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1 Cemetery Folklore – The Lighter Side of the Grave
Cemetery Folklore – The Lighter Side of the Grave. One man's superstitions are another man's beliefs. Many old world traditions and beliefs strictly.
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2 Frightening Shadow Figure Roams Concordia Cemetery in El ...
These pictures are so frightening and menacing you may never want to visit the historic burial ground after dark again.
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3 Michigan's spookiest graveyards list: Redford Cemetery, more
Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit is one of the places rumored to be haunted by ghosts. Michigan is home to many things: Faygo, Better Made Potato ...
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4 Haunted Highgate Cemetery, London, England
170000 people are buried at Highgate Cemetery in 53000 graves. It continues to be a popular place for enthusiasts of the occult, paranormal, and vampires.
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5 Cemetery photo in New Hampshire prompts ghost debate online
› national › article248976890
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6 The Devil's Cemetery *WATCH WITH CAUTION* - - YouTube
This cemetery was where "Ghost Adventures" captured video footage of three phantom shadow figures walking amongst the tombstones... and ...
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7 Creepy figure spotted in Google Maps Street View of Texas ...
A YouTube video of Martha Chapel Cemetery in Huntsville, Texas, has collected hundreds...
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8 Haunted Guide To The Huguenot Cemetery In St. Augustine
Learn about a haunted cemetery in St. Augustine that is almost 200 years old with 436 residents.
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9 Haunted Colonial Park Cemetery - Savannah - Ghost City Tours
Ghosts in Colonial Park Cemetery are often seen by guests on our tours. Colonial Park Cemetery is considered to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in ...
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10 The Poor Farm Cemetery: A Dark and Overlooked Part of Our ...
Painful chapters of Montgomery County's history played out at the Poor Farm and its associated cemetery south of Rockville along I-270.
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11 The Terrors — Bachelors Grove Forever
In Scottish folklore, ghost lights often appeared over lochs or cemetery roads. Once again, quite interesting in view of appearance of the Bachelors Grove ...
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12 The 'haunted' grave of Angeline Hoagland - ADOT
After all, she was but a toddler when she died near the Old Black Canyon Highway in 1889. But stories of her death – and reports of her “ghost” ...
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13 Creepy thing spotted in Google street view |
Picture this. You're killing some time, trawling Google maps street view photos of cemeteries around the world (you weirdo). You stumble across a passing photo ...
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14 Several New Ghostly Photos From El Paso's Haunted ...
Several new photos taken at Concordia Cemetery in El Paso, Texas, appear to show some paranormal activity. The pictures seem to show a dark shadow as well ...
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15 5 “haunted” places in Chicago
Chicago's dark past has fostered urban legends and stories of supernatural occurrences at landmarks across the city.
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16 Actual Sightings on Our Tours - Ghost Tours of St. Augustine
› actual-sightings
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17 Spooky Graveyard Pictures, Images and Stock Photos - iStock
Dark spooky cemetery in the fog. Crosses and graves in the old abandoned cemetery. The atmosphere of death and horror.
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18 11 Most Haunted Cemeteries in Tennessee - OnlyInYourState
These are the 11 most haunted cemeteries in Tennessee and they have some creepy paranormal activities occurring there!
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19 'Dark Watchers' have been spooking California hikers for ...
Enormous, shadowy figures in hats and cloaks have haunted the California coast for more than 300 years. What are they?
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20 CT's legend of the White Lady and 'haunted' Union Cemetery
Union Cemetery in Easton has gained a "haunted" reputation due to reports of a White Lady ghost and investigation from Ed and Lorraine ...
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21 7 of the Spookiest and Most Interesting Detroit Cemeteries
As Halloween approaches, explore – if you dare – these 7 Detroit cemeteries that house haunted tales and provide yet another point of view ...
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22 Haunted Places in San Diego To Come Visit - The Sage
These five places are famous for multiple ghostly sightings, all just a short drive away. San Luis Rey Pioneer Cemetery. The San Luis Rey ...
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23 Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - Windy City Ghosts
Bachelor's Grove is one of the most haunted cemeteries in America. The graveyard is known for two-headed monsters, a phantom dog, and satanic rituals.
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24 Peace Church Cemetery and the Ghost of Billy Cook
Along the edge of this abandoned Missouri graveyard roams the restless soul of Billy Cook, an executed spree killer from 1950 buried just ...
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25 These Haunted Forests Are As Eerie As It Gets
› ... › Forests & Woods
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26 300+ haunted places in Kentucky, Indiana - Courier-Journal
Creepy cemeteries, haunted hotels, a sinister sanatorium ... here are hundreds of ghosts stories to send chills down your spine. Waverly Hills ...
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27 20 Of The Creepiest Places In California - Travel Channel
› ... › Haunted › Photos
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28 Cemetery Stories - Wattpad
Read the most popular cemetery stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform.
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29 35811 Haunted Cemetery Images, Stock Photos & Vectors
Haunted house on spooky graveyard. Halloween scary party design with tombstones and old castle on. Zombie Rising Out Of A Graveyard cemetery In Spooky dark ...
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30 Recorder picks up creepy voices in cemetery
Tammy felt uncomfortable the December night she went to hunt ghosts in Vandalia Cemetery in Porterville, Calif.
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31 Hauntings within Indiana
Elements of folklore and the supernatural also pervade the story of one of the most famous haunted cemeteries in the state of Indiana. Located off of Old State ...
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32 Local legends: The Black Angel, Coe College's ghost and the ...
The Black Angel is a foreboding presence in Oakland Cemetery: a nearly-nine-foot-tall figure on a four-foot monument with outstretched wings ...
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33 The Ghostly Glow of Green Light Cemetery - Weird NJ
Take, for example, a frequently reported odd phenomena seen in graveyards and cemeteries: the mysterious light or glowing grave. You can see it, ...
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34 'Demons' and 'humanoids' - The Equinox
However, deep in the heart of Wilton, the Blue Lady, and possibly a humanoid figure haunts the grounds of the Vale End Cemetery.
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35 Beyond Amityville: The ghosts and spirits that haunt Long Island
› entertainment
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36 Beware the Beauty of Bachelor's Grove - Horror Obsessive
› 2022/03/01 › beware-the-...
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37 Black Aggie - American Hauntings
When General Felix Agnus, the publisher of the Baltimore “American”, died in the 1925, he was buried in Pikesville's Druid Ridge Cemetery, right outside of ...
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38 These 9 creepy Iowa ghost stories will give you goosebumps
From murders and tragic loss to evil and vengeful souls, Iowa definitely has a darker side this time of year.
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39 Encountering the Shadow People - LiveAbout
Shadow figures started to appear in my room -- a lot of shadow people. It wasn't any of our shadows; these were different. Some had red eyes.
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40 Black Hope Curse - Unsolved Mysteries
Homes built on top of a cemetery just outside of Houston, Texas may be cursed. Read more about this mystery and watch the case now.
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41 Top Ten Most Haunted Places in Salem, MA
› top-ten-most-haunted-places-i...
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42 Welcome to the Most Haunted Graveyard in the World. Safety ...
› welcome-to-the-most-...
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43 The Haunted Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah
Located in Downtown Savannah, GA, the haunted Colonial Park Cemetery is one of the most haunted cemeteries in the area. Discover the darker ...
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44 The best-known ghost tale from each Alabama county -
Every community has a ghost tale that everyone has heard, often related to an old or abandoned house, a spooky cemetery or a dark and creepy ...
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45 The Most Unique Paranormal Blog Ever! - Pinterest
Jul 26, 2014 - Shadow Figure Photographed in a Cemetery? This mysterious photo was taken in a cemetery and shows a small shadow figure standing in front of ...
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46 The most famous ghost photographs ever taken - Pocket-lint
› Cameras › Camera news
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47 Do You See a Ghost in This Picture From a Cemetery in Hollis?
Some say it's just another headstone at Pine Hill Cemetery, some say it looks exactly like a spirit...
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48 207. The Legend of White Cemetery and Cuba Road
Which leads me to the story of what ghost researchers suspect to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in Illinois. It's called White Cemetery, ...
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49 Grim Reaper visits cemetery -
In one picture, you can see the figure holding a bouquet of flowers, that look as if he plucked them from a nearby field.
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50 Six Seriously Spooky Cemetery Stories - Mental Floss
It's that time of year, when we look to graveyards for tales that scare the dickens ...
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51 Red Dead Redemption 2's Ghost at Saint Denis Cemetery ...
With Halloween just around the corner, some fans uncover the mystery behind the ghost lady at Saint Denis cemetery in Red Dead Redemption 2.
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52 Stepney Cemetery, Monroe - Damned Connecticut
Just off of Route 25 next to Our Lady of The Rosary Chapel, the cemetery dates back to the 1700s, and is allegedly home to various spirit ...
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53 Confirmed Haunted Cemeteries Across Connecticut
Connecticut's Confirmed Haunted Cemeteries - Ghost Sightings, Apparitions & Paranormal Phenomena Confirmed ... What's scarier at night than a graveyard? One ...
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54 The Ghostly Grandeur Of A Desert Graveyard In El Paso - NPR
Some 60000 people have been buried in El Paso's Concordia Cemetery. The Texas graveyard is the final home to gunslingers, Mormon pioneers, ...
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55 The 7 Creepiest Haunted Cemeteries in CT you Need to Visit
Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut is not only said to be one of the most haunted graveyards in the state, but in all of America.
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56 Confirmed Haunted Cemeteries Across New York
New York's Confirmed Haunted Cemeteries - Ghost Sightings, Apparitions & Paranormal Phenomena Confirmed ... What's scarier at night than a graveyard? One that's ...
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57 List of A Haunting episodes - Wikipedia
› wiki › List_of_A_Haunting_e...
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58 This Colorado Springs Cemetery is Famous for Creepy ...
That's because the historic burial grounds in El Paso County are believed to be haunted. Evergreen Cemetery has even been featured on an episode ...
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59 The Ghosts of Northwood Cemetery | Novels by John Paulits
When Greg Logan takes his girlfriend Karen on a late night walk through Northwood Cemetery, Karen is spooked by the silence, the darkness, and something she ...
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Oct. 3, 2022) – Shadowy figures in hallways and cell blocks, the legend of the Bell Witch, ghost stories echo from the past in ...
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61 Haunted Places Around The Finger Lake Region
› haunted-...
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62 Haunted Cities in Indiana AZ - Google Docs
Bass Lake Cemetery - there is a certain headstone that you go to at night. Surrounding the grave is this thick bladed grass, the grass is blood red during the ...
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63 3,000+ Free Graveyard & Halloween Images - Pixabay
3,666 Free images of Graveyard. Related Images: halloween angel cemetery death tombstone grave statue grief tomb. Browse graveyard images and find your perfect ...
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64 Elden Ring: How To Defeat Cemetery Shade - TheGamer
Want to know how to defeat Cemetery Shade in the Tombsward Catacombs? Read our guide and learn how to beat this boss in Elden Ring.
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65 The Creepiest Place to Visit in Every State - Thrillist
› Travel › Haunted Places
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66 Franklin County Hauntings & Legends
› paranormal › frankl...
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67 The Most Haunted Places in Kansas
› kansas › haunted-pla...
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68 The Spookiest Haunted Places and Graveyards to Visit in Paris
Here, we shine our metaphorical torch at some of the city's darker touristic crevasses. Cimetière du Père Lachaise. Cemetery, Cathedral.
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69 Spooky Destination Guide -Boston - Wandering Crystal
› boston
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70 The Black Angel - Iowa City - Roadside America
Go to the cemetery, kiss the angel statue, drop dead -- or so the legends say. The 1912 sculpture has spooked generations who prefer the supernatural over ...
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71 The Restless Spirits of Famous American Cemeteries
Graveyard ghosts haunt cemeteries for any number of reasons, such as unmarked graves, grave robbery, natural disasters, and forgotten burials. These spirits ...
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72 Is South Park Street Cemetery Really Haunted? A Mysterious ...
Is South Park Street Cemetery really haunted? It's called the most haunted place in Kolkata but let's see, shall we? Here's a complete guide ...
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73 The Curse of the Highgate Vampire | Apple TV
A Victorian cemetery turns into a vampire-hunting ground in 1970s London after visitors report bodies rising from graves, strange bite marks and sight…
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74 Restoration of more than 12000 graves of prominent Black ...
City officials told Channel 2′s Justin Carter that it was time and something needed to be done at the historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. Up ...
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75 8 of the Spookiest Sites in Minnesota
› list › 8-spookiest-...
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76 Lone Fir Cemetery - Portland Ghosts
The Eerie History of Lone Fir Cemetery Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery Portland, Oregon 1880s Image Source: Wikimedia Commons Coming in at number 10 on our list.
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77 Cemetery Ghost Doll - Etsy
Check out our cemetery ghost doll selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.
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78 What makes graveyards scary? - Science | HowStuffWorks
People were scared of cemeteries long before 1979's "Phantasm," but horror films certainly haven't made them any more inviting.
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79 Haunted Places in Kansas | Road Trip to Spooky Sights
› blog › stories › post › haunt...
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80 Creepy little girl spotted outside haunted cemetery in Google ...
A spooky figure can be seen hiding in a grave yard in Texas. It's almost October, which means Halloween is right around the corner. And while ...
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81 Witches Pond: The legend and the truth | news/stafford
As the legend goes, 18th century villagers put a witch to death in the woods near a swampy pond and Colonial-era cemetery off Aquia Creek.
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82 'It Was a Dark and Stormy Night' - VOA Learning English
A Spooky Short Story: 'It Was a Dark and Stormy Night' During the Halloween season, one popular activity is to visit a haunted house.
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83 10 of the Best Books Featuring Cemeteries | Book Riot
Whether you're into horror or avoid the creepy stuff, we've got some excellent books featuring cemeteries, from middle grade to adult tales.
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84 18 Haunted Places in Illinois you need to see - Wapiti Travel
Greenwood Cemetery is among the most haunted places in Illinois, and possibly the entire country. Recent paranormal investigations detected that ...
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85 Death, Burial, and the Afterlife in Ancient Greece | Essay
› toah › dbag › hd_dbag
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86 Haunted History - Galena, Illinois
› gcj › hauntedhistory
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87 Historic figures in Tyler history found in abandoned Black ...
She announced the Texas Historical Commission certified the Universe Cemetery of Smith County as a “Recorded Historic Texas Cemetery.” It was an ...
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88 I went on the Bloomington ghost walk and now I'm too scared ...
› indiana › 2017/10/26 › the-spookie...
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89 Ghosts Of Graceland: Chicago Cemetery Filled With Haunting ...
Ghosts Of Graceland: Chicago Cemetery Filled With Haunting Tales - Chicago, IL - The famed Uptown graveyard continues to fascinate residents ...
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90 Top 10 Spookiest 'Ghost Adventures' Moments, Ranked
› gallery › ghost-adventures-...
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91 Westminster Burial Ground Ghosts - Baltimore Ghost Tours
The Westminster Burial Grounds spirits spare no terror when they appear to the living. It's no wonder that the cemetery is considered one of the 10 top...
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92 Destination Texas: Concordia Cemetery rich in haunting history
› destination-texas › destination-...
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93 Ghosts of boy and man in hat 'caught on camera' at haunted ...
A paranormal team went to Mylor cemetery after reports that it was haunted by 'a red-eyed beast'
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94 The mysterious ghost of the Bruton Parish Church.
› bruton-parish-church
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95 Ghost graveyard hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy
RF W2JMHF–Halloween pumpkin grave and creepy zombie gourd in a haunted spooky graveyard as a grimace of horror on a scary jack o lantern.
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96 The Ghosts of San Luis Obispo County | Haunted Places
› blog › post › ghosts-of-san-lu...
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97 Haunted Graveyards of the Ozarks - Google Books Result
Many in the area of the old cemetery claim to see dark shadowy figures inside and around the cemetery. Reports have also stated that crying, laughter and ...
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