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1 Gray Divorce: The Complete Guide (2022)
Reasons for Gray Divorce · Finances · Infidelity · Addictions · More autonomy for women. · Empty Nest Syndrome · Retirement · Better health and longer ...
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2 Facing a Gray Divorce? Watch Out for These 7 Critical Issues
Some couples can pinpoint the exact cause of the demise of the marriage. But in a grey divorce, there is often no infidelity and no major blowout that led to ...
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3 Intro to Gray Divorce - McKinley Irvin
The phrase "Gray Divorce" refers to divorces involving spouses over the age of 50, and who are typically members of the Baby Boomer generation. While the ...
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4 70s Are the New 50s: How Grey Divorce Differs from a Typical ...
Grey Divorce is the term referring to the rising rate in older adults, typically from long-lasting marriages, getting divorced.
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5 Grey Divorce: Its Reasons & Its Implications - Forbes
Reasons for Grey Divorce · Financial Management · Growing Apart · Infidelity · Better Health and Life Expectancy Rates · Addictions.
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6 Why More Couples Are Divorcing at Older Ages (and After ...
Bill and Melinda Gates are separating after 27 years of marriage. Experts say 'gray divorce' is on the rise. Becky Upham.
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7 Most Common Reasons for Gray Divorce | Modern Law
Most Common Reasons for Gray Divorce · Finances · Addictions · Infidelity · Spending More Time Together Is Not Always a Good Thing · Falling Out of Love Happens.
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8 Grey divorce - Wikipedia
Grey divorce or silver splitter, is a term referring to the demographic trend of an increasing divorce rate for older ("grey-haired") couples in ...
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9 The Aftermath of Gray Divorce For Men, Women, and Their ...
From certain angles, “gray divorce,” usually defined as divorces involving couples over 50, doesn't seem like such a big deal.
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10 Why the Divorce Rate for Older Couples Keeps Rising
Many factors contribute to "gray divorce," including an increased willingness to face relationship differences after children leave home.
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11 7 Common Reasons for Gray Divorce - Best Legal Choices
7 Common Reasons for Gray Divorce · 1. Financial Matters · 2. Grew Apart · 3. Kids are Gone · 4. Intimacy is Gone · 5. Better Health · 6. Too ...
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12 Gray Divorce: an Attorney's Advice for Separation When You ...
The rise of gray divorce can potentially be attributed to a variety of things: people are living longer, both spouses are working and are ...
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13 Is Cheating Responsible for Gray Divorce? - San Diego
“Even as overall divorce rates have fallen in recent decades, there has been a startling surge in 'grey divorce' among the middle-aged. Part of that story seems ...
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14 Why Are So Many Baby Boomers Getting Divorced Right Now?
“Boomer” or “gray” divorce, aka divorce among people currently in their mid-50s to 70s, is skyrocketing. Over the past 20 years, the overall ...
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15 What is a gray divorce? 6 things to know about splitting up ...
› health › what-gray-divorce-6-...
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16 What are the most common reasons behind a gray divorce?
In most cases, when a gray divorce happens, it's due to the couples drifting apart after so many years of marriage. It's even possible that some ...
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17 Gray Divorce: The Essential Guide to Ending a Marriage After 50
A 2014 University of Michigan study found that 31% of gray marriages ended in divorce when at least one partner was seriously ill. Health problems can bring a ...
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18 5 Reasons Behind the Gray Divorce Phenomenon
The “Gray Divorce” Phenomenon Explained · #1. Baby boomers are more likely to remarry after divorce. · #2. Older couples experience “empty nest ...
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19 Four Reasons for Rise in Gray Divorce - Thrive Global
Men often initiate divorce because of money management clashes and “lingering resentment about the ways the children were raised,” Crowley says.
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20 Why More Couples are Getting a Gray Divorce
Why More Couples are Getting a Gray Divorce · Retirement. Retirement can bring a dramatic change in lifestyle that can negatively affect the marriage. · Sexually.
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21 What Is a Gray Divorce? - Kallen Law Firm, LLC
Gray Divorce: Its Reasons · Abuse. No one should have to endure abuse of any kind, especially from someone they love. · Addiction. · Empty-nest ...
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22 Gray divorce can be financially devastating - MarketWatch
So-called “gray divorce” can be financially devastating, especially for women. Older women who experience a divorce see their standard of living ...
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23 Gray Divorce: A Growing Risk Regardless of Class or Education
Gray divorce is a recent phenomenon and scholars are just beginning to investigate its antecedents and consequences. For the most part, factors traditionally ...
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24 About Gray Divorce | The Law Office of Ian S. Mednick, P.C.
Another possible reason for the increase in the gray divorce rate is the better health and longer life expectancy enjoyed by older adults. Married individuals ...
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25 Is Alimony Ever Awarded in a Gray Divorce?
Anyone who gets divorced later in life goes through a gray divorce. There are a number of complicated factors that can dictate how the divorce ...
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26 Are You Headed For A Gray Divorce? - Divide and Thrive
› blogs › blog › are-yo...
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27 Understanding the Ins & Outs of Gray Divorce
Gray divorce (also known as a “silver splitter”) is a divorce between two older adults, typically in their 50s or older, whose marriage lasted ...
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28 How to Avoid a Gray Divorce - Quick and Dirty Tips
Causes of Gray Divorce · 1. Empty-Nest Syndrome · 2. Retirement · 3. Poor Health.
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29 Long Island Gray Divorce Attorneys | Divorcing Over 50
The trend is called Gray divorce. When a couple divorces in mid-life — over the age of 50 through age 70 by some standards — or after decades of marriage, it ...
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30 Gray Divorce: A Guide to Managing Split Finances in Retirement
There are a multitude of reasons why people decide to get divorced later in life. Some of these reasons are the same for younger couples deciding to split — ...
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31 Gray Divorce: Reasons Why Couples Divorce Later in Life
Gray Divorce: Reasons Why Couples Divorce Later in Life · Growing apart. Most gray divorces are years in the making and aren't sudden occurrences ...
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32 Gray Divorce/Divorce Over 50 - Naimi & Cerceo
According to researchers, gray divorces are becoming more common for several reasons. The first being couples married for over 20 years may grow apart.
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33 What is Gray Divorce | Trust & Will
Gray Divorce Reasons · Finances: Significant debt can put stress on a relationship, causing arguments and frustrations. · Loss of connection: As the years go by, ...
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34 Understanding Gray Divorce - Cairns Law Offices
Common Causes of Gray Divorce · No longer having anything in common. After couples become empty nesters or either party retires, they may begin ...
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35 The Rise of Gray Divorce | Lawrence Law Office
Reasons for Gray Divorce · Working women. In the past, money was a huge barrier to divorce. · Empty nest syndrome. Children tend to leave the home ...
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36 'Gray Divorce' Rates Are Exploding Due to This Perfect Storm
› Personal Finance
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37 Virginia gray divorces can cause unexpected financial ...
Gray divorce creates unique financial considerations primarily because it occurs at a lager stage in life. Spouses typically have had more time to accumulate ...
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38 Gray Divorce - The Couples Center
“Gray divorce” refers to the divorce of couples over the age of 50 who have been in a long-term marriage. Lately, divorce rates for this ...
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Gray Divorce refers to the demographic trend of older couples divorcing from long-lasting marriages. A Bowling Green University study found that divorce ...
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40 5 reasons gray divorces are on the rise
1. People are living longer · 2. Older couples have the necessary financial resources · 3. The stigma of divorce no longer exists · 4. More women ...
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41 How a 'Gray Divorce' Affects Your Finances - SmartAsset
A gray divorce refers to couples who legally split up later in life, usually after 40 years or more of marriage. The instances of gray divorce ...
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42 The Reasons Behind Gray Divorce - Beyond the First Dance
To file for divorce after decades together is not an impulsive decision. Rather feelings of frustration, unhappiness, and unmet needs are cited ...
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43 Financial Considerations in a Gray Divorce
The division of assets and debts. If you are getting a gray divorce, it can be a large undertaking to divide your marital estate. · Alimony.
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44 Gray Divorce Attorney in East Islip, NY
In a gray divorce, one of the reasons couples split is that both spouses have grown apart. Throughout a particularly long marriage, life goals and values may ...
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45 Guide to Gray Divorce - Modern Family Law Firm
There are many reasons for the trend, from less stigma associated with divorce than in the past, to people realizing that their remaining years are precious and ...
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46 Gray Divorce for Men Over 50 | Micklin Law Group
Gray divorce is a term used to refer to divorcing couples over 50 and those who have been together for 20+ years. This demographic is divorcing at higher ...
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47 Grey Divorce | Charlotte Family Law Lawyers Arnold & Smith
Retirement is another common cause of gray divorce. When a married couple is focusing on raising their children and their career, they have an overarching sense ...
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48 Gray Divorce in Arizona - Cantor Law Group
Baby boomers who are facing a divorce after years of being married are on the rise, and the phrase 'gray divorce' has been coined to describe this recent ...
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49 What Are Gray Divorces? | Marlton Divorce Lawyers
Money is the leading cause of arguments for married couples, so it is no surprise that conflict over finances is a frequent cause of divorce.
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50 'Gray divorce' brings struggles and a possibility of late-in-life ...
She's learned, though, that parting ways with a spouse later in life — a trend sociologists call “Gray Divorce” — brings not only the ...
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51 Understanding the 'Gray Divorce' Trend in Maryland
There's a trend of older individuals getting divorced in Maryland. Known as a 'gray divorce,' mature couples, typically baby boomers, ...
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52 “Gray Divorce” and How to Handle the Process Later in Life
Couples divorcing later in life may have more assets than their younger counterparts—and parties with more assets may experience a more difficult or complex ...
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53 The [Rising] Trend of "Grey Divorce" in Arizona
The trend of grey divorce has been dubbed “Gray Divorce.” Gray divorce, sometimes called a “Silver Divorce”, refers to divorces that occur ...
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54 Gray Divorce and Second Marriages
All these potential reasons hold weight and may factor in, but there is one simple reason this rate keeps growing: For a lot of those who are 50 and older, they ...
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55 What Are “Gray Divorces,” And Why Are They Increasing?
Of course, one of the main reasons for gray divorce is that people simply grow apart after many years of marriage. However, people have always grown apart ...
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56 Could Gray Divorce Be an Act of Love?
But gray divorce has been used more commonly in recent years as the divorce rate for those 55 and older has been on the rise. The term was originally coined “ ...
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57 Gray Divorce - Held Law Firm
What is a gray divorce? The phrase “gray divorce” refers to an older couple divorcing after a long term marriage. The causes of a gray divorce ...
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58 5 Catalysts of Gray Divorce | Reasons - Moshier Law Group
Financial concerns can be a catalyst for a gray divorce. Financial issues are sensitive for many people, and when one spouse struggles with finances, tension ...
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59 What Are the Leading Causes of Gray Divorce?
Reasons Gray Divorce Is on the Rise · Overspending habits · Budgeting habits (or lack thereof) · Only one spouse is responsible for making ...
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60 What is a gray divorce? - Nelson Law Group, PC
But people over 50 get divorced more often than you think, whether it is the grandparents who have been together for 50 or more years or the countless cases of ...
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61 COVID-19 and the later life divorce trend.
“Why now, after all this time?” we might ask ourselves. However, while there have been some recent high-profile splits, “Gray Divorces” – the term referring to ...
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62 Why is gray divorce usually harder on women than men?
Reasons for gray divorce are complicated. The reasons that older people are divorcing are numerous, but in many cases the decision to call it quits usually only ...
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63 How “Gray Divorce” Impacts Women Differently
Over the last couple of decades, researchers have identified a trend in divorce rates and older adults. ... As the article argues, gray divorces often results in ...
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64 Exploring the gray divorce phenomenon in Georgia
Gray divorce can affect a couple's relationship with their children and grandchildren, even though they are no longer living with them. The divorcing couple may ...
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65 Gray Divorce: Special Concerns for Older Couples
There are many reasons for the upswing in gray divorce. Often, we hear of parties separating because of their empty nest. The children are out of the house, ...
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66 Four Challenges Couples Face During a Gray Divorce | IL
chicago divorce lawyer For various reasons, the rate of divorce among couples over the age of 50 continues to grow. While many divorces have ...
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67 Gray Divorce: Divorce After Age 50 -
Why are more older people getting a divorce? There are a number of reasons why gray divorce is on the rise. Here's a look at some of the top reasons:
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68 Avoiding Gray Divorce Regrets – Are You Making The Right ...
Midlife crisis for both men and women can often be a cause of gray divorce. The transition from young adult to older adult and the many changes ...
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69 Challenges of a Gray Divorce - Johnson Law Group
The ever-growing number of gray divorces is attributed to many reasons. Some of the most common causes of higher divorce rates for couples ...
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70 Gray Divorce - Sara Yogev, PhD
About 1% of married Americans over age 50 get divorced each year. · 55% of gray divorces involve couples who have been married for 20 years.
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71 What Is a Gray Divorce vs. a Standard Divorce? | PA Blog
Typically, gray divorce is the dissolution of a marriage between spouses who are over the age of 50. This term has become relevant because, ...
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72 Warning Signs of Gray Divorce - 10 Key Things to Look For
Warning Signs of Gray Divorce · When spouses lose respect for each other · Worries about getting older · Your kids want you to get a divorce · You are no longer ...
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73 Survival Strategies for Gray Divorce
While infidelity is often cited as a major reason for divorce among younger couples, it's also a common cause of gray divorce. With more time on their hands and ...
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74 Rancho Cucamonga Gray Divorce Attorney | Couples Over 50 ...
The most common reason fueling the increased number of gray divorces is an empty nest. After spending so many years caring for and raising their children, ...
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75 The rise of gray divorce in Alaska
The increased population of people over the age of 50 is not the only thing to blame for the rising number of gray divorces. Financial stability is also ...
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76 Divorce After 50: How a Gray Divorce Is Different
There are several reasons for this, but namely, it seems to be that as people live longer into their retirement years, more and more people are ...
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77 Gray Divorce - AZ Family Law Lawyers
There might have not been cheating, a major fight, or one single thing that causes the divorce. Possibly after so many years together, the couple has grown ...
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78 Divorce Attitudes among Older Adults: Two Decades of Change
A primary reason why gray divorce has increased is because a larger proportion of today's older adults are in remarriages, ...
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79 Preparing for a Gray Divorce | The Law Offices of Paul H. Nathan
Some gray divorces happen because each partner stayed with the marriage just “for the kids.” The partners could get along and work together as co-parents, but ...
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80 The Gray Divorce - Becker Legal, P.C.
As women became more financially independent, they felt less trapped in a marriage for financial reasons. Women can now support themselves and chose to do so ...
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81 Gray divorce is on the rise - Wells Peyton & Partain, L.L.P.
Why is gray divorce so prevalent? · Unhappiness in the marriage may have finally come to a point where divorcing is the only thing that makes ...
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82 The basics of a gray divorce | Blacha Law Office, LLC
Since these couples are older and have been married for sometimes several decades, spousal assets are another important factor in gray divorce.
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83 Gray Divorce and Its Financial Impact on Retirement
Divorcing during your senior years, also known as “gray divorce,” is far more common than it used to be. Over the past decade, gray divorce rates have ...
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84 Gray Divorce Becoming More Common
“Gray divorce” refers to a demographic trend that has witnessed an increase in the split or separation of older couples who have been married ...
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85 Gray Divorce Lawyer in New York | The Abeel Firm PLLC
The causes of gray divorce vary, but there are some causes that are more common than others. First of all, most of these couples are baby boomers and grew ...
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86 “Gray Divorce” - Concerns for Divorcing Couples Over Fifty
Gray divorce is rising in America, and with it comes new challenges for those individuals over the age of fifty seeking divorce. No matter your ...
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87 The 'gray divorce' trend: As the Gates split shows, more older ...
There are a number of reasons for the more deliberate splits. I find that traditional models of marriage do not work uniformly for all couples, ...
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88 Factors to Consider in a Gray Divorce | O'Mara Law Group
Equitable distribution becomes particularly tricky during a gray divorce. This is largely because the couple has likely accumulated a lot of assets, which ...
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89 Divorce For Georgia Seniors Or “Gray Divorces”
In a gray divorce, it is critical to address both health and life insurance issues. This includes each person's ability to afford health ...
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90 The Highest Divorce Rate in History - Madigan & Lewis LLP
There are numerous reasons for the meteoric rise in gray divorce over the past thirty years. In Brown and Fin's Council on Contemporary Families ...
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91 Gray Divorce | Montgomery County Family Lawyer Jeredith ...
The current literature and many news articles that address 'gray divorce' through the various news outlets show a trend towards older couples getting divorced ...
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92 How Will Your Gray Divorce Affect Your Wealth?
One of the main reasons is that in long-lasting marriages, often a substantial amount of wealth is tied up in the family home. If one person ...
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93 What is the gray divorce revolution?
It's also known that shorter marriages later in life are more likely to result in a gray divorce. Even when people have been together a long ...
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94 Gray Divorce: U.S. Divorce Rates Are Lower, But Not in This ...
Gray divorce refers to divorces or legal separations among people who are at least age 50. Most gray divorces at this time are from the baby ...
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95 Getting Through a “Gray Divorce” - RetireGuide
Gray divorce refers to a trend among Baby Boomers who get divorced later in life. It typically refers to couples who are both over the age of 50 ...
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96 What Causes Divorce? | 10 Common Reasons for Divorce
What Are the Common Reasons for Divorce? · Finances. Money can be a big issue in any relationship. · Health problems or tragedies.
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97 Gray Divorce: Unique Challenges Posed by Divorce After 50
There are many reasons for this increase. Some of the most common causes of divorce include: lack of individual identity, becoming lost in ...
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98 Life After Gray Divorce: What Women Must Know
The term “gray divorce” was first used to coin divorces between couples married over 40 years. It would make sense to assume that those people ...
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