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1 Traditional Chinese Medicine for Excessive Sweating
Huang Qi (Astragalus Root) is a traditional Chinese herb long used for excessive sweating. It can be used to rectify cases of excessive sweating, including ...
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2 Sweat: Views from a TCM Perspective | The Yinova Center
In TCM, we treat these conditions using acupuncture and herbs in order to regulate sweating, but we do not ever stop sweating completely since it is such an ...
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3 How Do You Treat Hyperhidrosis in Your Practice
For deficient Spleen/Lung Qi and Yin, try Astra 8 from Health Concerns Herbs; for Damp Heat, try a short 2–4 week course of Long Dan Xie Gan Wan ...
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4 Sweating - Asante Academy
Abnormally profuse sweating, called spontaneous sweating, is regarded in Chinese Medicine as a deficiency of the Qi, and in particular the ...
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5 Excessive sweating according to Chinese Medicine - Me & Qi
Five herbal formulas that might help with excessive sweating · Gui Zhi Tang · Yin Qiao San · Shen Fu Tang · Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang · Sang Xing Tang.
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6 Stop Sweating with Acupuncture -
Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are extremely successful in the treatment of sweating. In fact, how one sweats is a key factor in identifying disharmony ...
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7 Excessive Sweating Acupressure Points, Essential Oils
Excessive Sweating Stopped with Chinese Medicine ... When excessive sweating is not due directly to exercise or exposure to high temperatures, it may be due to ...
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8 the role of perspiration in health and illness
In ancient texts of Chinese medicine, perspiration (diaphoresis) is frequently mentioned as an important sign in the diagnosis of a disease pattern and as a ...
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9 Acupuncture Relieves Hyperhidrosis Best
From a Chinese medicine point of view, this condition is most often caused by heat in the heart. Our hyperhidrosis treatment balances the ...
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10 Stop Excessive Sweating with Acupuncture
The acupuncture points and herbal formula chosen depend on what time of day or night the sweating occurs, what part of the body sweats, and the ...
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11 Feeling Extra Sweaty? - Body & Soul
In TCM, sweat is studied in detail as it is considered an essential substance of the body. Overall, loss of body fluids always damages the Yin of the body.
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12 Hyperhydrosis - Alban Acupuncture
Heat– Chinese medicine also uses metaphors to describe imbalances in the body. One metaphor is the idea of heat. Just like heat outside the body can cause ...
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13 No Sweat! - Eu Yan Sang
In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), if you perspire more than usual, that just means that your bodily function is off. Take a hint if the people around you ...
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14 Perspiration Syndrome - Bio Essence Health Science
SYMPTOMS AND SIGNS: Perspiration syndrome is called Han Zheng in Chinese medicine. Han Zheng means hidrosis (profuse perspiration) due to ...
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15 Joy TCM Clinic - TCM Treatment for Excessive Sweating From ...
Huang Qi (Astragalus Root) is a traditional Chinese herb long used to treat excessive sweating. It can be used to rectify cases of excessive sweating, including ...
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16 Menopause and Sweating - HealthCMi
Night sweating is typically due to Yin deficiency and is classified in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a form of stealing sweating.
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17 The clinical study of the optimalization of surgical treatment ...
... in treating palmar hyperhidrosis and the compensatory hyperhidrosis after ... and the traditional Chinese medicine intervention on palmar hyperhidrosis.
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18 Hot Flashes and Night Sweats in Chinese Medicine
A common cause of this lack of coolant and extra heat is from doing too much and being too little. When our internal energy and internal organs are too active ...
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19 Can Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine help Excessive ...
Hyperhidrosis refers to excessive sweating, so palmar hyperhidrosis refers specifically to sweaty palms. While this condition is not life threatening or ...
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20 Traditional Chinese medicine formula for stopping sweating of ...
The invention discloses a traditional Chinese medicine formula for stopping sweating of hands and feet and a preparation method of the traditional Chinese ...
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21 How Can Acupuncture Help Alleviate Excessive Sweating?
Excessive sweating can be cured through traditional Chinese medicine. Although the western medicine industry has developed certain drugs and invasive ...
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22 Stop Uncontrollable Sweating - York Traditional Acupuncture
Traditional Chinese Medicine takes a much more holistic view of the body. Sweating is a natural, normal, healthy function so if it is ...
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23 Natural Remedies for Hyperhidrosis
Sage is another very helpful herb for hyperhidrosis. Sage leaves have tannic acid in them which constricts sweat glands and reduces perspiration ...
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24 Acupuncture Treatments for sweating - One Hand Acupuncturist
Traditional Chinese Medicine is used to treat excessive sweating in patients as a digestive issue. Acupuncture and Herbs are the primary treatment. Dr. Olivier ...
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25 Can acupuncture help treat an excessive sweating problem?
It has been my experience that acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine are extremely successful in the treatment of sweating. How one sweats is a key ...
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26 excess sweating — Blog - A Center for Natural Healing
According to Chinese Medicine, the Triple Heater system is an organ but it has no form. This is a system that essentially coordinates the organ ...
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27 (PDF) Acupuncture for the Treatment of Hyperhidrosis
Acupuncture is a form of treatment that has been used with success, because this condition, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is caused ...
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28 Chinese expert consensus on the surgical treatment of primar...
Primary palmar hyperhidrosis (PPH) is a pathologic condition of excessive sweating on hands that has.
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29 Hyperhydrosis or Excessive Sweating
Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are very effective in the treatment of excessive sweating. The principle of treating excessive sweating by Chinese ...
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30 5 Surprising Ways to Stop Sweating | Official Site
› About Us › Press Releases
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31 TCM to treat sweaty palms, Health News - AsiaOne
In TCM, palmar hyperhidrosis is likely due to deficiencies in the functions of the spleen, stomach, heart, liver and kidneys. Or, it could be ...
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32 Excessive sweating | The Encyclopedia of World Problems
In Chinese medicine, spontaneous sweating indicates that protective [qi] is not properly regulating the pores and that there may be a pattern of deficient [yang] ...
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33 Acupuncture, An Effective Hyperhidrosis Treatment
I personally recommend acupuncture. Acupuncture is a traditional chinese treatment on which needles are inserted at the right accupoints or ...
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34 Pattern of disharmony between the heart and kidney
In Chinese medicine, the heart and kidney are two closely-related zang organs. ... 30 g can be added to secure the exterior to stop excessive sweating.
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35 How to Stop Sweating Naturally - Huge List Tips & Home ...
Schisandra: This herb is used in Chinese medicine to treat night sweats, especially in menopausal women. It's might also help kidney function and balance bodily ...
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36 Combat Summer Heat and Humidity with Traditional Chinese ...
During the summer months, Chinese Medicine would recommend avoiding excess sweating as excess sweat can led to exhaustion of Yin energy ...
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37 The Fire Element in TCM | Thomson Chinese Medicine
Excessive sweating: In TCM, perspiration is the “fluid” of the Heart. Sweat comes from body fluid and the Heart controls body fluids to some extent. If you ...
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38 17 Integrative Management of Hyperhidrosis - Oxford Academic
Again, through its calming and antidepressant effect, St. John's wort is proposed to be effective in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. Like many other medications ...
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39 Chinese Medicine Treatment for Sweaty Palms and Feet
In TCM herbal prescriptions, specific herbs like sour jujube seed, shriveled wheat, ephedra root, oyster shell and fossil bone are used to arrest excessive ...
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40 Stay Cool With Chinese Medicine - Olanani
If you are out in the sun, cover your head and neck to prevent too much heat entering your system from the acupressure point DU14.
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41 What is Dampness in the Body | Chinese Medicine
Sauna. Visit a low heat sauna to gently promote a light sweat. High temperature saunas, which encourage heavy sweating, can be damaging to the body's yin. Use ...
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42 Home - Acupuncturist Kelowna
Our practitioners have experience treating conditions like yours and know the most effective treatment methods to get results. Get the benefits of an expert ...
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43 Fretting About Your Sweating? - Best Acupuncture llc
Excessive sweat or foul smelling body odor causes discomfort and embarrassment. ... By looking at the specifics of excessive sweating, Chinese Medicine can ...
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44 Insights from the Perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine ...
According to the Chinese medicine principle, viscera are closely related to ... and “sweat and fluid are homologous,” excessive sweating will lead to more ...
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45 Excessive Sweating: 6 Natural Treatments for Hyperhidrosis
A medical device that sends a low-voltage current through water you are soaking your hands or feet in. The electrical current causes the sweat ...
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46 Dampness – TCM's approach - Shine Holistic
In Chinese medicine, dampness is considered to be the cause or contributing ... and bones (including sweating of the excessive dampness from the tissues).
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47 Sweat Problems Health Issues/Symptoms Connections
It is critical to appreciate that in Chinese Medicine, treatment for "sweat ... that led to the development of "sweat problems" - i.e. the "cause(s)".
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48 Traditional Chinese medicine: perspectives on and treatment ...
TCM treatment for hot flushes. Approximately 60–80% of menopausal women experience hot flushes and sweating and the peak stage of onset occurs ...
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49 The Heart & Traditional Chinese Medicine - Carahealth
For example glossitis or inflammation of the tongue, spontaneous excessive sweating, speech disorders and insomnia are all seen as heart pathologies or ...
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50 Role of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Management of ...
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) plays an important role in the ... even visible high fever, heavy panting, profuse sweating, etc.
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51 Chinese skin remedies | Netwerk24
Do gentle, non-taxing exercise (not too much sweating). Consider Chinese medicine if you struggle with acne, alopecia, dermatitis/eczema, ...
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52 International traditional Chinese medicine guideline for ...
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is one of the earliest complementary ... Key differentials: extreme thirsty, excessive sweating, full and forceful pulse.
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53 Traditional Chinese Medicine Overview | LearnSkin
Healthy: Ample qi, blood, and body fluids produce sweat. Lung qi regulates the opening and closing of pores. · Lung qi deficiency or heat leads to excessive ...
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54 Sweaty Palms - Hyperhidrosis Treatment
Drysol® is reported to work in 8 out of 10 people who use it to decrease excessive sweating. It is applied at bedtime and then washed off in the morning.
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55 Home Remedies to Combat Sweat - Neat Apparel
More recently, an article in the Journal of Chinese Medicine discussed the use of acupuncture for hyperhidrosis.
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56 Why Sweat a Cold? - 4 Branches Chinese Medicine Center
Typically, herbs or acupuncture can be used to induce a sweat. So can a hot bath or shower, as well as a cup of peppermint, yarrow, chamomile, ...
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57 Fight your cold and flu with traditional Chinese medicine
› healthysetgo › care › fig...
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58 Let's Talk About Hot Flashes! - Whitney Green Acupuncture
In Traditional Chinese Medicine hot flashes are due to an ... Stabilizes the Kidneys and astringes fluids; Stops excessive sweating.
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59 inflammation - turns out, some don't like it hot
Chinese Medicine looks at inflammation as excess Heat in the body, which, from the Western view, is the result of too much cortisol and ...
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Leg cramps are often due to potassium deficiencies, which occur when minerals are flushed out by diuretics, caffeinated beverages or heavy perspiration during ...
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61 A review of Chinese medicine for the treatment of psoriasis
For example, Half of Ephedrae Herba and Cinnamomi Ramulus Geban Decoction, which can promote sweating, has been used in clinic, and after oral ...
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62 Summer Solutions: Managing Heat - Acupuncture Today
I have discussed this important concept in several past columns and will now address the idea of how the summer season and in particular, excess sweating, ...
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63 Beat the Summer Heat with Traditional Chinese Medicine!
Try an herbal tea to rehydrate! Chrysanthemum flowers are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a remedy for Summer Heat Syndrome.
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64 What is Yin Deficiency and How Can We Tonify Our Yin
If I were asked to simplify Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); with respect to thousands of ... Night-Sweating ... REDUCE EXCESS SWEATING:.
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65 Traditional Chinese Medicine Tips for Summer -
Some health concerns that often come up during the summer are insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, depression, irritability, excessive sweating, ...
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66 Energy Disturbances in Panic Syndrome and How Can We ...
... excessive sweating, high-blood pressure, shortness of breath, chest pain, among other symptoms. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, panic syndrome is ...
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67 Hyperhidrosis Treatment FAQs | Mount Sinai - New York
The most effective treatment for hyperhidrosis is endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS), a surgical procedure. We use special equipment to cut the sympathetic ...
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68 Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) – causes and treatments
Surgery: if your hyperhidrosis is severe, your doctor may recommend surgery to remove the sweat glands or sever the nerves. This can be a more permanent ...
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69 Botulinum Toxin A for Axillary Hyperhidrosis (Excessive ...
Treatment of primary focal hyperhidrosis is often unsatisfactory. Botulinum toxin A can stop excessive sweating by blocking the release of ...
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70 Lung Qi Deficiency: An Analysis According to Chinese Medicine
Signs & Symptoms. – Weak cough. – Spontaneous daytime sweating. – Getting sick frequently. – Shortness of Breath. – Dislike of Speaking.
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71 Acupuncture and Herbs for Menopausal Hot Flashes
Zhi bai di huang wan/temper fire: This is probably the most popular Chinese herbal formula for hot flashes. It is considered a kidney yin tonic that clears fire ...
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72 Qi Deficiency: Symptoms, Treatment, and More - Healthline
However, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a balanced qi is vital ... asthma; weak or breathy voice; weak immune system; spontaneous sweating ...
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73 Damp-Heat - Giovanni Maciocia
Damp-Heat in Chinese Medicine. Damp Heat ... Dampness may result from the excessive consumption of greasy foods, dairy foods, sweets, sugar, ...
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74 Botox, acupuncture among treatments for excessive perspiration
Elena Krasnov of Toronto Naturopathic Clinic said she has treated patients coping with excessive sweating with general detoxification. She uses ...
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75 SWEATING - Basicmedical Key
Excessive sweating is always considered a symptom requiring the doctor's attention in Chinese medicine. In order to define 'excessive ...
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76 Hyperhydrosis Acupuncture - My Excessive Sweating
Chinese medicine, such as hyperhydrosis acupuncture, is often over looked by western medicine and may be worth pursuing before attempting surgery or ...
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77 Six Excesses in Chinese Medicine - Poway, CA - Mosher Health
This excess type of heat arises only from the external influences of extreme or prolonged heat. Its symptoms include: Shortness of breath; Excessive sweating ...
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78 Chinese Medicine suggestions about what to eat (and what ...
With summer well underway we wanted to share some Chinese Medicine suggestions ... from excessive phlegm, water retention, excessive sweating, inflammation, ...
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79 Effective Home Remedy for Excessive Sweating
Sweat Miracle Excessive Sweating Cure · Properties And Indications Of Ge Gen In Traditional Chinese Medicine · Prince Ginseng (Tai Zi Shen) · Notopterygium (Qiang ...
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80 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Treats Hyperhidrosis
Traditional Chinese Medicine works by correcting imbalances in the body. Treating the imbalance does not just treat the symptoms or mask the condition, like ...
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81 Qi deficiency: What is it and can you treat it?
The concept of qi deficiency comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine. ... A general qi deficiency may cause some overall symptoms of fatigue and illness.
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82 Night sweating and Chinese Medicine - OsogamiOsogami
Night sweating and Chinese Medicine ... Sweating is condition in which the body takes out through the pores acid fluids that have some smell, it ...
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83 Hyperhidrosis Surgery | Cedars-Sinai
Traditionally, medical experts treated hyperhidrosis with nonsurgical methods like antiperspirant, muscle relaxing injections and medication.
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84 Acupuncture for night sweats
According to TCM night sweats are associated with a diminished Yin essence, by nourishing the yin deficiency, Chinese herbs and acupuncture aim to reduce ...
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85 Chinese medicine and acupuncture : r/Hyperhidrosis - Reddit
Has anyone had experience with Chinese doctors and their way of "treating" hyperhidrosis? I've seen my doctor twice and it's been around a ...
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86 How Emotions and Organs Are Connected in Chinese Medicine
For example, according to TCM theory, excessive irritability and anger can affect the liver and result in multiple ailments, including menstrual ...
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87 Staying Healthy in Summer According to Chinese Medicine
Insomnia · Palpitations · Red complexion · Excessive sweating · Irritability, anxiety, restlessness · Depression (too little joy) or mania (excess ...
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88 Perspiration - American Dragon - Chinese Herbs
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89 Traditional Chinese medicine - Wikipedia
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is an alternative medical practice drawn from traditional ... sweat, urine, semen, etc. from leakage or excessive emission.
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90 Colds & Flu and Traditional Chinese Medicine
The primary focus of therapy, if the patient is not sweating, such as in a Wind-Cold attack, is to cause sweating and “release” the pathogen from the body.
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91 Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedies for Heat-related ...
By the time you arrive, you are sweating profusely. You decide to find the nearest air conditioner and stand in front of it for 15 minutes ...
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92 Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture for Heart Palpitations
Chinese herbalists are careful in prescribing various herbs that cause too much sweating and do not prescribe herbs for long periods of time if ...
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93 Managing Menopause Symptoms With Traditional Chinese ...
Menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, ... Cooking with Chinese herbs and incorporating food therapy have been done for ...
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94 Sweaty Palms and Feet, Chinese Medicine Remedies - Pinterest
Jan 22, 2014 - Excessive hand sweating is the most common sweating problem; sweaty hands usually come along with sweaty feet. According to Chinese medicine ...
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95 Nine Body Constitutions in Chinese Medicine
They often present with oily face, sticky or sweet taste in the mouth, excessive throat secretion, sweating, chest stuffiness, preference for sweet and greasy ...
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96 Modern Literature Research on Children Sweat Syndrome ...
Pediatric sweating syndrome refers to the syndrome of excessive sweating of the whole ... children's sweat syndrome, but Chinese medicine pays attention to ...
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97 Acupuncture - Hyperhidrosis Network
From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, the points used to treat a condition such as excessive sweating depends on an individual person's ...
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