (PTO) ...
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31 Consent to Treatment Procedure for Detained Patients
Satisfy themselves that the patient's detention papers are in order; Offer a second opinion on a patient's treatment if the patient is not consenting; Issue a ...
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32 Emergency Treatment Orders
You will find medication orders in medical records that have been. Page 7. 7 written as an "emergency treatment order". I have never seen an order written for a ...
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33 Mental Health Act 2007 No 8 - NSW legislation
(1) An authorised medical officer must discharge a patient or person who is detained in a mental health facility when a community treatment order is made about ...
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34 Indefinite detention of people with cognitive and psychiatric ...
Involuntary treatment orders—statistics, legislation and reviews. 6.1. The first half of this report focuses on indefinite detention within the criminal.
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35 Guide to the draft Mental Health Bill 2022: detention and ...
Period of detention for treatment: the Bill reduces the period that a patient can be detained for treatment. This means the initial detention ...
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36 Emergency Detention Process - Wyoming Department of Health
Emergency detention is the legal process in which a police officer or ... away, unless the individual receives prompt and adequate treatment for the mental ...
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37 §43A-5-506. Initial assessment - Emergency admission or ...
a.If the court finds probable cause exists that the minor is a minor in need of treatment, the court shall issue a prehearing detention order authorizing the ...
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38 Mental Health Act 2014 - Information for Referring Practitioners
2.1.1 the person is in need of an involuntary treatment order, or ... inpatient treatment order. ... 7.8.3 the order for their detention expires and.
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39 Involuntary Psychiatric Hospitalization of Adults - Fairfax County
Taking away an individual's personal freedom, even with the good intention of providing mental health treatment, ... What is a Temporary Detention Order?
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40 Involuntary Treatment for Mental Illness - Members Brief - Ohio
Review of affidavit; temporary detention orders . ... person subject to court order,” treatment on an involuntary basis may be appropriate.
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41 Wisconsin Court System - Circuit court forms
Statement of Emergency Detention by Treatment Director ... Order on Settlement Agreement and Court Approval to Transport. Resolves mental commitment ...
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42 53-21-1204. Department to contract for detention beds, MCA
(3) Each contract must provide that for payment of costs for detention, evaluation, and treatment pursuant to subsection (1), the facility shall bill for ...
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43 Suspension of detention - Care Inspectorate Hub
detention certificate (EDC);. • Sections 53 and 54 – a short term detention certificate (STDC);. • Sections 127 and 129. – a compulsory treatment order (CTO);.
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44 Emergency Mental Health Warrants/emergency detention orders
that can provide needed treatment. A Justice of the Peace, sitting as a magistrate, may issue warrants for the emergency apprehension and detention of.
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45 Mental Health Act statistics - NHS Digital
People may also be placed under Short Term Detention Orders for mental health disorders by the police, and taken to a 'place of safety'. We ...
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46 Community Treatment Orders
Treatment Order you can be taken to hospital and detained. Page 4. The Mental Health Act Code of Practice. Know your rights.
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47 Forms | Office of the Chief Psychiatrist | SA Health
Those forms are: MRMHA-A – Community Treatment Order Level 1 PDF 57 KB · MRMHA- ...
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48 Implications of the drafting of the Mental Health Act 2007 for ...
Since the introduction of Community Treatment Orders by the ... on a Community Treatment Order and then require detention under the terms of ...
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49 Civil Mental Health Commitments - Immigration Lawyer
Before the ECO expires, a magistrate must issue a longer-term Temporary Detention Order (TDO), or the respondent is likely to be released. Such a TDO generally ...
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50 Community Treatment Order - Mental Health Law Online
Recall permits detention in hospital for a maximum of 72 hours (s17F(6)) during which it must be decided whether to revoke the CTO or release ...
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51 Mental Health Act - BC Laws
31 (1) If a patient is detained in a designated facility under section 22, 28, 29, 30 or 42 or is released on leave or is transferred to an approved home under ...
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The Order provides a framework for the care, treatment and protection of all ... admission to and detention in hospital for assessment and treatment.
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53 Assessment and treatment orders | Victoria Legal Aid
inpatient temporary treatment order, where a person is taken to and detained in a designated mental health service. Under s. 48, in deciding ...
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54 Requesting an Order for Detention and Examination
You can get a court order requiring a professional examine a loved one with a mental health issue. This is an Order for Detention and ...
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55 Detention under the Mental Health Act - THB Solicitors
Section 2 – detention for assessment followed by treatment · Section 3 – detention for treatment · Section 37 – Hospital Orders · Section 37/41 – Hospital Order ...
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56 emergency detention and involuntary hospitalization ...
order the individual be detained and transported to a facility for evaluation.124 As with other emergency admissions for eval- uation and treatment in ...
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57 Section 3 – Admission for Treatment - Cygnet Health Care
You can apply to the Mental Health Tribunal to discharge you from detention. You can do this once during each period you are detained for. However, if you haven ...
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58 § 11.21 Tuberculosis; Reporting, Examination, Treatment ...
After any such request for release, detention shall not continue for more than five (5) business days in the absence of a court order authorizing detention.
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59 Mental Health Act - Alberta Health Services
Refining the admission/detention criteria to ensure the act is only used to detain those whose mental disorder can be improved by treatment.
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60 Mental Health Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. M.7 -
Application for review by person subject to community treatment order ... “involuntary patient” means a person who is detained in a psychiatric facility ...
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61 UHB444 Version Number: 2 Date of Next Review: 25/10/2025 ...
This document supports the Review of Detention and Community Treatment Order, Mental. Health Act 1983 Policy.
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62 Mental Health Act - CMHA Alberta Division
Community treatment orders. What do apprehension and detention mean? Apprehension: In certain situations a doctor, judge or police officer may order a.
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63 Involuntary treatment - Wikipedia
Specific jurisdictions' provisions for a temporary detention order for the purpose of mental-health evaluation and possible further voluntary or involuntary ...
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64 Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act 2008
An Act to provide for the admission, detention, care and treatment of mentally disordered persons in designated psychiatric institutions.
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65 Mental Health Care and Treatment Act - House of Assembly
Order of the panel. 73. Appeal. PART VI CRIMINAL CODE AND TRANSFERS. 74. Detention under Criminal Code. 75. Transfer to another psychiatric unit.
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66 MENTAL HEALTH ACT 2007 - As at 19 October 2022
Detention on order of Magistrate or bail officer 25. ... Treatment of persons detained in mental health facilities 30.
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67 Civil Mental Health Court | Maricopa County, AZ
If ordered to treatment, the person may be ordered to inpatient treatment at a ... issues a detention order for involuntary hospitalization and evaluation.
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68 Mental Health Act Assessments - Derbyshire County Council
You can be placed on a Supervised Community Treatment Order after being detained in hospital under 'treatment sections' of the Mental Health Act. The ...
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69 AWOL patients - College of Policing
Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) ... A CTO can be applied to the discharge of a patient who has been detained in hospital under MHA 1983 s 3( ...
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70 Chapter 3: Mental Health Treatment (Probation and ...
Mental health disorders may be a barrier to effective correctional ... that the order for evaluation and treatment is a court order or directive and not ...
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71 Community Treatment Orders - GOV.UK
If you've been detained in hospital, you might be told you can leave by a Community Treatment Order (CTO). But a CTO gives your psychiatrist ...
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72 [Insert title of report] - GOV.UK
Section 17E — Community treatment order: record of patient's detention in hospital after ... the patient was detained in [full name and address of hospital].
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73 Guide to Psychiatric Crisis and Civil Commitment Process in ...
individual to receive treatment voluntarily, as it will result in a ... Temporary Detention Order (TDO)​ a legal document requiring an individual to receive.
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74 Post-legislative scrutiny of the Mental Health Act 2007
2 The Appropriate Treatment Test, Community Treatment Orders and detention. Impact of the 2007 Act. 15. The 2007 Act introduced a new test ...
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75 FAQs - Mental Health Law Centre
What is an involuntary treatment order? · Can be admitted and detained at a hospital; and · Be provided with treatment without your consent (s 22, MHA).
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76 An Overview of Detention under the Mental Health Act
... family member under the HCCA), the majority of complaints involve involuntary committals and treatment orders for involuntary patients.
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77 Section 3 - Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
Whilst detained under Section 3 you do not have the right to refuse treatment apart from electro-convulsive treatment (ECT) which can only be given without your ...
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78 Mental health laws and your rights - Better Health Channel
If all the above reasons apply to you, the psychiatrist will make aTemporary Treatment Order and you must remain a compulsory patient. A Temporary Treatment ...
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79 Emergency Apprehension and Detention - AustLII Community
Comprehensive Assessment · Treatment, care and support · Detention · Review and release · Application for a Mental Health Order.
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80 MHA Hospital Managers Review of Detention Policy (NP 022 ...
Detention or Community Treatment Order. Under Section 23 Mental Health Act 1983. Executive Director Lead. Executive Medical Director.
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81 Involuntary Commitment to a Mental Health Facility in Indiana
An individual may be detained in a facility for not more than ... disabled and in need of treatment, the court may order detention for no ...
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The officer in charge of the detention facility must notify the ... A service provider may file a petition to renew a treatment order at ...
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83 Frequently Asked Questions | Mental Health
After that first hearing, if a determination is made that the patient needs continuing treatment, the court can order a hospitalization order up to ninety (90) ...
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84 Mental Health Commitment Information | Hays County
Once the judge signs the Order of Protective Custody, the proposed patient will be detained at a hospital or mental health facility pending a Probable Cause ...
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RECALL. WHAT ARE CTOs? CTO PATIENTS IN HOSPITAL. REVOCATION. GET TRAINING! A CTO allows patients of any age who have been detained in ...
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86 Drug Treatment Order - Sentencing Advisory Council
An offender on a drug treatment order who successfully completes their treatment will not have to serve any time in prison. An offender who ...
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87 Which sections of the Mental Health Act are relevant to ...
As with detention under section 2 of the Act either an AMHP or the nearest relative can apply for a person to be detained in hospital for treatment. However, an ...
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88 Emergency Detention of a Person with a Mental Illness or ...
Emergency Detention of a Person with a Mental Illness or Serious Emotional ... to obtain examination for certification of need for care and treatment.
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89 Are You Eligible for a Mandatory Treatment Order (MTO)?
Instead of serving jail time, eligible and suitable offenders of an MTO will be directed to undergo psychiatric treatment at a psychiatric ...
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90 Community Treatment Orders - Justice Action -
Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) are a frequently used tool in mental health legislation that authorise the compulsory treatment of a person without their ...
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91 The 2022 Florida Statutes - Online Sunshine
(g) In view of the person's treatment history and current behavior, the person is in need of involuntary outpatient services in order to prevent a relapse ...
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92 Mental Health Act - What is a Community Treatment Order?
Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust
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