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1 About GSA Schedule
Download the solicitation package · Prepare your offer · Submit your offer · GSA will review your offer · Maintain your contract · Approved agreements · Helpful ...
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2 Can I Participate in Government Bids Without a GSA Schedule?
Potential contractors must be in business for at least 2 years before they acquire a GSA Schedule contract. However, this requirement can be ...
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3 What is a GSA Schedule Contract? | GSA MAS Contract FAQ
While you are required to register as an entity on to do business with any federal agency, you are not technically required to get a GSA Schedule.
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4 What is a GSA Contract? The Definitive Guide (6 Chapters)
Any company selling to the federal government (or looking to break into the federal market should consider a getting a GSA contract. It enables a company to ...
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5 4-6 Learning the Benefits of the GSA Schedule - FDIC
Being an approved GSA Schedule contractor does not guarantee you will be awarded work. You will need to continue marketing your business after you are.
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6 Get on the GSA Schedule - Price Reporter
A GSA contract works like a license that allows you to sell to the government; having obtained a contract will open your business up to all federal ...
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7 What is a GSA Schedule Contract
A GSA contract is also a government-wide contract, which means you can sell to any Federal agency. Without this contract, you would need to bid on and ...
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8 How to win contracts - Small Business Administration
Securing a contract with the GSA is also called “getting onto the GSA Schedule,” which means you've been approved to do business with the government.
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9 Subpart 8.4 - Federal Supply Schedules - Acquisition.GOV
(b) GSA schedule contracts require all schedule contractors to publish an ... In this case, that schedule will specify those special ordering procedures.
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10 What is a GSA Schedule Contract?
What does this mean? It means that anyone in any location within the federal government can buy any “Commercial Off-the-Shelf” (COTS) product or service from ...
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11 How Do GSA Schedule Contracts Work? - Diener & Associates
The GSA may approve a contractor for a GSA schedule if they have a proven track record of successful government contracts in the past (at least ...
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12 What is a GSA Schedule | GSA FAQ - Select GCR
While there is no federal mandate for a contractor to have a GSA Schedule in place to do business with the government, the majority of government agencies ...
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13 GSA Contracts: Everything You Need to Know - UpCounsel
Contractors can easily be found by buyers who are looking for particular services or products. While contractors don't have to have a GSA contract to do ...
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14 GSA Schedule FAQs - GMP
Does my company need help getting on a GSA Schedule? ... Many businesses find that the process of getting a GSA Schedule contract is a bit of a hassle. They don't ...
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15 GSA Contract Award Program
What is a GSA Contract and why does my company need one? Technically a GSA Contract is not a requirement to do business with the Federal Government, ...
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16 Proper Use of GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contracts -
utilize the GSA Federal Supply Schedule contracts occur in the last two months of the fiscal year. Fiscal Year 2015 will be no different.
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17 GSA Schedules | Wisconsin Procurement Institute
Getting a GSA Schedule contract does not guarantee business with the Government. Your contract will need to be managed, marketed, and you will need to actively ...
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18 This Will Only Hurt a Bit: The GSA Mandates COVID-19 ...
The instruction applies broadly even to solicitations or contracts that have a value equal to or less than the simplified acquisition threshold ...
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19 GSA Contracts - Booz Allen
GSA Schedule Contracts, also known as GSA Schedules or Federal Supply Schedules, are indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity, long-term contracts under the ...
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20 Purchasing Under a FEMA Award: Using the GSA Schedule
Informal Procurement Methods: A non-state entity may conduct a purchase of goods or services where the cost does not exceed the federal micro- ...
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21 Small Business and the GSA: 5 Things You Should Know - NFIB
It's not free. All businesses on the GSA schedule pay the government a “contract access fee” equal to .75% of their sales made to the government ...
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22 Getting on the GSA Schedule: What You Need To Know
GSA (General Services Administration)
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23 Obtain GSA Schedule - Air Force Small Business
Obtaining a GSA Schedule can help your company do business with the Air Force and other federal government agencies. For more information, please see ...
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24 Introduction to Government Contracting | USAGov
Learn how to grow your business by having federal, state, and local governments ... Find support to help you search for and bid on contract opportunities.
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25 GSA Contracts: How To Get Started
You cannot do business with the federal government without first completing your SAM registration, and this includes applying for GSA contracts.
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26 GSA Contract Purchasing Procedures for North Carolina
that for GSA terminology, schedule equals contract. In order to determine which tool to use, the Agency will need to perform a requirements ...
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27 Getting on a GSA Schedule: Challenges and Benefits
If you are a small business and want to do business with the Government with limited competition, then getting on a GSA Schedule is a great ...
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28 State and Local Government Purchasing - GSA Schedule
There are four authorized purchasing programs where state and local government buyers can use the GSA Schedule: Cooperative Purchasing Program, Disaster ...
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29 What Is A GSA Contract?
The General Services Administration oversees the GSA Schedule program and awards the coveted 5 year Multiple Award Schedule (MAS Contract), aka “GSA contracts”.
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30 GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) - Carahsoft
GS35F0119Y) IT procurement contract offers government customers quick procurement ... Want to know how Adobe Acrobat can boost your team's productivity?
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31 What You Need to Know Before Contracting with the Federal ...
Obtaining a General Services Administration (GSA) schedule contract is perhaps the most common form of federal government contract. The GSA is ...
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32 Schedule 75 - GSA Advantage
contractors that can be used by all federal entities to achieve their missions. ... When placing orders under a Multiple Award Schedule, you do not need to ...
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33 Does a GSA contractor have a contractual obligation not to ...
The O has included in the RFP a requirement that bidders with a GSA Schedule use their GSA Schedule rates. However, a number of bloggers have ...
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34 The Downside of GSA Schedules - Fedmarket
However, GSA schedules do have drawbacks. Obtaining a GSA schedule contract can cost a small business around $15,000. The return on investment is low unless ...
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35 Oregon procurement manual - Federal Procurement
The benefits of using cooperative purchasing contracts and agreements include ... GSA recommends, but does not require, that state agencies use these ...
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36 How to Access Procurement Opportunities
It is not required for you to have a schedule contract with GSA in order to do business with the federal government. There are other ways to do business with ...
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37 Your Guide For How To Market To The Federal Government
How can you market your business to the Federal Government? ... For those who have GSA Contracts awarded by the Management Services Center in Auburn,.
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38 GSA Schedule Information - GovPurchase
Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 51.1, Contractor Use of Government Supply Sources, prescribes policies and procedures under which contractors can use ...
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39 What is GSA schedule 70 contract & how to win one?
We know that GSA Schedule 70 contracts go to commercial technology vendors, but what does this mean? Commercial technology vendors can be quite ...
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40 GSA Contract Eligibility: Pre-Assessment - BH Sky Associates
Remember: GSA does NOT guarantee business once you have the contract and you MUST meet the minimum sales criteria in order to keep your contract. Before you ...
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41 3 Tips To Maximize Your GSA Contract
When you are attending the bid matches you can specify on your capabilities statement that you have a GSA contract by– using the GSA logo, and documenting your ...
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42 GSA Schedule Contract - RSM Federal
GSA Schedule contracts are used for commercial off the shelf (COTS) products and services. A Schedule is valid for 20 years with a 5 year base period and 3 five ...
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43 US Federal Government Industry Contracts Overview - IBM
Making it easier to do business with IBM. Manage costs, transform processes, and meet organization needs through the products and services available through ...
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44 What is GSA IT Schedule 70? - Definition from
A vendor doesn't need to win a GSA Schedule contract in order to do business with U.S. government agencies, but having a Schedule contract can cut down on ...
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45 Resources for Government Contractors - GSA Schedule
Obtaining a GSA Schedule may be one of the most important investment a company can make as it enters the government market. GSA Schedules are the best known ...
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46 GSA Schedules - M3 Federal Contract Practice Group
There are many benefits for U.S. Government offices to procure goods and services from companies having a GSA Contract. The Government offices will have ...
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47 Is A GSA Schedule For You? How to Tell - Grow Fed Biz
A General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule contract isn't part of every company's federal success strategy. Yes, it's a popular kind of contract.
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48 Win GSA Schedule Contract: Quick-Start Guide
Any federal government agency can use these contracts—which can have 20-year periods of performance, attractive rates, and no ceilings.
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49 government contracts | Wex | US Law
Only Contracting Officers have the authority to contractually bind the United States Government. This authority is vested in the executive agency, which then ...
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50 Government Contracting Rules You Need to Know
The government also has the right to cancel the contract if the need for the product or service no longer exists. Here again, the contractor would be ...
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51 How to Get on GSA Schedule Contracts: Everything You Need ...
To get on a contract/schedule with the government, you do have to submit a proposal by following all the rules of GSA's solicitation. But unlike ...
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52 Contract Opportunities -
Contract opportunities are procurement notices from federal contracting offices. Anyone interested in doing business with the government can use this system ...
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53 General Services Acquisition Regulation (GSAR); Contract ...
Regulatory Flexibility Act. GSA does not expect this final rule to have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities ...
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54 Closer Look: Major Changes for Government Contractors
For example, an agency may require a contractor to have a certain level of security clearance, but it is not a requirement to receive an award ...
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55 The Easiest Government Contracts to Win - GovCon Wire
The federal government has very strict laws regarding issuing a contract. In addition, many federal agencies do not accept bids from companies ...
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56 ARC's GSA Contract Makes The Impossible Possible
As a GSA-approved vendor We schedule the GSA, GSA Schedules available to state ... Do I have to go out to bid on ARC products and services?
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57 Why industry should welcome GSA's new pricing policy
As it stands now, before awarding a GSA Schedule contract, GSA contracting officers determine that the prices of supplies, fixed-price services ...
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58 GSA Schedule Pricing – Too High or Too Low?
Surprisingly the answer is in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). By placing an order in accordance with FAR 8.4, the ordering agency ...
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59 GSA Schedule Minimum Contract Value - The Payment You ...
Under new leadership, GSA is changing its policy and will no longer require eligible businesses to request these payments. Instead, GSA will proactively ...
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60 What are the Benefits of a GSA Schedule …and Will it Work for ...
The GSA contracts are agreements by the federal government to purchase goods and services from private companies. They serve as a fast and easy ...
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61 Should I get a GSA schedule? - SBDC Tampa Bay
Should I get a GSA schedule? · You must have two project history invoices for each of the Special Item Numbers (SIN's) under the specific GSA ...
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62 Practical Considerations Before Novating Your GSA Schedule ...
GSA has taken the position that it will not novate empty Schedule contracts because no “assets” of the seller are involved in contract ...
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63 What New Federal IT Sales Reps Need to Know: Contract ...
There are multiple GSA schedules*, which cover the wide variety of items the Government would need to purchase. Anything from software, to ...
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64 The Contractor's Guide to the General Services Administration
First, What Does GSA Stand for and What Do They Do? ... You will need a contracts manager to monitor the master schedule contract and ...
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65 Executive Order on Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety ...
(e) For purposes of this order, the term “contract or contract-like instrument” shall have the meaning set forth in the Department of ...
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66 How to Bid on a Federal Government Contract
Contrary to popular belief, these contracts often go to small businesses. The government is not only legally required to consider bids by small ...
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67 GSA Supply Schedules | FTA - Federal Transit Administration
A. FTA does not restrict procurements by grantees from GSA schedule contracts. However, Congress has not opened all of the GSA supply schedules to grantees. At ...
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68 U.S. Federal Government Contract Vehicles - Accenture
Accenture Federal Services contract vehicles help the U.S. federal government solve their needs fast with our latest information technology. Learn more.
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69 Can State and Local Governments Purchase through a GSA ...
Again, this program is voluntary for both government agencies and schedule contractors. You do not have to use the ordering procedures in ...
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70 3 Important Actions to Take Before Pursuing A GSA Schedule
Find out if your company meets the minimum eligibility criteria. According to GSA, to be eligible for a schedule contract, you must have been in ...
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71 How to get on a gsa schedule | XcelHR
Tip: Other helpful things to do or have: Relationship with federal contracting community or current GSA contractor; Prior experience with/as a ...
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72 Is the GSA Schedule for you? - ITChronicles
Services sold through GSA schedule contracts have labor-rates predefined meaning government organizations can focus on the problems they ...
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73 Think You Need a Legal Team Just to Get a GSA Contract ...
The GSA contract system is made to be transparent, honest, and easy so that small businesses can afford to take part in government contracts ...
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74 Update of Historically Underutilized Business Zone Program
The current language requires a HUBZone offeror to be a HUBZone small business concern at the time of contract award and to notify the ...
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75 6 Reasons NOT to Get a GSA Contract - FedSavvy Strategies
The topic of GSA Schedules is an ever popular one among current and aspiring federal government contractors. However, does anyone ever really ...
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76 Pros and Cons of Getting a GSA Schedule - Inracks
The reason they have GSA schedules in the first place is so they can receive the best value for services. The period of the contract sets ...
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77 GSA Schedule 70 may not be your road to Federal product ...
Why do you need it? Acquisitions through GSA Schedules are issued using full and open competition. Prices have already been deemed fair and ...
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78 Top 10 Compliance Risks For GSA Schedule Contractors
GSA contractors need a system in place to monitor the. Basis of Award customer discount relationship. • Did the GSA contractor offer a ...
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79 Small Business "Rule Of Two" Doesn't Apply To GSA Schedule
The small business "rule of two" does not apply when an agency buys ... the only schedule contract holder capable of meeting the VA's needs.
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80 Is a GSA Schedule Contract Right for You?
Take heart! After all, there are lots of ways to do business with the government, not just through a Schedule contract. In fact, GSA itself ...
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81 Government Contracts : Law360 : Legal News & Analysis
Legal news and analysis on government contracts. ... saying both companies will have a fair shot once the agency redoes the award process. November 21, 2022 ...
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82 Contracts - Department of Defense
Skip to main content (Press Enter). An official website of the United States Government. Here's how you know.
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83 USAspending: Government Spending Open Data
Subsidy cost is computed as a percentage of the loan value and does not include administrative costs. While the award amount for a grant or contract is the ...
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84 5 Things You Didn't Know About GSA Contracts - GovLoop
When getting GSA Certified you DON'T have to give the GSA the highest discount you have ever offered any customer. You must disclose all types ...
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85 General Services Administration - Wikipedia
The General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent agency of the United States ... The GSA Schedule can be thought of as a collection of pre-negotiated ...
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86 Home - Public Contracting Institute - Government Contracts ...
Let us know what you need and we will offer it online! Online Programs at PCI ... Premier Government Contracts Continuing Education. The Public Contracting ...
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87 Doing Business with Us - National Park Service
Concession contracts are longer-term contracts offering visitor services that ... or hosting a special event, you will likely need a permit.
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88 OPM
OPM FEVS is an unmatched government data asset that assists agencies to hire and support the skilled workforce needed to serve the American people.
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89 Will NITAAC's CIO-SP4 be crushed by 117 protests?
When faced with a crush of protests, other agencies have struggled to get out from underneath them to award large contract vehicles and now ...
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90 Zoom for Government

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91 Weekly Update for Government Contractors and Commercial ...
GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS - Biden Proposes Emissions Reduction and Reporting ... Offerors now have until 10:00 AM EST on November 21st to submit ...
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92 Government Contracting Matters Archives - LexBlog
Under the FCA, contractors that falsely certify their compliance with contract specifications can be assessed a… Government Contracting Matters ...
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93 David Shive Highlights Expansion Opportunities for GSA's ...
Speaking at a recent ACT-IAC webinar, Shive said that the COMET contract, which was initially awarded to 12 contractors in 2019, is now used in ...
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94 GovernmentJobs | City, State, Federal & Public Sector Jobs
Find a government job today! Use our job search engine to browse federal, city and state jobs, and apply online. From entry-level to executive, ...
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95 Rules of Use -
After you verify your identity with for one government application, you don't need to do it again for other government applications. By providing the ...
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96 U.S. Government Publishing Office
In this capacity, Ford will lead the GPO business unit that designs, prints, personalizes and delivers Secure Federal Credentials for many Government ...
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