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1 The 9-Step Guide to Buying a Diamond
1. Choose Your Diamond Shape · 2. Select Your Carat Weight · 3. Narrow Down on Diamond Cut Quality · 5. Select Clarity Grade · 6. Compare Similar Diamonds · 7.
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2 How to Choose a Diamond (Step by Step Guide For All Budgets)
It is good to know that one should look at cut, carat, color, and clarity when picking a diamond. Realizing that the grading report does not tell the entire ...
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3 Engagement Ring Guide: How To Choose A Diamond
When selecting a diamond, your first priority is usually to choose a shape. If you're unsure of what shape to choose, it may be helpful to know this: round ...
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4 How to Buy a Diamond - GIA 4Cs
Find out how to buy a diamond and choose a knowledgeable jeweler. The GIA diamond buying guide will help you pick the right diamond.
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5 How to Choose a Diamond (with Pictures) - wikiHow
› ... › Gemstones › Diamonds
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6 4Cs of Diamonds & Diamond Buying Guide | Blue Nile
Staying within budget is about finding the diamond with the right combination of cut, color, clarity and carat for that specific stone shape and jewelry setting ...
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7 Picking the Right Diamond - With Clarity
How to pick a diamond: 10 steps · Step 1: Choose a diamond shape. · Step 2: Research retailers. · Step 3: Determine a carat weight minimum. · Step 4: Consider your ...
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8 Understanding the 4Cs: The Ultimate Diamond Guide - Brides
› Rings › Engagement Rings
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9 A Guide to Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings - The Knot
This particular diamond is a popular choice among shoppers who want a classic look without opting for a round shape. Our survey found that 11% ...
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10 How to Choose a Diamond 101 - Clean Origin
' As you might suspect, an excellent diamond will have a superb cut, as well as a higher price tag, while a poor diamond will have a less ...
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11 How to Choose the Perfect Diamond | James Allen Education ...
Color - From white to yellow, diamonds receive a grade for the amount of color they contain. Diamond buyers prefer colorless to near colorless diamonds, with ...
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12 How to Choose a Diamond: Step-By-Step Guide
How to Choose a Diamond: Step-By-Step Guide · Choose a Shape and Set a Budget · Decide on Carat Weight and Cut Quality · Set Minimum Colour · Set Minimum Clarity.
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13 How To Buy Diamonds | Diamond Buying Guide
Color is the next choice to make. You do not need to pick a D or E color. The human eye can't typically even see the difference between a D or an H-F color ...
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14 Online Diamond Buying Guide - Whiteflash
here is some practical guidance that will help you in your quest. The first piece of advice that should appear on any good diamond buying guide is to decide on ...
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15 7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Diamond - Beldiamond
› blogs › guidance › 7-fa...
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16 How To Choose The Best Diamond Shape And Setting For ...
Fancy diamond shapes, like ovals, marquise-shaped diamonds, teardrop diamonds, radiant cuts, or emerald cuts can create the illusion of a longer, slimmer hand.
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17 How to Pick The Perfect Diamond - Thom Duma Fine Jewelers
A perfect diamond would be completely colorless. The GIA color scale ranges from D for colorless diamonds to Z for diamonds with an obvious yellow or brown hue.
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18 How To Buy A Diamond | Diamond Education Guide
Choose a Size ... While carats can give a good indication of size, diamonds of the same weight will have some variation in size. If having the biggest diamond ...
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19 Choose Your Diamond - Levy Jewelers
› design-your-own-ring
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20 How to Choose the Right Diamond for Your Engagement
The shape of the diamond sets the whole tone of the ring. A round cut is the most common and popular, and the other cuts are considered fancy ...
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21 Which of the 4 C's is the Most Important? - Happy Jewelers
When buying a diamond, there are four diamond characteristics that you need to consider: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.
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22 How to Choose the Right Lab Grown Diamond - MiaDonna
The 4 Cs when shopping for diamonds are: carat, cut, clarity and color. These determine the look of each individual diamond, and are important ...
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23 How to Buy a Diamond — Diamond 4C's: Cut, Clarity, Carat ...
Diamond Clarity — Most diamonds contain very tiny natural characteristics called "inclusions." The size, number, position, nature and color of these inclusions ...
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24 Types of Diamond Cuts - How to Choose The Right Shape
Similar to round diamonds, oval shaped diamonds possess high brilliance and durability. They are a popular choice for engagement rings because they appear ...
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25 Choosing the Best Diamond Clarity [Guide] - Brillianteers
SI1 to SI2 diamonds are the biggest jump in clarity because these diamonds (as opposed to VS) may have some inclusions that you can see without ...
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26 The 4C's: How to Select the Right Diamond - ILA
The 4C's of diamond grading are Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Together, these categories are a universally accepted method of describing diamonds. A ...
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27 Diamond Buying Guide - Find the best value-for-money diamond
For diamonds larger than 1 carat - Select VS2 or higher. An Si clarity is not recommended as the diamond´s flaws would be more noticeable ...
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28 Diamond Shapes & Cut Types - Tiffany
It's important to note that diamond cut and diamond shape are not the same thing. A diamond's cut determines how its facets interact with light. A shape ...
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29 How to Select Diamond Clarity - Jewelry Designs
The level of visibility, the location, and the nature of inclusions (flaws) in a diamond determine the diamond clarity grade. Since no two stones are identical, ...
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30 The Diamond Guide: How to Pick A Diamond — Craig Husar
Use our diamond buying guide to learn more about the Four C's of diamonds: color, clarity, cut and carat!
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31 I read all the Diamond Buying Guides, so you don't have to
Generally choose a VS2 diamond, and maybe VS1 for larger stones over 1.5 Carats (though try to get VVS2 for non-GIA graded diamonds). You can get away with ...
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32 Prioritize the Diamond 4Cs to Fit Your Budget | Jewelry Wise
› article
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33 How to Pick the Perfect Diamond - Shane Co.
Cut refers to the polish of a diamond coupled with balancing the proportions and symmetry to maximize light return. Even diamonds with a lower color or clarity ...
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34 How to Choose a Diamond Ring - 12 Tips to Success
Generally speaking, the quality of a diamond is measured by its lack of colour, as a pure stone will have the brightest, whitest, and most ...
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35 Choosing the Right Diamond | The 4Cs of Diamonds
The process can be made simpler by understanding the basic characteristics of a diamond: Color, clarity, cut and carat. These “4 Cs” are a globally accepted ...
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36 How to Choose a Diamond - Coffin & Trout Fine Jewelers
Diamonds are a natural choice for jewelry, but how do you choose the right one? Here's our primer.
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37 Choose your Stone - Los Angeles Diamond Factory
Diamonds are weighed in metric carats; one carat equals 1/5 gram or approximately 0.007 ounces. It takes a little over 142 carats to equal 1 ounce. Every carat ...
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38 Why People Choose A Radiant Diamond Cut? - Jewel Hero
When it comes to diamonds it all comes down to the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight). However, the price point of premium cuts like the Round Cut ...
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39 Diamond Grading: How To Grade Like a Jeweler - Do Amore
In order to accomplish that, you need to consider the finger it's going to sit on. The average finger width is 17mm. So, to choose a good carat weight, look at ...
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40 How to Buy a Diamond Ring without Getting Duped?
The first step before even choosing a diamond ring is familiarising yourself with the language of diamonds. This includes the four Cs which stand for cut, color ...
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41 How to Choose a Diamond – A Step-By-Step Guide
Sort the pool of diamonds from biggest to smallest to see what are the largest ones you can afford. If you think that the biggest stones in the selection are ...
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42 Beginner's Guide to Oval Cut Diamond: How to Choose and ...
The world of diamonds is interesting and complex. You don't simply just buy a stone the same way you would a packet of gum.
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43 The 101 on Diamond Shapes - Ring Concierge
Because of their large crown surface, Marquise appear larger than other shapes of the same carat weight making it a good choice when trying to ...
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44 How to Choose a Diamond Shape: Comparing Popular ...
The round cut diamond is a traditional diamond shape, also known as the “brilliant cut.” Why “brilliant cut”? Round cut diamonds feature ...
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45 Diamond Cut Guide - Jewelers of America
The viewer, the light source or the diamond itself must be in motion for scintillation to occur. The most important part of choosing a diamond is to choose one ...
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46 Diamond Quality Chart: What to Know Before You Buy
Color · Best Color for Your Money · H Diamonds: A Safe Choice for Every Ring · Are J Diamonds Too Yellow for Engagement Rings? · K Diamonds: Perfect ...
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47 How to Buy Round Diamonds – A Guide
Round Diamond Color ... Choosing your diamond's color is often based on personal preference, with colorless diamonds being the most popular. The size of the ...
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48 The 5 C's of Diamonds: How to Choose an Engagement Ring
› Latest News
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49 How To Choose a Diamond | Ken & Dana Design
› pages › how-to-c...
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50 The 4Cs Of Diamonds: Your Ultimate Guide - VRAI
The 4Cs of diamonds are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. They are considered the international standard of measuring a diamond's beauty ...
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51 Diamond Color Or Clarity: What's More Important
Inclusions are fairly noticeable in emerald cuts and other shapes with step cut facets. It's recommended that you choose an emerald cut diamond with at least a ...
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52 Diamond Buying Guide | Hatton Garden Diamonds | Queensmith
When researching how to choose a diamond, you'll notice lots of chat around the 4Cs - the four main characteristics that determine a diamond: cut, colour, ...
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53 Choosing the Right Diamond for Your Budget | EraGem Post
Many factors go into pricing diamonds. All of the factors fall under the 4Cs - cut, carat weight, color, and clarity. For example, a diamond ...
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54 A Guide on How To Choose A Diamond Necklace
Identifying the right diamond boils down to assessing the four C's - cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Cut: Diamonds are styled in different shapes to ...
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55 How to choose the perfect Diamond Shape?
The diamond shapes to choose are Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Cushion, Radiant, Pear, Oval, Marquise, and Heart. The shape of the diamond ...
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56 Why Your Diamond Shape Matters - Jewelers Mutual
Choosing an engagement ring is both exciting and overwhelming. For many brides-to-be, it's the most expensive piece of jewelry they own.
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57 Ultimate Diamond Buying Guide 2022 | PriceScope
The best carat weight is one that has proper physical and visual spread, looking as large as it should in all lighting environments. Choosing a ...
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58 Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut: The 4 Things You Must Know About ...
› blogs › guides › the-...
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59 Your Guide to the Most Popular Diamond Cuts
The key to choosing the perfect engagement ring is choosing the right cut. The cut defines the brilliance of the diamond, and while shape ...
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60 The Round Cut vs. Cushion Cut Diamond | Frank Jewelers Blog
But if you're deciding between these two diamond shapes, which should you choose? In this post, we're breaking down everything you need to know about round cut ...
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61 Choosing the best engagement ring for you - Ascot Diamonds
As with the setting styles, there are many different diamond shapes to choose from: round brilliant, asscher, emerald, cushion (antique or brilliant), radiant, ...
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62 The Diamond Buying Guide – The 4Cs of Diamonds
So how do you choose a diamond? ... The four C's of a diamond refer to the cut, carat, colour and clarity. The cut refers to the way the diamond is shaped. The ...
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63 This Is What a Diamond Looks Like at Every Size—from .5 ...
0.5-Carat Diamond ... A diamond that's less than a carat doesn't have to feel (or look!) small, says Landau. It all comes down to choosing a shape that magnifies ...
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64 How To Choose Diamond Stud Earrings
Choosing the right Color: The finest diamonds are colorless, rare and expensive. On the GIA grading scale, D-F are considered colorless, G-I near colorless ...
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65 How to Choose a Diamond Online — a Ten Step Guide
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66 Insider Advice on Diamond Color - Estate Diamond Jewelry
Typically, only diamond experts can distinguish colorless from near colorless diamonds. This enables customers to purchase a lower-graded ...
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67 How to Pick Out a Diamond | Woman Getting Married
How to Pick Out a Diamond ... When it comes to diamonds, keep the 4 C's in mind: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. A ring's value is based on those ...
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68 Awesome Tips to Buy a Super Brilliant Oval Cut Diamond
Offering the brilliance of a round cut but with a more unique shape, the oval cut diamond is an increasingly popular choice for diamond ...
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69 How to Choose the Perfect Diamond - CHHAT GROUP
A grade is assigned to each diamond, with “F” representing a flawless diamond to “I” describing a diamond that has inclusions. Most diamonds can ...
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70 A Step-By-Step Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Diamond ...
So, how do you choose your diamond shape? There are three things to consider when searching for your perfect diamond shape: style, brilliance, and your face ...
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71 How to Buy a Diamond with the Most Sparkle - Bahdos Blog
How to Choose a Sparkling Diamond · Excellent – These diamonds are very bright. · Very Good – These diamonds have bright areas that are evenly ...
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72 How would I choose a diamond ring? - GIA Graduate ...
Clarity range should be around VS1 to VS2 for round brilliant or VVS2 to VS1 for other fancy diamonds. If you are buying the diamond without looking, I would ...
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73 How To Choose Outstanding Oval Shape Diamond?
It is generally recommended for customers to purchase a diamond with a color grade of H or above in the case of oval cut diamonds since colors ...
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74 Here's the Best Diamond Shape For Your Finger - Zola
The width and length of your finger. When choosing a diamond shape and style, you want to create a sense of balance and proportion on your finger—so the length, ...
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75 Diamond Color vs. Clarity – Which One Should You Prioritize?
Round diamonds do a great job of concealing inclusions, so you can safely choose a slightly lower clarity grade. You can safely select a diamond ranging in the ...
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76 Round Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Guide - Jared
High levels of light reflection (brilliance) will help conceal color, especially to the naked eye. Consult with an expert for help choosing a diamond with a ...
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77 Clarity - Diamond Guidance - Taylor & Hart
If you're a stickler for perfection, we would recommend choosing a VVS2 clarity grade or higher. If you're more focused on the diamond's size and price, SI1 and ...
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78 Should You Choose a VS Diamond or an SI Diamond?
The key to choosing diamond clarity wisely is to be careful with the range you choose from. Often, people will start looking for value ...
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79 Choose Engagement Ring Color For Money
Most people wish to purchase the best color diamond ring as a sign of honor, but you can always maximize your budget. Colorless diamonds appear pricier than ...
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80 The Round Cut Diamond Guide | StoneAlgo
According to StoneAlgo's internal data, 55% of engagement ring shoppers choose a round cut diamond. But the popularity of round diamonds ...
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81 How to Choose the Shape of Your Engagement Ring
However, the shape is generally the first thing engaged couples have to consider when looking at diamond engagement rings. First you must ...
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82 Choosing A Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: Top 10 ...
However, you can choose a lower color grade too because round diamonds hide color well with brilliant sparkle. So, you can easily go with an H, ...
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83 The 5 Cs of Diamonds – How to Pick the Perfect Diamond - DR
The 5 Cs of Diamonds – How to Pick the Perfect Diamond · The First C – Cut Quality · The Second C – Color · The Third C – Carat Weight · The Fourth C – Clarity ...
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84 How to Choose the Best Diamond - LinkedIn
Direct measurement of a diamond's performance in the light provides a holistic approach to diamond grading. instead of grading specific ...
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85 How to Choose Diamond Pairs for Diamond Earrings
You want to end up with two diamonds that look pretty much identical from face up – even if that means that they are slightly different weights. To ensure this, ...
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86 Diamond Shapes Guide: Which One Suits You? | Invaluable
When examining quality, many people refer to the 'four Cs' to classify a diamond: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. But with so many unique ...
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87 What Carat do we recommend for your diamond? How to ...
The most popular carat size that people choose is about 0.3 carats. The reason for its popularity is due to the abundance of designs for a 0.3- ...
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88 How to Decide Which Diamond Shape is Right for You
A marquise cut diamond is considered a classic choice for an engagement ring. These diamonds have a boat-shape and are very brilliant. Pros: ...
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89 Diamond Advice - Two Identical Diamonds - A. Fishman & Son
It could be that both diamonds are truly identical, on paper and in reality. In this case, of course, the less expensive diamond is the better choice. But keep ...
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90 Picking The Best Diamond Shape Round Lab Grown Diamond
It is best to choose the diamond with an excellent cut, since lower cut grades might result in worse light performance due to unbalanced proportions.
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91 Diamond Clarity vs Cut: Which Is More Important?
Cut is the most important determinant of the overall appearance of a diamond. No Clarity grade can help a poorly cut diamond; however, an excellent cut diamond ...
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92 Diamond Clarity Guide - Pinterest
Jun 24, 2013 - Not sure what is the difference between Flawless and SI1 clarity? Check our Diamond clarity guide that will assist you in choosing the right ...
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93 7-Step Guide to Buying Diamonds with the Best Value | Zcova
#1 Choose your diamond shape · #2 Carat Weight · #3 Triple Excellent Cut · #4 Diamond Clarity · #5 Diamond Color · #6 Diamond Fluorescence · #7 ...
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94 How to Pick the Perfect Diamond for an Engagement Ring
Carat weight affects the price of the diamond. For example, a 1.50-carat diamond will be priced significantly higher than the price of a 1-carat diamond. If you ...
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95 Rose Cut Diamond Ring Your Choice Natural Color Diamond in
› ... › Engagement Rings
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