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1 10 Self-Improvement Principles You Should Live by Every Day
› self-improvement-pri...
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2 5 Guiding Principles Of Life If You Love Self-Improvement
5 Guiding Principles Of Life If You Love Self-Improvement · 1. Comparison to others is bad for self-improvement · 2. Your reaction to challenges ...
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3 10 Commandments of Self Improvement - The Emotion Machine
The 10 Commandments of Self Improvement · 2. Define what you want · 3. You are dynamic and changing · 4. Your words matter · 5. Your habits matter · 6. Your ...
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4 8 Simple Self Improvement Principles - YouTube
Practical Psychology
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5 Self-Improvement: 45 Tips, Goals, and Ideas for Self-Growth
Self-improvement can involve improving any aspect of the self—for example, personal qualities, skills, and even the roles we play (like husband or wife and son ...
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6 5 Best Self-Improvement Principles - Self Motivation
5 Best Self-Improvement Principles · 1 1. Always follow your dream · 2 2. Get out of your comfort zone · 3 3. Make time to meditate · 4 4. Avoid ...
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7 8 of the Best Secrets to Self-Improvement |
› john-rampton › 8-of-the-best-secre...
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8 6 Self Improvement Principles that can change your Life
Love Yourself First. I believe the path to self-development starts off with loving yourself first. · Be Grateful. The second useful principle for self- ...
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9 9 Personal Development Principles You Need
9 Personal Development Principles You Need · 1) Acknowledge that all emotions come from within you. · 2) Seek out someone you respect. · 3) Recognize there is life ...
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10 16 Principles For Personal Growth and Development - LinkedIn
There are a number of principles you need to be aware of and apply if we are to ascend to the principle of our potential. Achieving the goals of ...
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11 10 Principles for Self-Improvement | Jack Canfield - YouTube
10 key moments
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12 7 Principles for Personal Development | Stephen Scoggins
7 Principles for Personal Development · Visualize a Clear Destination · Discover and Use Your Learning Style · Play the Long Game · Choose Your ...
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13 3 Principles of Self-Improvement - Dave Ursillo
Self-improvement, or self-help, is a term used to refer to personal initiatives that intend to improve one's life or mental-emotional state of ...
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14 LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES 1. Know yourself and seek self ...
Know yourself and seek self-improvement. a. Evaluate yourself by using the leadership traits and determine your strengths and weaknesses. b. Work to improve ...
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10 PRINCIPLES FOR PERSONAL GROWTH · 2. Growth and Comfort Do Not Coexist · 3. Take Ownership · 4. Be Ok With Failing · 5. Discipline · 6. Build A Routine That Works.
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16 Self-improvement for Lifelong Success - Everyone - Skillsoft
In this course, you'll learn about the key principles for committing to self-improvement and continuous learning. You'll also learn how to create a plan to ...
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17 Principles For Personal Growth: Adam Khan, Klassy Evans
Principles For Personal Growth is a revised paperback edition of the hardcover book, Self-Help Stuff That Works (with 19 new chapters added and the seven ...
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18 10 Simple Ways to Work on Self-Improvement - BetterUp
Why is self-improvement important? · One becomes aware of their flaws and strengths; · One discovers what is possible for him or her in life and ...
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19 Ten self-help principles - Document - Gale Academic OneFile
Self-help refers to an action that has an effect of providing some benefit to or improving the well-being of another person. Ten principles of self-help can ...
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20 3 Self Improvement Tips That Actually Matter
The development of a positive outlook enhances your chances of success. A principle to keep in mind as you seek to better yourself: You move towards what you ...
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21 8 Simple Self Improvement Principles - Happier Way Foundation
When it comes to self improvement, what principles have you found to be the most influential to your growth?
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22 3 Principles for a Better Life - Mark Manson
The beauty of this principle is that it shows that self-acceptance and self-improvement need each other—that having one without the other inevitably leads ...
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23 10 Simple Self-Improvement Tips | (Skills, Technique, Goals)
Self Improvement is an excellent term that directly means the act of enhancing or improving yourself. It can include the personal development in the terms ...
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24 The Fundamental Cycle of Self-Improvement - Howdy Curiosity
› curiosity › fundamen...
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25 Self-Improvement in 10 Principles : r/selfimprovement - Reddit
Of course, I have some very specific goals that I would like to accomplish, but I believe the following 10 principles will help us all lead happy, and therefore ...
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26 In the context of business ethics, explain the following guiding ...
Self-improvement is one of the guiding principles to support ethical practices. Ethics focuses on self-improvement and development.
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27 How to Master the Art of Continuous Improvement - James Clear
The typical approach to self-improvement is to set a large goal, then try to take big leaps in order to accomplish the goal in as little time as possible.
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28 50 Self-Improvement Tips for Personal Success (2022)
Self-improvement is the deliberate effort of an individual to achieve speedy self-growth. Self-improvement requires a growth mindset, a proactive attitude, and ...
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29 How to Improve Yourself: 20 Practical Self-Improvement Tips
Oct 30, 2020 —
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30 17 Self-improvement and Life Principles ideas - Pinterest
Jul 11, 2019 - Explore Anthony Catantan's board "Self-improvement and Life Principles", followed by 2437 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about self ...
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31 Self-Improvement ~Two Basic Principles. - Joanne Wellington
Love others. Boost their self-esteem. Do not intentionally hurt other people's ego. Keep developing people skills so you will reduce the ...
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32 Choose Core Principles | Self-Improvement Daily Podcast
I still see this as a dynamic process, and my own core principles will always be re-evaluated based on new circumstances. Nonetheless, it is important to have ...
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33 11 Timeless Principles of Leadership (US Army 1948)
Know yourself and seek self-improvement — understand who you are, your values, priorities, strengths and weaknesses. Knowing yourself allows you to discover ...
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34 Leadership Principles - MCJROTC
Information about MCJROTC Leadership Principles and Marine Corps Values. ... Know Yourself and Seek Self Improvement. - This principle of leadership should ...
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35 Personal development - Wikipedia
Personal development or self improvement consists of activities that develop a person's capabilities and potential, build human capital, ...
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36 Know Yourself and Seek Self-Improvement - Ben Baran
Third, both attempting to know yourself and seeking self-improvement require humility. Both parts of this principle demand that you're honest ...
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37 How to Live a Happy Life: Stoic Principles for Self-Improvement
Createspace Independent Publishing ...
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38 21 Best Personal Development & Self Improvement Books ...
In “Success Principles”, Jack gives 65 methods for transforming your life. If you are looking for a single self-help book that gives you a ton of great ideas on ...
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39 On the Shortness of Life: Stoic Principles for Self-Improvement
On the Shortness of Life: Stoic Principles for Self-Improvement as it's meant to be heard, narrated by Arthur Grey. Discover the English Audiobook at ...
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40 Principles : life and work -
Think of every failure as a personal failure, and strive to be more creative, flexible, or whatever else it takes to improve. Look at your problems, find the ...
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41 Values & Principles - Agile Best Self
The ability to be our authentic selves over figuring out how to fit in. Iteratively creating our next best self over following a plan. Getting and sharing ...
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42 Becoming Better: Principles of Self-Improvement
Related Links · Examine your current situation to find areas for improvement. · Determine what you want to ultimately achieve (such as a career or ...
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43 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Success4
7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Self Improvement by Stephen Covey · 1) Be Proactive: Take responsibility and know you're in charge. · 2) Start with the end ...
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44 A Focus on Self-Improvement | Edutopia
What Should I Practice? The first principle is to push beyond one's comfort zone. One area of my teaching I've been working on is facilitating ...
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45 What's Wrong with Self-Help? - Six Seconds
If self-help is an endless loop of self-improvements and personal growth just for the sake of it, and the arrow always points inwards, it could ...
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46 Podcast #818: The Philosophy of Self-Improvement
From there we turn to a few of the timeless principles of self–improvement — self-control, being virtuous, and building positive ...
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47 The 10 Commandments of Self Improvement - Instaread
Summary, insights & quotes from Steven Handel's The 10 Commandments of Self Improvement: A Basic Introduction to the Core Principles of Self-Help.
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48 Personal Development for Smart People - Steve Pavlina
The seven principles function as a powerful growth compass. You can use them to diagnose any problem or challenge you face, and they'll always point you in the ...
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49 Kaizen: Pursuing Continuous Self-Development - Kanbanize
Kaizen Culture in Practice · PLAN: Plan your improvements, including setting goals. · DO: Put in place the actions required for improvement. · CHECK: Measure your ...
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50 Personal Development Principle #1: Pay Attention
But it goes deeper than self-help. Psychology, religion, philosophy and other fields all offer advice for how we ought to conduct ourselves and ...
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51 Self Mastery: Personal Development, Self Improvement and ...
Self Mastery: Personal Development, Self Improvement and Success Principles. · Get A Copy · Friend Reviews · Reader Q&A · Lists with This Book.
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52 The 33 Best Self-Help Books of All Time to Read at Any Age
Self-help books are all about change. A change of habits, character traits, or your physical appearance – you name it. The thing is, you have to make the ...
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53 Leadership Traits / Leadership Principles
Leadership Principles · Know yourself and seek self-improvement – In order to know yourself, you have to understand you're be, know, and do attributes. · Be ...
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54 Leadership Principles for Engineering and Product Leaders
I. Know Yourself and Seek Self Improvement ... Make no mistake – knowing oneself is hands down the hardest principle to “get right”. Cognitive ...
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55 Mission and Values - Learning and Self-Improvement
Learning and Self-Improvement · Learn, grow, and improve by reading, listening, asking, noticing, taking things apart, networking, teaching, subscribing, ...
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56 5 Key Ways To Begin Self-Improvement - Habit Nest
5 Key Ways To Begin Self-Improvement · Creating time to ponder · Make learning a habit · Stop wasting your nights and get rest · Get to know the ...
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57 The Six Principles of Self-Management - Work -
Know Your Role. Understanding exactly what your boss wants from you can help you become a better self-manager. · Get Organized. Getting organized is a big part ...
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58 Six Core Principles of the Continuous Improvement Model
› continuous-improvement
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59 Know Yourself and Seek Self Improvement - Oocities
This principle of leadership should be developed by the use of leadership traits. Evaluate yourself by using the leadership traits and determine your strengths ...
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60 8 Major Benefits of Self Help for A Happy You
Principles of Self Help: ... Many of our behaviors are ingrained, and some of our underlying personality qualities may be unchangeable, so long- ...
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61 How to Know Yourself and Seek Self Improvement: Grow 5 ...
How to Know Yourself and Seek Self Improvement: Grow 5 Best Habits · 1. Grow Yourself to Read Every Day · 2. Love to Laugh · 3. Keep Todolist · 4.
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62 Commit to Constant and Never-Ending Improvement
The Success Principles are more than a collection of good ideas. They are principles used by successful people throughout history.
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63 Elon Musk: Decoding his Mantras for Self-Improvement
› featured › what-principles-does-...
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64 11 Principles of Leadership – Self-evaluation and Goal Setting
11 Principles of Leadership – Self-evaluation and Goal Setting. Principle. Satisfactory. Needs. Improvement. Action to Take/ Goal.
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65 The Importance of Self-Improvement for Leaders
Self-improvement helps enhance strengths, improve mental health, and even heal relationships. Some ways of self-improvement include simple tasks such as reading ...
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66 I am a self-help junkie. I get high on reading books ... - Quora
Part 1 Let me tell you a story. Did you hear about the Cobra Effect? let me tell you what it ...
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67 Tips for Goal Setting: Self Improvement - Verywell Mind
Locke, along with Dr. Gary Latham, came up with five principles of effective goal setting. These principles, which include clarity, challenge, ...
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68 personal development process - Self discovery and beyond
For many of us, the core of who we are does not change significantly over time. Our belief, values, principles, and tendencies (what we focus on for self- ...
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69 Leadership Principles Flashcards | Quizlet
In order to know yourself, you have to understand your be, know, and do, attributes. Seeking self-improvement means continually strengthening your ...
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70 The Principles of Personal Development | Free Online Course
Personal development is an integral part of everyone's evolution. Confidence, drive and self-control are skills like any other and this self-improvement course ...
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71 6 Principles of the World's Best Personal Growth Plan
For sure ego, (I hear you), but these questions are important to answer. But for me, self-development and personal growth plans should create a blueprint for ...
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72 Individual Use - 8 OCD Self-Help Principles (Reid Wilson ...
An individual license for use of the '8 OCD Self-Help Principles' art print. Not for commercial use. Bonus! Includes the principles broken down into 10 ...
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73 A No-Nonsense Guide on How to Achieve Real Self ...
Self-improvement is omnipresent these days. We all want to become better versions of ourselves, and for that, we consume content, enroll in online courses, ...
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74 3 Ways to Improve Yourself - wikiHow
› ... › Reinventing Yourself
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75 "Life's 10 Principles of Success" Dennis Gaskill - Apple Seeds
These changes could be in our self, in our environment, in our location, or even in who we associate with if they are detrimental to our success. This trips up ...
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76 8 OCD Self-Help Principles in 5 Minutes -
› blog › 8-ocd-self-help-principles...
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77 The Problem With Self-Help Books - Shortform
Self-Help Implies That Something Needs Fixing ... Self-improvement ideas can ingrain the message there's something inherently wrong with people— ...
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78 10 Universal Principles of Success - Street Directory
Decide to take whatever steps you need to take to help you achieve your goals. Then honour the commitment you've made. Too often we find it easy to keep our ...
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79 Personal Development Plan Examples & Templates for Success
Focusing on personal development categories such as personal skills, personal growth, and personal power can create habits for personal improvement. Personal ...
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80 Self Improvement Quotes and Quotations for Personal Growth
Self Improvement Quotes for Self Growth · “The safest principle through life, instead of reforming others, is to set about perfecting yourself.” · “What we are ...
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81 Self-Growth Books: 15 Best Personal Development and Self
Jack Canfield, The Success Principles ... If you're into self-help and self-growth books, you probably know Jack Canfield from his Chicken Soup for the Soulseries ...
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82 150 amazing personal development quotes to live by
Personal development is the key to a healthy, wealthy, fulfilled life. Sometimes a simple statement can hold a lifetime of wisdom. Here are 100 of them.
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83 Self Help for Life Podcast: Self-Improvement | Mindset
This podcast contains Paul's top strategies and principles that he covers in depth on his blog and popular YouTube channel. Paul is a successful clinical ...
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84 3 core principles for self-development - Writersfield
3 core principles for self-development ... “Two main things to do in life: make yourself better and do the same with everyone else.” It's simple ...
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85 How to Change Yourself: The Bible Plan for Self-improvement
How to Change Yourself: Self-Improvement · Step1: Change Your Purpose in Life. · Step2: Believe You Can Change with God's Help. · Step 3: Study the Bible about ...
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86 Self-Improvement Courses | Harvard University
Data Science Principles is a Harvard Online course in collaboration with Harvard Business School Online that provides an overview... $950. 4 weeks long.
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87 Ten Principles - The House of Good Deeds
Ten Principles · Self Reliance. Seek answers first within yourself, then within your world. · Self Improvement. What do we each really want and need? · Inclusion.
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88 Leadership Principle #1: Know Yourself and Seek Self ...
LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLE #1: Know Yourself and Seek Self-Improvement. An authentic leader is always looking to improve their place in life.
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89 The 10 Principles for Success in Anything - Self Help for Life
› principles-for-success
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90 7 Principles of Personal Growth - ThePreachersWord
7 Principles of Personal Growth · #1 Cultivate a Growth Mentality. · #2 Determinate Growth Priorities. · #3 Envision Future Growth. · #4 Develop a ...
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91 10 Joe Rogan Principles for Success, Self-Improvement, and ...
#10: Don't Express Anything Negative Online, Ever · #9: Plan Ahead & Write Stuff Down · #8: Take Time to Relax · #7: Conquer Your Inner Self · #6: Help Other People ...
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92 What are the Values Needed for Self-development? - Jason Ong
Trust is an important value in personal development because some self-improvement lessons take time to take effect. It takes time to reach big goals in life and ...
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93 Benjamin Franklin's Life as a Path to Self-Improvement
However, principles help one to work on doing good things for the sake of it. ... Franklin emphasized the importance of self-education/improvement, ...
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