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1 Thread Jacking - Urban Dictionary
A person who intentionally changes the topic in an email or bulletin board thread. "Jeff was trying to tell everyone about his new computer, but Mike turned it ...
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2 Best 1 Definitions of Threadjacking - YourDictionary
(Internet) The act of taking over an e-mail list or discussion thread with a subject unrelated to the original posting. Wiktionary ...
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3 What does threadjacking mean? -
The act of taking over an e-mail list or discussion thread with a subject unrelated to the original posting. How to pronounce threadjacking?
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4 What does threadjacking mean? -
A term that describes the act of hijacking a thread to steer the discussion away from the original topic; can be used to divert awkward ...
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5 Threadjacking | Know Your Meme
This occurs when a discussion goes off topic and strays into a new subject without being triggered by a specific "threadjacker." The end result ...
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6 threadjacking: meaning, definition - WordSense Dictionary
(Internet) To take over a discussion thread with a subject unrelated to the original posting. Practical examples. Automatically generated examples: Oh and a ...
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7 Jacker - definition of jacker by The Free Dictionary
jack · 1. To spend time idly. · 2. To toy, tinker, or mess: He's been jacking around with that motor for days. · 3. To take unfair advantage of, deceive, or ...
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8 Emotet Thread Hijacking, an Email Attack Technique - Unit 42
Thread hijacking, recently used to distribute Emotet, uses stolen copies of messages collected from infected users' email clients to attack ...
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9 highjacker - Dictionary of English
highjacker · to seize (an airplane or other vehicle) by threat or by force, esp. for ransom or political aims:The terrorists hijacked the plane. · to steal (cargo) ...
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10 Silk jacket definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
Silk is a substance which is made into smooth fine cloth and sewing thread. You can also refer to this cloth or thread as silk. [...].
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11 spindle - definition and meaning - Wordnik
noun A pin or rod holding a bobbin or spool on which thread is wound on an automated spinning machine. noun Any of various mechanical parts that revolve or ...
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12 What is that X of Thread on the Back of Your Jacket and ...
Like the threads on the vent of your jacket and in your pocket, these threads are very easy to snip off your garment. A perk to removing these ...
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13 Anorak Definition & Meaning -
a hooded pullover jacket originally made of fur and worn in the Arctic, now made of any weather-resistant fabric. a jacket patterned after this, made of any ...
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plumbing, and to give the definitions and meanings of these words and terms. ... instrument for cutting the thread of an internal screw usually made with ...
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15 Noun Project - a case of "Open Jacking"?
Noun Project - a case of "Open Jacking"? Major Projects Open Definition ... Here's my comment in that issue thread: /cc @jwyg ...
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16 Pro-Twist
JACKING ACTION: Jacking action occurs when the top piece of material pulls away from the base material by engaging threads into the top material forcing it up ...
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17 Jack (device) - Wikipedia
A jack is a mechanical lifting device used to apply great forces or lift heavy loads. A mechanical jack employs a screw thread for lifting heavy equipment. ... The house jack can be used for jacking carrying beams that have settled ...
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18 Highjack Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster
The meaning of HIJACK is to steal (goods in transit) by stopping a vehicle. How to use hijack in a sentence.
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19 Super Thread: A Perspective on Thread Count
This is completely appropriate when looking for a suit or jacket you will wear more often. A lower thread count usually means the threads ...
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20 Types of attacks - Web security | MDN
› References › Web security
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21 Thread Rolling: What Is It? How Does It Work? Process, Types
Thread rolling is a type of threading process which involves deforming a metal stock by rolling it through dies. This process forms external threads along the ...
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22 15 Synonyms & Antonyms for JACKET -
Find 15 ways to say JACKET, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, ... See definition of jacket on
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23 What exactly is: A shacket? | Style Tips |
A shacket is a shirt thick enough to be halfway between a shirt and a jacket—an ideal, year-round layering piece. Backstory. Shackets' roots may be in military- ...
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24 Dictionary of Old Occupations - Index - Family Tree Researcher
Dictionary of Old Occupations index page. The A-Z lists in this glossary show name and definitions for well over two thousand old occupations, jobs, ...
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25 Jack - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms -
› dictionary › jack
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26 Defining “Online Abuse”: A Glossary of Terms
Definition: When a large group of abusers collectively attacks a target through a barrage of threats, slurs, insults, and other abusive tactics. Outrage/Shame ...
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27 Women's Utility Anorak Jacket - Universal Thread - Target
Read reviews and buy Women's Utility Anorak Jacket - Universal Thread™ at Target ... is lined and I love the ability to cinch the waist for some definition.
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28 Meaning of "denim jacket" in the English dictionary - Educalingo
«Denim jacket» Denim is a sturdy cotton twill textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces the familiar ...
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29 Threading Your Way Through the Labeling Requirements ...
In 2006, Congress amended the Wool Act to include a definition of “cashmere” providing that fibers from the Cashmere goat must meet certain ...
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30 Classification: Apparel Terminology Under the HTSUS
or other heavy-duty closure, or buttons fastened with reinforcing thread for ... Padded sleeveless jackets, which meet the jacket definition except for the ...
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31 PROCESSES Two parts to a process Threads Typical uses
The jacket checks to see if the resource is available, e.g., device is free. If not another thread is started. When the calling thread is scheduled again (by ...
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32 Snowboarding Dictionary - Snowboarding Terms and Definitions
› snowboarding...
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33 Chambray vs Denim - Proper Cloth Help
Thread Count and Ply Thread Count If everything else is the same (weave, ply, mill, and type of cotton), higher thread count means a smoother, silkier, more ...
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34 Biker Terms and their Meaning - Indian Valley H.O.G.
2-piece outfit of protective clothing, consisting of a jacket and pants, often constructed to allow the two pieces to be zipped together at the ...
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35 MIL-HDBK-60 Threaded Fastener Preload - Engineering Library
3.1 Screw thread definitions and symbols follow FED-STD-H28/1. ... Application of axial load to a bolt may be made using mechanical jacking or jacking ...
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36 The Anatomy Of A Suit Jacket: A Comprehensive Vocabulary
Lapels can be defined as flaps of fabric on each side of the suit ... of the gimp–the reinforcing trim threads of the buttonhole–resulting ...
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37 5 Solutions to Common Thread Rolling Problems - CJWinter
Working in the thread rolling industry for over 60 years, ... it can result in “screw jacking;” if the attachments or roll get pulled into ...
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38 Post Tensioning Tendon Installation and Grouting Manual
jacking to the full required force, the force in the tendon is ... are usually threaded and anchored by means of spherical nuts that bear against a square ...
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39 History of the FFA Jacket
Learn more about the famous blue corduroy FFA jacket that's been worn and ... name stitched on the back of the jackets with gold thread.
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40 What is NPT? - Hose Assembly Tips
20.1 pipe threads. It is a U.S. standard for measuring tapered threads on threaded pipes and fittings. Threaded pipes can give an effective seal ...
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41 Step by Step Guide: How to Make a Battle Jacket - Karol B
A battle jacket, also known as a battle vest, cut-off, or kutte, is traditionally a denim vest decorated with patches, and sometimes studs ...
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42 How to Make a Heating and Cooling Jacket - Instructables
› Circuits › Arduino
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43 The Action Jacket – JUMPER Premium Threads
The Action Jacket. A first of its kind, running, hiking, outdoor, do-anything jacket. Our goal was to build a 3-season jacket that is so light, breathable, ...
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44 A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler: Summary and reviews
Reviews of A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler, plus links to a book excerpt ... all the unguarded and richly lived moments that combine to define who and ...
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45 Dictionary
... fortuning forty fortyfold forum forumize forumizes forums forum's forward ... jackboots jackdaw jackdaws jacked jacker jackeroo jacket jacketed jackets ...
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46 Women's Quilted Jacket - Universal Thread - Pinterest
Read reviews and buy Women's Quilted Jacket - Universal Thread™ at Target. Choose from Same Day Delivery, Drive Up or Order Pickup. Free standard shipping with ...
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47 Outerwear Fabric, Features & Construction Guide - Evo
If you're used to simply throwing on a denim jacket or windbreaker to head ... Denier is defined as the mass in grams of 9,000 meters of the thread used to ...
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48 Social Cybersecurity An Emerging National Security ...
Thread jacking. Aggressively disrupting or co-opting a productive online conversation. Network maneuver. Network maneuver is the manipulation of the actual ...
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49 What does it mean to 'strip the threads' on a bolt? - Quora
A stripped thread is where the threads have been damaged or even removed by improper use of a cross threaded or wrong thread nut or threaded hole that was ...
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50 What is a Browser Hijacker and How to Remove it - Avast
› ... › Privacy › Browser
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51 Bolero | Fashion A-Z | BoF Education | #BoFEducation
From applique to zippers, a comprehensive dictionary with definitions and ... At this angle, the 'warp' and 'weft' threads give the fabric more of an ...
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52 Sample Tube Consumables & Instruments Catalogue
Introduction to FluidX External Thread ... Next-Generation Jacket Tri-Coded Tubes. ... The original jacket tube is manufactured using a two-piece.
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53 Cliches and Expressions of origin - BusinessBalls
Bubby and bubbies meaning breasts appeared in the late 1600s, probably derived from the word bub, both noun and verb for drink, in turn probably from Latin ...
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54 A Guide for Eye Bolts and Lifting Points - Types and Safe Use.
The underside of a collar eyebolt has a thread run-out at the top of the screw thread ... by:Shape: Octagonal means quality class 8 Identification: Distinct ...
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55 Definition | Men's Waterproof Mountaineering Jacket - Alpkit
Designed to sit over multiple layers, the Definition is cut with pre-shaped arms to avoid riding up and exposing your back or tummy when you're reaching up for ...
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56 Illustrated Glossary of Surfing Terms - Surf Sports Forum
The Surfers Dictionary: A Definitive Glossary of Surfing Terms ... Jacking Up: When the swell rises very quickly as it passes from deep water to shallow ...
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57 An Overview of Tapered Pipe Threads, and Their Application ...
Tapered threads by definition can only work for a limited length, ... by adding an internal cable nut with the integral jacking cylinder, ...
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58 loom - Longman Dictionary
loom ; loomloom ; TICa frame or machine on which thread is woven into cloth ...
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59 Universal Thread Quilted Jacket Purple Floral Cottagecore ...
Gorgeous long sleeve quilted jacket from Universal thread. Cottagecore purple and white floral print. The sleeves can be worn cuffed with the contrasting ...
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60 Origin of the word "jack" to mean theft or to steal
to rob: He got jacked on his way home from the club. Origin First recorded in 1930-35; shortening of hijack · Hijack in its original meaning ...
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61 What is Hacking? | How do Hackers Hack? - Malwarebytes
Hacking definition: What is hacking? ... Hacking refers to activities that seek to compromise digital devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and even ...
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62 What is Packet Sniffing? Definition and Details - Paessler
› it-explained › packet-sniffing
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A square thread which allows for rapid coupling of connectors versus ... mounting means, or special inter‐connection means to an electrical termination.
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64 Thread: weight jacking -
› forums › showthread › 10770-w...
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65 Your Guide to Neapolitan Jacket Characteristics
The buttonhole on the lapel is called “occhiello” in Italian, and it means “little eye” for its elongated almond shape. There isn't really a ...
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66 What is Data Tampering? - Definition & Prevention -
Data tampering refers to the act of unauthorized modification of data. Understand the definition and prevention of data tampering, and discover the...
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67 SAS Thread Bars and Accessories Hollow Bars and Strand ...
distinct and well defined yield point while at the same time possessing high strength and ductility. SAS thread bar hot rolled, ribbed - right hand thread.
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68 Fashion Terms and Styles for Women's Garments
It would take a sizeable book to define fashion terms and styles in all types of garments ... Jacket lengths used by consumers refer to body landmarks such.
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69 A Guide to Understanding The 3 Types of Suit Vents
(If you need to, learn the differences between a suit jacket and a blazer.) ... there are threads of meaning sewn into every choice you make.
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70 PIC12F683 Help for a beginner
Muthu22, thread jacker ... he has seen any of the replies, though you did respond on his other thread: ... #define Single_phase_LED RC2;
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71 The Denim Jacket - Google Arts & Culture
In documenting and illustrating British Youth Culture from the last hundred years, we have seen how music has been a major thread in the tapestry of young ...
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72 ISO - Pipe, Tube and Fittings Standards and Specifications
Pipe threads where pressure-tight joints are made on the threads - Part 2: Verification by means of limit gauges; ISO 49:1994. Malleable cast iron fittings ...
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73 Glitter jacket Needle & Thread Multicolour size 14 UK in Glitter ...
Buy your glitter jacket Needle & Thread on Vestiaire Collective, the luxury consignment store ... The elasticated waist and cuffs add perfect definition.
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74 5 Amazingly Simple Ways to Spot Quality in Men's Suits
The Super count refers to the thickness of the wool thread and the higher the count, ... This means the entire top and bottom of the jacket's front is built ...
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75 Spiber and North Face Japan create first readily-available ...
$1,381.45 USD is a wee bit steep in cost for a cold-weather jacket. steve hassler • 3 years ago. What is the industry's definition of " ...
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76 Target's Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons
Featured items include jeans, a denim jacket, utility jacket, white tee, stripe tee, printed top, chambray shirt, dress, heels, mules and ...
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77 Important Safety Procedures for Using Aircraft Jacks - Tronair
Learn more about safe jacking techniques at Tronair today. ... points exist in all airplane jacks between the top of the jack and the threads on the ram.
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78 Thrust Collar - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
Power screws, which are also known as lead screws, are used to convert rotary motion into linear movement. With suitably sized threads they are capable of ...
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79 Sewing Machine Needle Sizes & Types Guide + Printable Chart
I am getting ready to make myself a Levi jacket out of old levis. I thought is there different size needles? And maybe thread to go with it. I' ...
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The aviation technician must be familiar with the jacking of aircraft in order to perform maintenance and inspection. Since jacking procedures and safety ...
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81 What do we mean by tailored jacket? - Sartoria Messori
Jacquard is a type of fabric treatment, often used in knitwear, in which differing threads are woven together to create a coloured pattern.
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82 AC 20-106 - Aircraft Inspection for the General Aviation Aircraft ...
is defined as the general wear and tear of an ... jacking or placing supports under longerons; ... wear, worn or damaged threads, loose locking.
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83 Element | Skateboarding. Nature. Culture.

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84 How do I Choose the Correct Self-Drilling and Self-Tapping ...
If the threads engage too early, this could cause a separation of the fastened material from the base material (jacking).
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85 Wubby - Thread & Supply
› collections › wubby
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86 Thread Meaning - Nouns and Verbs - YouTube - YouTube
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87 Car jacking : Définition simple et facile du dictionnaire
Définition · Pluriel. car jackings. · Sens 1. Expression venant de l'anglais et composé de "car" (voiture) et jacking (plaquage). C'est une ...
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88 Docs | Plugins | ScrollTrigger - GreenSock
Custom containers - you don't need to use the viewport; define a ... No scroll-jacking, so it can be combined with native technologies like ...
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89 What is Jacking? - Definition from Trenchlesspedia
Jacking is a term used to describe the application of a force with the aim of pushing or lifting an object. This act is typically done by ...
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90 The Haberdasher - Volume 69 - Page 52 - Google Books Result
Please give me the correct definitions of the following like tissue . words ... blue jacket , white LISLE : A fine , hard - twisted , compact thread of long ...
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