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1 Rule 20 - Peremptory calendar, Ga. R. Super. Ct. 20 - Casetext
Read Rule 20 - Peremptory calendar, Ga. ... which the discovery period has expired or criminal cases upon reasonable notice requiring the parties (including ...
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2 What is a Notice of peremtory calendar, and what does it mean?
It says "the above reference civil action is set for peremptory calendar before a presiding judge.......pursuant to USCR 20, attorneys etc ...
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3 Peremptory Calendar | PDF | Jury Trial | Lawsuit - Scribd
receive notice of the peremptory calendar call. On November 24, 2003, the trial court dismissed the case after the peremptory calendar call, ...
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4 My daughter received a notice of peremptory calendar...a
as per my original question, what is the significance of the plaintiff being listed as 'Asset' ...
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5 Peremptory Term Definition - Law Insider
Define Peremptory Term. means the term of (1) Banking Business Day beginning on the date the Debtor of the Guarantee receives the Notice of Sale to submit a ...
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6 I just received a 'notice of peremptory | Legal Advice - LawGuru
A peremptory calendar is one that is set where a case has lingered longer than the judge wants it to. If you do not show up and the other side does, you WILL ...
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7 superior court civil calendar rules superior court districts 7a
Calendars for the disposition of civil cases and motions in the Superior ... Request for a peremptory setting shall be made in writing to the Trial Court.
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(a) Alternative Writ or Noticed Motion for a Peremptory Writ . ... and Master Calendar Court judges in their respective departments at 8:30 a.m. each day.
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9 Rules of Practice for the Eighth Judicial District Court of the ...
The clerk of this court shall cause a notice of entry of this order to be published in the ... (1) Be responsible for the chief judge's own motion calendar.
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10 Civil Calendar - Troup County Clerk of Courts
2020 12 28 Order Regarding Judge Baker's Criminal, Civil, and Peremptory January 2021 Calendars.pdf, Download. 2022 01 11 TROUP COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT CIVIL ...
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11 Michigan Court Rules Chap 7. Appellate Rules
A criminal defendant filing a bond after conviction shall give notice to the ... A calendar case will be assigned for hearing in the city nearest to the ...
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12 Georgia Superior Court Clerks - PUBLIC NOTICES
December 1, 2022 - State Court Peremptory Calendar - 9:00am. meeting ID: 813 4988 9728 Cases through 2020. passcode: 950106.
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13 ANDRUS v. ANDRUS - FindLaw Cases and Codes
On November 24, 2003, the trial court dismissed the case after the peremptory calendar call, but the putative heirs did not receive a copy or notice of this ...
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14 Morgan v. Starks :: 1994 - Justia US Law
... party appeared for a peremptory calendar call. See Uniform Superior Court Rule 20 (A). The court failed to notify the parties of the dismissal, however, ...
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15 kitsap county superior court state of washington
(5) Notice to Court of Calendar and Jury Trial Changes. Whenever a cause has been ... (A) All peremptory challenges shall be exercised in open court.
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16 Peremptory Challenge - California Los Angeles Superior ...
A section 170.6 challenge to a direct calendar judge assigned to a case for all purposes must be made for a civil case within 15 days of the party's notice ...
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17 Glossary of Legal Terms - Judicial Education Center
(2) A written notification to the plaintiff by an attorney stating that s/he is representing ... Calendar - List of cases scheduled for hearing in court.
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18 CALENDAR CALL - December 19, 2019 at 1:00 PM
properly respond to a Peremptory/Status Calendar Call in the Courtroom ... If you can't attend the calendar call you should notify the Judge ...
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19 Peremptory Challenges to a Judge in California | Stimmel Law
The motion must be made to the judge supervising the master calendar, ... judge or to the presiding judge by a party within 10 days after notice of the all ...
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20 Peremptory Challenge of a Judge
before been in front of this judge, take advantage of this notice. ... Use a calendar to determine your deadline for filing a challenge. From your trial or.
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21 San Bernardino County - Local Forms
13-19890-360, Proof of Service Notice of Appeal (Code Enforcement), 04/01/14 ... 13-10844-360, Request to Calendar (fillable), 04/01/14.
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22 Supreme Court Rules - 3JD | NYCOURTS.GOV
... the court's calendar and that it must be re-noticed and re-filed with the ... counsel will advise the Clerk of the Court or the Court of any peremptory ...
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23 RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE - Alaska Court System
(2) Service by Posting on the Alaska Court System's Legal Notice Website. ... (b) Trial Calendar—Memorandum to Set Civil Case for Trial.
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Published Calendar, Noticed for a Hearing, or not Meeting the Time Requirements ... than 1 minute the time within which each party may exercise a peremptory ...
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25 Tan v. State (7/28/95) ap-1423 - Touch N' Go Systems, Inc.
On September 6, 1994 (five days after the change-of- plea hearing), Tan's attorney filed a pleading entitled "Notice of Change of Judge (Peremptory ...
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26 Glossary of Legal Terms - Second Judicial District Court
Peremptory Challenge. The challenge which the prosecution or defense (or plaintiff or defendant in civil cases) may use ...
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27 Missouri Circuit Court Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit
In advance of a given trial week, the Docket Calendar Clerk will select sets of cases from the relevant. Division 1 trial docket with peremptory and regular ...
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28 Legal Glossary | Learn | Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania
Compare peremptory challenge. change of venire. Bringing in a jury from another county to hear a trial, usually because of concerns that ...
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29 Monitoring Court | Bexar County, TX - Official Website
Three (3) days notice is required -- weekends, legal, and local holidays ... Motions to Realign Parties or Equalize Peremptory Strikes, and a Proposed Jury ...
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30 Compulsory Arbitration - Superior Court
If a Notice to Strike is not filed, the assigned arbitrator will remain ... The non-prevailing party has 20 calendar days to file an appeal, ...
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31 re: - local rules of the superior court of washington for kittitas ...
Notice to Court of Calendar and Jury Trial Changes. ... Unless good cause is shown, all peremptory challenges shall be exercised in open Court at the.
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of leave of court, upon the attorney filing a “Notice of Completion of Limited ... last known address within three calendar days, in which event service is.
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33 04/05/2022 - Henry County
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34 FASTAR Description & Forms - Pima County Superior Court
FASTAR - Peremptory Strike of Arbitrator · FASTAR - Letter ... FASTAR - Notice of Hearing ... FASTAR - Stipulation and Order to Continue Dismissal Calendar
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35 Notice of Additional Authority, State of West Virginia v. Bryan ...
NOTICE OF AUTHORITY ... The State of West Virginia, by counsel, hereby provides this Notice of ... peremptory strike to remove this potential juror.
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36 What is a Premptory Calendar? | By Lee Davis Law, LLC
Lee Davis Law, LLC
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37 21 Disqualification of Judge - California Criminal Law ... - CEB
When a case has been assigned to a particular judge for all purposes, peremptory challenge of that judge must be made within 10 calendar days after notice ...
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Chapter 11 Motions, Requests, Orders of Notice, and Short Calendar . ... may be found where a lawyer exercises a peremptory chal.
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39 Local Rules and Procedures for the Calendaring of Civil ...
placed on the trial calendar after notice has been given, ... The Chief District Court Judge's designee may grant a peremptory setting for good cause.
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Department 1 at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse operates as a Master Calendar Court ... is assigned to exercise a peremptory challenge pursuant to CCP § 170.6.
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41 Wake County Family Court Rules
3.4 Notice of Hearing. 3.5 Removing Hearings from the Calendar. 3.6 Double Calendaring Cases. 3.7 Jury Trials. Rule 4: Trial Calendar .... 4.1 Courtroom 2B.
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42 criminal procedure - Trial - MN Court Rules
The state may exercise a challenge for cause or peremptory challenge. ... (b) The notice must be filed before the start of the trial or hearing; and.
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43 Forms - The Superior Court of California - County of Orange
Cases on Calendar · Case Access · Case Index Search · Case Name Search · Civil eFiling ... Fee Schedule · Forms · Rules of Court · Notices & Orders.
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44 32-720 - Nebraska Legislature
The Secretary of State may be compelled by peremptory order of mandamus to ... If the notice is filed prior to December 1 of the calendar year before the ...
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45 petitions for writ of mandate: when to file them and what to
The issuance of a peremptory writ occurs after the lower court fails to show ... must receive notice at least 10 calendar days before a peremptory writ.
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46 15-0965np.pdf - Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal
peremptory exception of prescription, dismissing Mr. Buelow's petition with ... Finally, the trial court took judicial notice of a calendar for the year ...
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47 Department XXII - Eighth Judicial District Court
Department 22 does not hold or schedule a regular chambers calendar. ... Department 22 requires a 3-Day Notice under NRCP 55(b)(2) regardless of whether an ...
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48 Batson Reform: State by State - Berkeley Law
The letter also made clear the legislators' interest in the collection of data on the exercise of peremptory challenges. On June 20, 2022, the Implicit Bias ...
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Non-jury cases may be set for trial on order of the Court upon motion of a party. Reasonable notice shall be given to opposing parties. The Court, of its own ...
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notice of appeal has been filed, the circuit court has plenary authority to ... explain the difference between peremptory challenges and removals for cause, ...
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51 Local Rules Effective January 1, 2021
Any such change to the periods will be posted in the Notice of Availability of Court Reporting Services (referenced in Rule 2.51) at least three calendar ...
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52 Rules of the Circuit Courts - Hawaii State Judiciary
(a) Trial calendars. (b) The first circuit on-call status. Rule 14. DISTRICT COURT CASES, DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL, WITHDRAWAL OF DEMAND. (a) Notification ...
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53 Judge Natalie Baskin - Third District Court of Appeal
She concurred in a 1985 opinion that the use of peremptory challenges to exclude prospective jurors on the basis of race was constitutionally impermissible.
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54 Tenth Judicial District (Wake County) Civil Superior and ...
Publication of the civil court calendar shall serve as sufficient notice to counsel and parties that a case has been set. Attorneys and.
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55 Uniform Local Rules of the Marin County Superior Court
court interpreter, the party, defendant or counsel of record shall notify the Court at least three. (3) calendar days before the hearing.
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Calendar, Noticed for a Hearing, or not Meeting the Time Requirements of 16.1 . ... than 1 minute the time within which each party may exercise a peremptory ...
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Calendar, Noticed for a Hearing, or not Meeting the Time ... the time within which each party may exercise a peremptory challenge; a party.
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58 Local Rules | Southern District of Georgia | United States ...
Failure to comply within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the date that notice is served by the Clerk may result in dismissal by the Court.
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59 Superior Court of the County of Santa Barbara - Form Packets
SC-1002, Declaration Under CCP Section 170.6 (Peremptory Challenge), 7/1/2020. CIV-020, Judicial Council Form: Notice of Intent to Appear By Telephone.
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60 How a Jury is Chosen - Courts |
Cases are being heard by the Master Calendar judge to determine if a case is ... There are two types of challenges: a challenge for cause and a peremptory ...
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61 R-21-0020 Petition to Amend Rules 18.4 and 18.5 of Rules of
P. 47(e) by eliminating peremptory challenges in jury selection. ... The trial judge has a calendar and has only a certain amount of time ...
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62 Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure I.R.C.P. | Supreme Court
Serving Notice of an Order or Judgment ... (c) Time to Appeal Not Affected by Lack of Notice. ... (i) Peremptory Challenges.
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63 Downloads - Janney & Janney Legal Support Service
... 2022 Court Holiday Calendar · Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum – L.A. County ... Peremptory Challenge (170.6) · Prejudgment Claim of Right to Possession ...
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calendar, noticed for a hearing, or not meeting the time requirements of Rule 6.9 ... peremptory challenge; a party shall forfeit a challenge by failing to ...
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65 . DEFENDANT'S 2012 JAN -6 PH 2: 11 - Jackson County, GA
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24th, 2012 PEREMPTORY CIVIL CALENDAR ... Once this notice is received by the parties, all Judgments and evidence in support thereof, ...
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66 Motion Picture & Television Fund Hospital v. Superior Court, 88 Cal ...
On *491January 12, 2001, 31 days after the court served notice of the ... days to file a peremptory challenge in a direct calendar court: “Notwithstanding ...
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67 Local Forms - San Mateo Superior Court
Civil, Uncontested Calendar and Prove Up Hearing Request, CV-P1, 06/2021 ... Family Law, Declaration Re Notice of Ex-parte Appl. for Orders, FL-8, 01/2019.
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68 Presiding Judge Master Calendar | Superior Court of California
Notice to Attorneys Regarding Trial Call Hours · Master Calendar (trial assignments) · Motion Calendars (motions to continue, advance, specially set, etc.) · Ex ...
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eighty (180) calendar days after the filing of the initial pleading. (Eff. 1/1/12). RULE 3.4 CASE MANAGEMENT. (a) Notice of Inclusion: At the time of filing ...
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70 3.191. Speedy Trial - Florida Criminal Procedure
(1) No later than 5 days from the filing of a demand for speedy trial, the court shall hold a calendar call, with notice to all parties, for the express ...
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71 The Evolving Debate Over Batson's Procedures for ...
Provision for peremptory challenges in federal criminal trials date back ... with the surprising announcement that any neutral explanation, ...
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72 IDOL -
“Labor Day is an annual reminder of the importance of safeguarding our core labor ... Youths (under 18) (working less than 650 hours per calendar year) ...
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73 Superior Court | Court Rules - Kittitas County
Notice to Court of Calendar and Jury Trial Changes. ... Unless good cause is shown, all peremptory challenges shall be exercised in open Court at the side ...
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74 Calendar Request (Superior Court) | North Carolina
THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK TO CALENDAR NOTICE Defendant Please GREETINGS:place the above captioned matter on the Cabarrus County ...
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75 Local Rules for the Circuit Court of the 10th Judicial Circuit
foreclosure action as the notice of hearing requirements in the local rules (10th ... At the convening of court of any peremptory calendar, all of the cases.
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At the time of the above noticed Calendar Call, all parties must be prepared to ... Peremptory Challenges: If the trial is a jury trial, the number of ...
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77 Notice of Proposed Amendments to Civil Rules.pdf - D.C. Courts
Notice of Proposed Amendments to Superior Court Rules of Civil Procedure ... judge and, when known, the calendar number must appear below the file number on.
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78 ILRulemakingProcess.pdf - Illinois General Assembly
Peremptory Rules – Rules implementing federal regulations, collective bargaining agreements or ... activity that commenced in the current calendar year.
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79 Judge-Castle Online Court
788, Judge Castle orders the simultaneous exercise of peremptory challenges. ... on the Master Court Calendar - designated by the letter L. Rules or motions ...
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80 Collier County Uniform Pre-Trial Conference/Trial Order
Number of peremptory challenges: 5. Admissions to avoid unnecessary proof: 6. Witnesses: ... Necessity of taking judicial notice: 11. Length of trial:.
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81 NORTH CAROLINA REPORTS - NC Appellate Court Opinions
ing judge shall have control over peremptory settings. (f) On t,he final trial calendar, cases shall be set in the order in which they were filed.
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Texas to serve civil citations, notices, and other papers issued by ... After peremptory challenges have been made, the judge will call off ...
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(a) A plaintiff in an action in mandamus seeking a peremptory judgment shall do so by motion and in compliance with notice, unless the urgency of the case ...
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84 22nd Judicial Circuit Local Court Rules effective May 31, 2022
in which they appear in the trial calendar. An attorney requesting a trial setting in a domestic relations cause must give notice of such ...
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85 Papering the Judge: The Rules | Michael Daymude
A section 170.6 peremptory challenge is permitted at any time before the ... after notice of the judge's all-purpose assignment.
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86 Peremptory Excusal - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank ...
Fill Peremptory Excusal, Edit online. ... Get, Create, Make and Sign nm notice excusal. Get Form ... Comments and Help with peremptory recusal.
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87 Appellant Mr. Stegeman is one hundred percent (100%) Federally ...
Court, Appellant filed Notice of Intent to Appeal (R3; R4; R8-1; T-3). ... Appeal/Void Judgment appeared on the peremptory calendars of June 05, 2008,.
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EMILIA BALTERO ET AL (deft 170.6 peremptory challenge as to judge quidachay) ... THE MAR-11-2015 CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE IS OFF CALENDAR. NOTICE SENT BY ...
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89 MORGAN v. STARKS | 214 Ga. App. 265 | Ga. Ct. App. | Judgment ...
... without prejudice when neither party appeared for a peremptory calendar call. ... The court failed to notify the parties of the dismissal, however, ...
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90 Untitled - Athens-Clarke County
Notice of Child Support Requirements and Standing Order ... information, placement of the case on a child support peremptory calendar, continuance.
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91 Rules of the Circuit Court of the 10
foreclosure action as the notice of hearing requirements in the ... At the convening of court of any peremptory calendar, all of the cases.
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92 Miscellaneous Forms - Family Law Self-Help Center
Notice of Entry of Order/Judgment (pdf fillable) ... Notice of Intent to Take Default Judgment (pdf fillable) ... Peremptory Challenge (pdf).
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93 Racial composition of juries can be a matter of life or death ...
He says he didn't see dubious peremptory strikes during his years on the trial court bench — although he acknowledges that, as a Black judge, ...
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94 Repp's complaint explained - Advertiser-Tribune
Grant peremptory and/or alternative and final writs in Repp's favor. 6.) Alternatively, declare that the ordinance and Ohio Revised Code as ...
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95 22 CRR-NY 212.14 - State Government Sites
212.14 Calendar default; restoration; dismissal. ... a motion under section 212.17 of this Part, relating to the notice of trial and statement of readiness.
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