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1 GCSE Equivilent in Australia - British Expats
There seems to be more emphasis on further education here, whether that's certificates/diplomas at college, or a degree at university. So no, ...
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2 Differences Between Australian and UK Schools
Although both Australia and the UK are English speaking countries, ... In the UK, students will take their GCSEs at the end of Year 11.
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3 Take the GCSE Before Moving to Australia or Wait Until After?
Should you wait until your teenager has taken the GCSE before moving to Australia? Here's why you shouldn't wait and resources for 482 visa holders.
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4 Online GCSE and A-Level Courses in Australia - CloudLearn
Looking to study GCSEs or A-Levels in Australia? CloudLearn are the UK's only GCSE & A-Level specialists and we offer interest-free payment plans & 1:1 ...
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5 Why choose IGCSEs/International GCSEs? | British Council
IGCSEs/International GCSEs usually take two years to complete. Assessment ranges from written to oral tests, as well as practical exams and coursework. Please ...
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6 G.C.S.E or australian equilivent - Education - Moving to Australia
There is not really a UK equivalent of GCSE's. Kids usually leave school at 17/18 her with their high school certificate, ...
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7 The differences between the UK and Australian curriculum
During Key Stage 4 most pupils work towards national qualifications – usually GCSEs (General Certificates Secondary Education). These exams are a very important ...
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8 Sitting GCSEs in Australia - The Student Room
I'd assume that they've got similar content etc. if you can't find a school that does IGCSEs, then I assume that there's some sort of Australian equivalent.
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9 International Qualification Equivalences - Hartpury College
AUSTRALIA. (General). AQF Certificate III & IV is considered to be comparable to. NVQ level 2 to 3 (GCSE equivalent). AQF Certificate IV and the AQF.
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10 I'm 17, live in the UK, and want to study in Australia ... - Quora
If you're 17 with no GCSEs, you will probably need to study for a year or two at an Australian high school. With no GCSEs and no A levels, you will probably ...
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11 Top IGCSE Schools in Australia - Tutopiya
There are 19 international schools that offer the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum in Australia. This list also includes the school's respective ...
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12 Australian Education Standards Compared to the UK and USA.
In Australian Capital Territory, each student gets a year 12 certificate which lists the subjects they have taken and the results are achieved.
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13 Keeping Up with the British Curriculum in Australia
While all across England children take their GCSEs and then A-Levels, the name of the qualification Australian pupils receive varies from ...
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14 How are GCSEs graded across the UK? - Yahoo News
Students receive their GCSE results on Thursday (Gareth Fuller/PA) (PA Wire) ... on the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia and around the world.
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15 General Certificate of Secondary Education - Wikipedia
The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is an academic qualification in a particular subject, taken in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
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16 IGCSE vs GCSE: 5 Differences You Should Know in 2022
As mentioned earlier, GCSE qualifications are only available in the UK and certain schools in a small number of other countries such as Canada, Australia ...
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17 Lazy Australian takes the British GCSE Higher Maths Exam!
Jun 30, 2021
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18 GCE – A levels or Cambridge Advanced Level Examination
The University of Western Australia welcomes applications from ... There are several other qualifications deemed comparable with the GCE.
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19 What's wrong with grades? - No More Marking Australia
Most countries use some form of grading system in their national assessments. England use 1–9 grades for GCSE, in America the grade set of ...
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20 Destination Australia
They are valued by Australian universities as academically rigorous qualifications that equip students with the skills they need to succeed, both at university ...
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21 Australia | The University of Edinburgh
We consider the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), with the successful completion of your state/territory Senior Secondary ...
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22 Comparing domestic and International GCSEs | World Schools
The International GCSE curriculum and examinations are based broadly on the ... Only available in the UK and a small number of schools in Canada, Australia ...
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23 Australia and the Transport of Convicts
Britain would eventually take over the whole of Australia. ... Many ex-convicts decided to stay in Australia after serving their sentence. ... GCSE/iGCSE.
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24 Country equivalencies - The Gordon
› future-international › c...
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25 HSC, A-Ls, AP or IB: Which one do Top Universities Prefer?
Students join our online classes from anywhere in Australia and have the option to either enrol part-time, in conjunction with their standard schooling, ...
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26 International GCSE/ A Level Science Teacher (Remote ...
We are seeking a well-qualified, passionate, and inspiring Australian-based Science Teacher who is looking to transform the future of Education. Our highly ...
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27 Secondary Education System | Study in the UK
GCSEs take a total of 2 years and mark the end of compulsory education for students in the UK. Once they have completed their GCSEs students have the choice to ...
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28 A Level Science Teacher (Remote Teaching) in Australia
Our teachers teach in real-time and use the Edexcel International GCSE and A Level curriculums. We are seeking a well-qualified, passionate, and inspiring ...
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29 Uk GCSE or Australian exams - Education - Perth Poms
Her GCSE's won't count for anything here. Years 11 and 12 are the most important as these form the basis of studying for your WACE certificate.
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30 International schools in Australia – John Catt's School Search
There are 215 IB World Schools in Australia authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma, Middle Years or Primary Years programmes, alone or in ...
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31 Don't drop GCSEs | Filling the pail - Greg Ashman
GCSEs are the exams that sixteen-year-olds take in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. There is no equivalent exam in Australia and when I ...
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32 Schools in Australia | School year equivalents NZ to OZ
Australian schools are organised similarly to NZ. Where there are free government schools that have a residential catchment area and private/Catholic/ ...
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33 Australia Booklet (A Country Study!) - Pinterest
Australian Animals Count and Trace FREE. Description Here are three Australia-themed tracing and counting pages for preschool and pre-K. Count the sets, ...
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34 Case study 2 Australia GCSE Geography 2019 - Quizlet
The provision in MEDCs of state old pension so that old people are not dependent on their children for support in old age. How has the under population affected ...
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35 Young people – News, Research and Analysis
Students collecting their GCSE results this summer will now be obliged to participate in education and training until at least the end of the academic year ...
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36 What is the difference between the IGCSE and the GCSE?
Some students in other Commonwealth countries (such as Canada, Australia and India) can also take the GCSE. What is the difference between the GCSE and the ...
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37 How Important Are Your GCSES When It Comes To Applying ...
› how-important-are-your-gcse...
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38 [Undergrad] - Is GCSE/IGCSE worth anything to Aus Unis?
Ultimately GCSE/IGCSE is equal to the School Certificate in Australia which students sit in year 10 at age ~16 and is not taken into account for ...
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39 Moving after GCSE's - Kids Down Under - PomsinAdelaide
The equivalent of GCSE's is the School Certificate in OZ. They sit this in year 10 (UK year 11). I think! then you go onto either Private ...
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40 International exams available through British Council overseas
Take a professional, medical, vocational or university exam with us. A young boy taking an exam. School exams. Take UK school exams (GCSEs, IGCSEs. O ...
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41 How to study in - Australia - Pearson qualifications
In Australia, there are two major groups of universities: the Go8 and the Australian ... to date (e.g. International AS, International GCSEs, GCESs) and.
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42 GCSE Good Luck Exams Card Personalised Gcses ... - Etsy
› ... › Good Luck Cards
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43 IGCSE (CIE and EDEXCEL) - Eclassopedia
The IGCSE examinations are English language-based examinations similar to GCSE and are recognized in the UK as equivalent to the GCSE. It has become widely ...
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44 United Kingdom - RMIT University
Conversion of RMIT's academic entrance requirements from Australian standards ... LRN IGCSE and Ofqual accredited GCSE / O Levels qualifications (Forecast ...
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45 GCSE in USA: 1 best institutions for foreign students, 2023 fees
... in USA with GCSE. Guidance and assistance with enrolment. Description, reviews, prices, rankings. Official representatives. Discounts available on the ...
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46 Entry Requirements for Australian Universities -
In order to be accepted on to a degree programme, Australian universities ask international students to have qualifications that are equivalent to their ...
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47 From American schools to British (National Curriculum for ...
5 GCSE passes at grade C or higher are considered the rough equivalent of a US High School Diploma (without Honors or 'Advanced Placement' (AP) classes). This ...
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48 Entry requirements for students from Australia
If you are studying for Australian qualifications, you will need a suitable equivalent grade to apply for our undergraduate courses.
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49 What's the difference between IGCSEs and GCSEs?
Like GCSEs, IGCSEs are also recognised by all the Ivy League colleges in the US and top institutions across Canada, Australia, Europe, ...
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50 Entry requirements - undergraduate study - international ...
Are you an international student? You're considered an international student based on your citizenship – even if you're currently studying in Australia. Entry ...
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51 International GCSE | IGCSE teaching resources
We are renowned globally for our international GCSE / IGCSE content and assessment for 28 different subjects, which is proven to engage students, consolidate ...
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52 4 things UK school systems could learn from Australia - Tes
While the state still sets the curriculum, teachers in Victoria are a lot freer to design how they teach. There is also a wider range of ...
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53 Moving to UK from Australia with school aged kids
In their final year of schooling (6th form), students complete their A level or AS level exams. The GCSE A Level exams can be compared to the HSC, VCE or QCE ...
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54 Moving to Australia after GCSEs - will this destroy chances of ...
Qualifications are a separate issue - ie she can apply with Australian qaulifications even if she is applying as a 'home fee status' student.
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55 Education and Schools in the United Kingdom - Expat Arrivals
Secondary school for most children starts at age 11. Students have the option of finishing school at the age of 16 after completing their GCSEs or continuing ...
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56 GCSE vs IGCSE: A debate that's dividing UK schools
The GCSE is considered more rigorous because the rules are more stringent, such as the fact that students can only sit for the GCSE exams in ...
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57 Australia | University of Leeds
75% from High School Certificate, IELTS 6.0 overall, GCSE C or an equivalent qualification is required: Acceptable Language Qualifications.
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58 International Applicants - NYU
However, there are a few things international applicants applying to our New York ... O-levels nor (I)GCSE results will be sufficient for admission); or ...
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59 IGCSE to apply for Australian visa - Travel Stack Exchange
@Karlson IGCSEs are the international equivalent of the UK GCSE program sat many 16 yr olds who follow British curriculum outside the UK. The ...
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60 IGCSE vs. GCSE - what's the difference? - Latest News
GCSE – GCSE exams are available to sit in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. They can also be taken in India, Canada, and Australia.
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61 How Do Homeschooled Kids Sit Exams?
The UK · The USA · Australia · International – Global – Worldwide Exams · Online Schools · Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs ( and other courses).
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Edunovice provides quality education to students across Australia. We understand that some students are struggling with studies and we are here to help .
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63 Catholic Australia - GCSE History - Marked by
However, some Irish Catholics had arrived in Australia as well, and there was a lot of conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants.
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64 What is the Difference Between IGCSE and GCSE? - GoStudent
Students in other Commonwealth countries – such as Canada, Australia and India – can also take the GCSE. You can read all about the GSCE ...
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65 International qualifications | UCAS
The universities in Australia are autonomous institutions and set their own faculty and course ... Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) qualifications,.
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66 Wasteful, costly and cruel: it's time to bin GCSEs for good
› commentisfree › feb
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67 Recognised qualifications - The University of Sydney
Australia · Higher School Certificate (HSC) – New South Wales · ACT Senior Secondary Certificate (ACT SSC) – Australian Capital Territory · Queensland Certificate ...
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68 Recent trends in modern foreign language exam entries in ...
Spanish GCSE qualifications in England, Northern Ireland and Wales or their GCSE equivalents in Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, United States of ...
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69 GCSE / iGCSE / O Level Maths Revision | MyMathsCloud
The GCSE Maths qualification is only available in the UK and certain schools in a small number of other countries such as Canada, Australia and India.
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70 US private schools often inflate student grades. This could ...
This could happen in Australia if we cancel year 12 exams ... Their GCSE and A-level exams have been cancelled and replaced with teacher ...
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71 AQA GCSE History: Understanding Modern World
In the spirit of reconciliation Teacher Superstore acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea ...
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72 Comparing government schools in the UK and South Africa
In England, there are two school qualifications that students receive during senior school, GCSEs (or International GCSEs) and A-Levels.
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73 Grading System in the UK - GetUniOffer Blog
The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is a qualification generally taken by UK students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland at the end of ...
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74 Share of top GCSE grades is above pre-pandemic levels for ...
On Wednesday, Pearson said that about 7,000 pupils were “currently ineligible to receive their grade because they do not meet the qualification ...
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75 Managing the challenges of moving between school curricula
“If students return to the UK after Year 11 without having completed GCSEs, we have found that there is an increasing willingness on the ...
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76 Study Medicine in Australia: Undergraduate Degrees
Study Medicine in Australia for International Students: What aptitude test do I need? ... All but one of the Australian universities that require aptitude test ...
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77 Required Secondary School Credentials - CUNY
› undergraduate › apply › secon...
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78 Tony Blair Institute Urges Replacing GCSEs, A-Levels for New ...
› news › articles › scrap-g...
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79 Requirements By Country - Undergraduate Admissions
Australia. Australian Capitol Territory: ACT Year 12 Certificate. New South Wales: Higher School Certificate (HSC). Northern Territory: Northern Territory ...
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80 What is the Difference Between IGCSEs & GCSEs?
GCSE stands for the General Certificate of Secondary Education. These are a set of qualifications that are taken by Year 11 students across the ...
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81 Here Are The Exams You Need To Take For Study In Australia
The Pearson Test of English Academic is a language test that all universities in Australia accept. Just like the previous two, this test also ...
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82 The British School System Explained | MoveHub
In the UK, students are expected to learn and prepare for two mandatory assessments – SATs and GCSEs. Past these are A Levels, but this is ...
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83 Future Generations Commissioner calls for end to GCSEs ...
Today, the Education Minister Kirsty Williams said there will be no GCSE, AS Level or A-Level exams in 2021.
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84 Exams tested by Covid-19: An opportunity to rethink ... - NCBI
... from Australian teachers about how high-stakes exams shape their ... General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exams in Britain.
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85 International Applicants - UCLA Undergraduate Admission
› apply › international-applic...
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86 Year 10 exams: Everything you need to know
Year 10 exams are an important part of the two-year journey towards taking GCSEs at the end of year 11. If students take the opportunity to learn how to revise ...
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87 What will replace GCSEs and A-levels exams 2021? Here's ...
GCSE and A-level exams have been cancelled for 2021, because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and third lockdown that saw schools closed. The ...
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88 Routes to qualified teacher status (QTS) for ... - GOV.UK
There are 4 routes to qualified teacher status for teachers and trainees ... A GCSE is an academic qualification awarded for examinations in ...
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89 General English – ACU International
... English Program is an ideal way to commence your studies in Australia. ... These courses range in duration from 5 to 40 weeks, and are available at our ...
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90 General Certificate of Education (GCE) | Study at UQ
GCE AS Level and GCSE/O Level subjects: Grade of C or better ... The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), ... Brisbane Qld 4072 Australia.
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91 Minimum entry requirements - Admissions - Monash University
Australian qualification · Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) · Interstate Year 12 qualification · International Baccalaureate (IB) · University studies/ ...
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92 Requirements to Study in UK for International Students
GCSE refers to a general certificate of secondary education that is an academic qualification in a particular subject. It is mainly accepted in ...
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93 Australian International School Sharjah, University City
› sharjah-through › austra...
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94 Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) examinations are offered by Pearson Edexcel. Pearson Edexcel is an examining and awarding body based ...
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