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1 Support for Democracy in Iran - JSTOR
This article presents the first systematic analysis of support for democracy in the Islamic Republic of Iran and contributes.
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2 Iran: Freedom in the World 2022 Country Report
See the Freedom in the World 2022 score and learn about democracy and freedom in Iran.
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3 H.R.2466 - 108th Congress (2003-2004): Iran Freedom and ...
Requires the MEPI and ECA to provide grants for the translation and distribution of materials on democracy for the Iranian people. Authorizes the MEPI and ECA ...
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4 We must support democracy and freedom for Iranians, not ...
We must support democracy and freedom for Iranians, not distract from it. Iran Protests.
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The Center will build the capacity of individuals to facilitate organizational sustainability within women-focused Iranian business associations ...
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6 The Authoritarian Resurgence: Iran Abroad
The Iranian regime has sought to recast conventional principles of human ... Tehran looks for diplomatic support from likeminded states such as Russia, ...
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7 (PDF) Support for Democracy in Iran - ResearchGate
PDF | This article presents the first systematic analysis of support for democracy in the Islamic Republic of Iran and contributes to the ...
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8 Iranians Want Democracy. Who Are We to Say No?
As it happened, Iran's democracy also failed because its elites were ... democracies, and the authoritarian elites there, with the aid of ...
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9 Vittert: America needs to support Iran's democracy protests
Protesters in Iran are demanding democracy, Joe Biden has decided to sit on the sidelines, argues NewsNation's Leland Vittert.
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10 Iran: Dissidents Debate Merits Of U.S. Democracy Aid
Has "tainted" U.S. aid to Iranian democratic dissidents triggered a brutal backlash against them by Tehran's clerical regime? A debate on that question is ...
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11 How The CIA Overthrew Iran's Democracy In 4 Days - NPR
19, 2013, the CIA publicly admitted for the first time its involvement in the 1953 coup against Iran's elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh ...
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12 Untitled
This Act may be cited as the ``Iran Democratic Transition Act of 2010''. ... (10) Iran's support for militant and terrorist organizations-- (A) has directly ...
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13 The Islamic Republic of Iran: A Dangerous Regime
For over 40 years their malign behavior and support for terrorist proxies has ... For over a century, the Iranian people have struggled toward democracy.
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14 Joint Letter – To President Biden on Iran: Fulfill Your Promise ...
But more urgently needs to be done by the world's leading democratic power to support the people of Iran, discourage further state violence, ...
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15 The Struggle For Democracy In The Islamic Republic Of Iran
(33) These two voting groups also continued their support of Khatami and the moderates in the March 2000 parliamentary elections. The decision to expand ...
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16 Democracy & Human Rights In Iran Continue To Decline
Adding a “maximum support” strategy for the people to the current U.S. policy of “maximum pressure” on the Iranian regime. Providing continued offers of ...
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17 The West must step up now to help Iran transition to democracy
In large part as a function of this democracy promotion program conceived by President Bush, Iranian civil society is today significantly ...
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18 Can Protests in Iran Topple the Regime? - Carnegie Europe
... show their solidarity and do what they can to support Iran's peaceful transition toward a free, democratic, and prosperous society.
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19 NUFDI: Home
Provide news advisories to 200+ international journalists on events in Iran ... DC advocating for policies based on human rights and democracy.
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20 After the Crackdown: The Iran Democracy Fund
The Obama administration, however, has yet to determine a strategy to support the first serious challenge to the regime since the 1979 Islamic ...
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21 Iran protests 'pose new test' for failed regime - Democracy Digest
At least 31 civilians have been killed in an Iranian security forces crackdown on protests that erupted over the death of Mahsa Amini after ...
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22 1953 Iranian coup d'état - Wikipedia
The 1953 Iranian coup d'état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup d'état (Persian: کودتای ۲۸ ... He relied heavily on United States support to hold on to power.
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23 Iran Democracy - دموکراسی‌ - Pars Times
Iran Democracy. ... regimes and military dictatorships alike have attempted to claim popular support by pinning democratic labels upon themselves.
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24 Iran dissidents seek Bennett's support for democracy and ...
A group of Iranian dissidents last Thursday published a congratulatory letter to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, urging him to support democracy ...
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25 Iran Freedom Support Act - SourceWatch
"To hold the current regime in Iran accountable for its threatening behavior and to support a transition to democracy in Iran.
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26 How Iran Became an Undemocratic Democracy
Put another way, is Iran a democracy or a dictatorship? ... Political factions, each with a base of support, compete through elections, ...
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27 CIA-assisted coup overthrows government of Iran - HISTORY
The Iranian military, with the support and financial assistance of the United States government, overthrows the government of Premier Mohammad Mosaddeq and.
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28 Project on Middle East Democracy: POMED
Through advocacy, research, and partnerships with regional civil society organizations and advocates, POMED seeks to empower and support the citizens of the ...
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29 United Nations in I.R. Iran
During Ramadan, the United Nations in the Islamic Republic of Iran has continued efforts to assist the Government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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30 Iran: Internal Politics and U.S. Policy and Options
States would be a close ally of a “free and democratic” Iran—phrasing that suggested support for regime change.37.
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31 Trump cuts aid for pro-democracy groups in Belarus, Hong ...
The Trump administration has stopped vital technical assistance to pro-democracy groups in Belarus, Hong Kong and Iran, which had helped ...
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32 The United States Overthrew Iran's Last Democratic Leader ...
Iranian monarchists who support the exiled Prince Reza Pahlavi, the son and heir of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, worry that these documents refute the ...
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33 Democracy in Iran - Why It Failed and How It Might Succeed
Apr 3, 2019
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34 The Crisis in Iran: What Now?
The end result is the emergence of what is more of a façade of democracy than ... This does not mean that most Iranians support the efforts of the Supreme ...
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35 Open Societies - U.S. Virtual Embassy Iran
“In democracies, respecting rights isn't a choice leaders make day-by-day, ... foreign assistance, reporting and public outreach, and economic sanctions.
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36 Human Rights Council discusses the Human Rights situation ...
... in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Myanmar and Iran. ... to push forward democracy and the promotion and protection of the ...
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37 Will Washington Support Democracy in Iran? - Michael Rubin
Will Washington Support Democracy in Iran? Michael Rubin. After a first term marked by schizophrenic Iran policy initiatives, the Bush White ...
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38 Full article: Democracy Promotion versus Engagement with Iran
US commitment to democracy promotion in Iran was ratified in the Iran Freedom Support Act which passed the House of Representatives in April ...
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39 Who is in charge of Iran? - BBC News
The most powerful figure in Iran is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the country's supreme leader since 1989. He is head of state and commander-in-chief.
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40 Iran Country Report 2022 - BTI Transformation Index
Iran is a state without a distinct democratic and liberal tradition, and reliable ... Since February 2020, the Aid Network (Shabakeh Komak), a newly formed ...
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41 U.S. democracy push makes Middle East liberals cringe
Even speaking about a possible military attack on Iran, he added, ... Last year's launch of a U.S. fund to assist democracy in Syria ...
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42 Democracy Support Without Democracy: The Cases of Poland ...
An examination of regional democracy support by Poland and Turkey—two ... regime and the tenacity of Russian and Iranian support of Assad.
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43 Senate Passes Iran Democracy Act
in May to introduce the legislation that seeks to strengthen support for Iranians who want to create a democratic, secular government which ...
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44 Turkish Democracy Project Linked to Anti-Iran, Pro-Israel ...
The Turkish Democracy Project shares leadership and personnel with the ... financial support from foreign governments and political figures.
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45 1. Iran (1905-present) - University of Central Arkansas
Some 6,000 Russian troops intervened in support of the Shah beginning on March 26 ... Prime Minister Qavam established the Democratic Party of Iran (DPI) on ...
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46 The Quest for Democracy in Iran — Fakhreddin Azimi
The Constitutional Revolution of 1906 launched Iran as a pioneer in a broad-based movement to establish democratic rule in the non-Western ...
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47 What we do - United For Iran
United for Iran empowers a growing global network of issue experts, coders, ... movement to end human rights violations and support democracy in Iran .
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48 Third Committee Approves Six Draft Resolutions, Including ...
... in Iran, Myanmar, Syria, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Crimea ... Also stressing the need to voice continued support for the ...
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49 Iran (Islamic Republic of) | World Food Programme
Food and cash assistance. WFP provides refugees living in 20 settlements across Iran with hybrid assistance, consisting of an in-kind transfer of 9 kg of wheat ...
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50 Will Biden's Support for the Iran Protests Backfire?
Although Biden's policy of active assistance for the Iranian protesters ... for purposes of promoting democracy or for humanitarian purposes ...
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51 Support for Democracy in Iran - SSRN Papers
Tezcur, Gunes Murat and Azadarmaki, Taghi and Bahar, Mehri and Nayebi, Hooshang, Support for Democracy in Iran (October 25, 2010).
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52 RSF - Iran
Iran is one of the world's ten worst countries for press freedom, ... RSF launches new Iran Media Help Desk to support journalists and media ...
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53 Foundation for Defense of Democracies to host talk on Iran
Having escaped, Atri has since traveled the world in hopes of building support for a referendum for a new democratic Iran.
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54 Sanctions Programs and Country Information
​Democratic Republic of the Congo-Related Sanctions · 03/17/2022 · Ethiopia-Related Sanctions · 02/08/2022 ... ​Iran Sanctions · 11/23/2022.
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55 U.S. May Aid Iran Activists - Los Angeles Times
added $3 million to a recently approved spending bill specifically to promote democracy in Iran. Officials are weighing ideas for the money, ...
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56 Digest: Book Review: Democracy in Modern Iran
Public displays of dissent have a long tradition in Iran, ... Americans have a unique responsibility to support democracy in Iran[...].
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57 The Possibility of Democracy in Iran - Video & Lesson Transcript
Defining Iranian Democracy. If you were to ask political scientists who specialize in the Middle East what the three most democratic countries ...
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58 Net official development assistance and official aid received ...
Development Assistance Committee of the Organisation for Economic ... Net official development assistance received (current US$) ... Iran, Islamic Rep.
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59 Summary of H.R. 6198 (109th): Iran Freedom Support Act
Summary of H.R. 6198 (109th): Iran Freedom Support Act. ... to spend that money in support of "pro-democracy groups" opposed to the Iranian government.
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60 Here's How to Support Protesters in Iran - Time
Another petition by is urging leaders of democratic countries to act, you can sign it here. Stay informed and use your political ...
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61 Iran Democracy Act passed, but no money to opposition and ...
... of the Iran Freedom and Democracy Support Act, to serve as a congressional statement of encouragement towards Iranian democratic change.
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62 Iran's Networks of Influence in Iraq | Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis
Beyond the direct value of Iranian material support, the fact that some PMU ... where the PUK and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) both control their ...
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63 Iran Democracy Program - Civic Education - Federal Grant opportunity listing for the Iran Democracy Program Civic ... current and past deadlines, Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) ...
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64 Fact Sheet on the National Endowment for Democracy
NED is nominally an NGO that provides support for democracy abroad, ... DPRK, Myanmar, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Ukraine in recognition of ...
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65 Does Iran's Green Movement Need U.S. Aid? - WIRED
Iran's clerical regime has forcefully reasserted its power, ... in grants to support "democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in Iran.
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66 Remarks by President Biden Before the 77th Session of the ...
And the United Nations Charter was not only signed by democracies of the ... humanitarian and food security assistance for this year alone.
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67 How to Help Democracy in Iran - The Diplomat
Finding a nuclear deal with Iran doesn't mean marginalizing human rights. ... the Iranian regime's repression of democracy and human rights.
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68 US Congressional Committee Approves Iran Democracy Promotion ...
The Iran Freedom Support Act declares it should be U.S. policy to support human rights and pro-democracy forces in the United States and abroad opposing what it ...
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69 'This Pretty Much Kills the Iran Democracy Program' - NY Sun
In an interview yesterday, Scott Carpenter said a recent decision to move the $75 million annual aid program for Iranian democrats to the State ...
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70 US, allies struggle to support protesters in make-or-break ...
Outside Iran, individuals are working to maintain support for the ... and nonpartisan National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI), ...
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71 High-Risk Jurisdictions subject to a Call for Action - FATF
Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) ... In February 2020, the FATF noted Iran has not completed the action plan.[1].
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72 Iran will help Russia build drones for Ukraine war, officials say
After weeks of savaging Ukrainian cities with Iranian-made drones, ... of a Russia-Iran alliance that already has provided crucial support ...
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73 CIA Confirms Role in 1953 Iran Coup
The FCO documents in this posting (Documents 22-35) strongly support this conclusion. Theytell a fascinating story of transatlantic cooperation ...
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74 At Iran Conference in DC, West Is Urged to Recognize Iranian ...
Instead, he urged the US to support the Iranians' desire for peaceful change to a democratic regime. “We want regime change in Iran.
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75 U.S.-EU Summit Declaration: Promoting Peace, Human Rights and ...
We will work together to increase support for human rights and democracy, and secure ... Over the past year our cooperation on Iran has reached a new level.
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76 World leaders gather in support of free and democratic Iran
LONDON: Current and former political leaders from across Europe and North America gathered on Monday at the annual Free Iran Summit, ...
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77 Two Iranian Nationals Charged for Cyber-Enabled ...
An indictment was unsealed in New York today charging two Iranian ... actors' attempts to undermine our free and democratic elections.
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78 Iran's democratic resistance movement can no longer be ...
At Warsaw and elsewhere, the Trump administration has only been encouraging support for the Iranian people who, under the leadership of the NCRI ...
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79 The US And Iran's Quest for Democracy - Outlook India
The Saudis are a major buyer of expensive weapons. Indeed, the perception in the Middle East is that the US and its allies install and support ...
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80 Timeline: U.S. Relations With Iran
Separately, the U.S. Congress approves the Iran Freedom Support Act in September to fund Iranian civil society and promote democracy.
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81 Granger Opening Statement: Hearing on U.S. Assistance to Promote ...
Today we will hear from the panel before us about a topic that is a high priority for this subcommittee – democracy promotion. I would like to welcome our ...
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82 Iran's Islamist Proxies in the Middle East - Wilson Center
Iran's Revolutionary Guards and the elite Qods Force provided arms, training and financial support to militias and political movements in at least six ...
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83 Publications | United States Institute of Peace
Rouhani's Win in Iran May Not Ease Path on Promises. Sunday, May 21, 2017 ... Q&A: Rouhani Faces Serious Test in Iran Election ... U.S. Democracy Assistance.
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84 Human Rights & Democracy | EEAS Website - European Union
In the context of declining support for multilateral institutions, the EU remains a staunch defender of effective multilateralism and the rules-based ...
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85 Iran, Democracy, and Trade Keys to Successful Clinton Visit to ...
Secretary Clinton's Latin America trip is an opportunity to talk with Brazil about the Iranian nuclear threat.
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86 Iran's COVID-19 Pandemic Response: Mission Critical
This centralized institutional arrangement[27] has provided a useful channel through which the Supreme Leader lent his support to the ...
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87 Prospects for Increased Iranian Influence in Iraq
In any true democracy, Iraq's Shi'i majority would dominate the government ... As a result, Iranian support to ISCI/Badr became increasingly ...
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88 Iran | Page 3 | National Democratic Institute
NDI is one of the world's largest publishers of Arabic-language materials on democracy support. A catalogue of publications is available on the Institute's web ...
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89 Iran's Political, Demographic, and Economic Vulnerabilities
employment, combat readiness, and support of current and future aero- space forces. ... However, Iranian democracy is severely constrained.
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90 How the CIA toppled Iranian democracy - The Conversation
CIA support. Fearing that the instability of a Mossadegh government would pave the way for a communist takeover, Kashani requested money from ...
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91 The Democratic Awakening (1941–53) (Chapter 10) - Iran
Shortly afterwards, encouraged by the British, the government appealed to the Americans, demanding assistance to reorganize their police ...
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92 NUFDI (@NUFDIran) / Twitter
We will continue to try to be a voice for the people of #Iran in any way we can. ... and support of the movement for freedom by the people of Iran.
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93 Iran 1953: Oil, Democracy, and the CIA - Cold War
It is not clear whether he received US support. However, these two clerics were maverick political activists, not representative of the ...
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94 Iran's influence in the Middle East - UK Parliament
During Yemen's civil war, Iran has provided military support and training ... democracy uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa.
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95 Will This Billionaire-Funded Think Tank Get Its War With Iran?
The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies' militaristic influence on US policy toward Iran is working. Suleimani's assassination is ...
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