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1 Hair Loss on Legs: Causes in Men and Women, and Treatment
Leg hair loss can occur in both men and women. However, anterolateral leg alopecia is thought to be more prevalent in men. One study estimates that about 35 ...
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2 Anterolateral Leg Alopecia: Common but Commonly Ignored
A previous study estimates the prevalence of anterolateral leg alopecia among males as high as 35%.[1] It often presents as symmetrical, sharply demarcated hair ...
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3 Hair loss on legs: Causes, treatments, and more
Anterolateral leg alopecia is more common in men than in women. In fact, as the authors of a 2014 case study noteTrusted Source , anterolateral ...
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4 Why do men lose hair on their shins? - Harley Street Hair Clinic
However, leg hair loss in men could be due to a more serious underlying condition peripheral artery disease (PAD). PAD, a clogging of the ...
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5 Anterolateral leg alopecia: An example of a new dermatologic ...
Point to Remember: Anterolateral leg alopecia is a common condition of men that may easily go unrecognized. For concerned patients, providing an ...
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6 Why Am I Losing Leg Hair? It May Be an Arterial Issue
Can I Get My Leg Hair Back? · High cholesterol and high blood pressure · Smoking · Obesity and physical inactivity · Diabetes · Coronary artery ...
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7 Hair loss on legs has several causes - The Columbus Dispatch
A: Hair loss on the legs is not a common condition. I agree with your family doctor — he was looking for peripheral vascular disease, which is ...
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8 Q&A: Causes of balding legs? - Consumer Reports
It's possible, but usually the cause is unknown. Aside from various skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis, which should be easy to spot, ...
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9 Leg Hair Loss in Men? It's Not Uncommon. - HubPages
There are some medical conditions that cause leg hair loss, like diabetes and thyroid conditions, and some hair loss may be caused by tight ...
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10 Hair Loss on Legs: Causes, Treatments, and Warnings
Multiple factors such as genetics, thyroid disorders, diabetes, STI, medications, or stress can lead to hair loss on the legs. While both women ...
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11 Causes of Hair Loss in Men - WebMD
When you're under a lot of pressure, your follicles might go into a resting phase. Some strands may fall out after a few months. That's called ...
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12 Frictional alopecia - Wikipedia
Frictional alopecia is the loss of hair that is caused by rubbing of the hair, follicles, or skin around the follicle. ... The most typical example of this is the ...
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13 9 Signs of Low Testosterone In Men | Urology Specialists NC
Unfortunately, hair loss is a part of aging for many men. Hair loss can be frustrating, especially for men suffering from low T. Low ...
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14 Male Pattern Baldness - Symptoms and Causes
Male pattern baldness is related to your genes and male sex hormones. It usually follows a pattern of receding hairline and hair thinning on the crown.
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15 Your Good Health: Poor circulation can lead to hair loss on legs
Venous insufficiency happens when blood vessels can't return the blood back to the heart at low pressure, usually because of defective valves.
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16 Hair Loss in Women: Causes, Treatment & Prevention
Hair shedding is part of a natural balance — some hairs fall out while others grow in. When the balance is interrupted — when hair falls out and ...
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17 Hair loss - NHS
Finasteride and minoxidil are the main treatments for male pattern baldness. Minoxidil can also be used to treat female pattern baldness. Women should not use ...
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18 Frictional alopecia of the distal legs: case series and review
In this report, we describe a series of five men who presented with friction- induced alopecia of their lower extremities in a distribution ...
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19 Anterolateral leg alopecia - VisualDx
Although the condition has been documented among women, anterolateral leg alopecia primarily affects men and increases in prevalence with ...
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20 Anterolateral Leg Alopecia Revisited - MDedge
Alopecia of the leg—an extremely common yet ... evaluation of hair loss on the leg. This hair loss had ... anterolateral alopecia among males is 35%.2 This.
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21 Significant Leg Hair Loss - STA HealthCare Communications
This 45-year-old male has had significant hair loss on both of his outer lower legs for several years. It is asymptomatic and he is in good health. What is your ...
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22 11 Potential Causes of Hair Loss and Baldness
“Excess androgens, or male sex hormones, and hormonal imbalances are the most common cause of hair loss such as androgenetic alopecia,” says ...
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23 9 Causes of Hair Loss in Women - ABC News
The symptoms: The condition can occur in three forms. Alopecia areata commonly causes round, smooth patches of baldness on the scalp, eyebrows, ...
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24 6 warning signs your hair loss is something more serious
Other autoimmune conditions that could cause non-scalp hair loss include thyroid disease and lupus. Doctors can use blood work to determine the ...
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25 Seasonal Flank Alopecia - VCA Animal Hospitals
Although the cause of this condition has not been determined, it is thought to be caused by an abnormal response of the hair follicles to the normal hormonal ...
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26 Aging changes in hair and nails - MedlinePlus
As you age, your hair and nails begin to change. ... A type of baldness related to the normal function of the male hormone testosterone is ...
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27 11 Causes of Hair Loss & How To Fix Them - Jaxson Maximus
Also called androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness is one if not the most common causes of hair loss experienced by men. According to the U.S National ...
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28 Male Leg Hair Loss France, SAVE 43% -
Hair Loss on Your Legs? You Might Have Anterolateral leg alopecia: An example Hair loss on legs: Causes, treatments Leg Hair Loss in Men?
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29 Main Causes of Losing Body Hair
Body hair loss, including legs, is usual with age in both males and females. Although if you observe that hairs are shedding in a massive ...
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30 Stress and hair loss: Are they related? - Mayo Clinic
Alopecia areata. A variety of factors are thought to cause alopecia areata (al-o-PEE-she-uh ar-e-A-tuh), possibly including severe ...
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31 Men's Hair Loss - Michele Green, MD
Male pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia is a common medical condition in which there is increased shedding that results in a receding hairline, ...
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32 Custom Sock Shop Ends the Silence on Painful Leg Hair Loss
The follicle becomes irritated and eventually dies, causing you pain and hair loss. Shaving your leg hair to prevent the loss of leg hair seems a little ...
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33 Patterned hair loss - Better Health Channel
The pattern in men is different to the pattern in women. Men develop recession at the temples, thinning and eventually a bald spot on the top of the head ( ...
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34 Hair Thinning? Uncover Hair Loss Causes, Treatments ...
Genetics — The most common cause of hair loss, androgenic alopecia (also referred to as male-pattern and female-pattern baldness), is hereditary. Inherited ...
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35 8 Things Your Body Hair Says About Your Health, Per Doctors
A sudden increase in hair growth or loss in women is often caused by an imbalance of male hormones (androgens) which are naturally present in ...
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36 Androgenetic alopecia in men and women (Beyond the Basics)
Progressive hair loss is common in both men and women. The most common type of hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia.
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37 Hair Loss or Alopecia | Cancer.Net
These cancer treatments can harm the cells that help hair grow. It can affect hair all over your body, including your head, face, arms, legs, underarms, and ...
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38 Hair loss or alopecia - Raising Children Network
The main symptom of hair loss is bald patches or thinning patches on the scalp. If your child has ringworm, they might: complain of an itchy or ...
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39 Types of Alopecia Areata
Alopecia areata most commonly begins as isolated patchy hair loss, usually in one or more coin-sized (usually round or oval) patches on the scalp or other ...
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40 Is Your Hair Loss a Sign of Low Testosterone? - LT Men's Clinic
The first thing to remember is that many times, low testosterone impacts body hair on the chest, arms, legs or around the face, not as much the ...
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41 Glossary of Hair Loss terms - Lucinda Ellery
Alopecia Androgenetic is a common hair loss problem in both male and females, it's more reguarly known as pattern baldness. The symptons of this disease are ...
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42 Hair Loss - Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital
Alopecia areata usually starts as one or more small, round bald patches on the scalp. These can get bigger. In a small number of cases, the person loses all ...
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43 Alopecia Areata - Nationwide Children's Hospital
Alopecia areata is a form of hair loss that occurs in children and adults. It is non-scarring, which means that the hair follicle is not destroyed and that ...
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44 Does Male Pattern Baldness Cause Body Hair Loss Too?'
The Alopecia Areata phenotype which is known to cause shedding of body hair is Alopecia Universalis. This tends to cause total baldness from head to toe, so it ...
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45 Hair Loss on Hind Legs in Cats - The Spruce Pets
Hair loss occurs in response to many factors, including poor nutrition, autoimmune disease, fungal infections, allergies, and parasites.1 Cat ...
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46 Most Men Experience Hair Loss—But It Isn't Inevitable
The most common type in both men and women occurs when follicles become overly sensitive to a hormone and deteriorate. As a result, the growth phase shortens ...
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47 What Causes Hair to Stop Growing on Legs? - Livestrong
A common cause of hair loss in the legs is peripheral artery disease (PAD), which is poor circulation caused by the buildup of plaque and narrowing of the ...
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48 The benefits of going bald - BBC Future
Today you can attend a hair loss clinic, sign up for hair-loss counselling and it's not unusual to see adverts telling balding men to “see ...
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49 A New Approach to Treating Hair Loss - Well
Men's leg hair had successfully been transplanted before to the back of the head, but these are believed to be the first documented cases of ...
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50 Hair loss, hair thinning and cancer drugs - Cancer Research UK
Hair loss is one of the most well known side effects of cancer treatment. ... include your eyelashes, eyebrows, underarm, leg and sometimes pubic hair.
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51 Pattern Baldness in Cats - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis ...
A cat will sometimes lose hair in the genital region, the underside of the tail, on the inside of the hind legs and on the underbelly. Pattern baldness in cats ...
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52 Prevention and Treatment of Hair Loss in Men - U.S. Pharmacist
Classic androgenic alopecia is also known as male pattern baldness, a gradual thinning of the hair that moves symmetrically from the frontal and ...
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53 Why Do Men Lose the Hair on Their Legs As They Age?
An overactive or inactive thyroid gland may cause hormone levels to fluctuate as men age, causing hair loss across the legs, body, and scalp.
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54 Main Causes Hair Loss In Men and How to Treat | TrichoStem®
Men usually experience hair loss at the crown (bald spot at the back of the head), front (receding hairline) and top of the scalp. 95% of all male hair loss ...
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55 Going bald too young? | Ohio State Medical Center
Having a family history of male or female pattern hair loss increases your risk of this type of hormonal hair loss. If you notice your hair ...
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56 10 Things You Should Know About Thinning Hair in Men
Some hair loss is associated with stress although male pattern baldness is a genetic condition found in many men. If you find your hair is ...
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57 Why Is My Hair Falling Out? | Penn Medicine
Topics: · Hereditary hair loss: Also known as "androgenetic alopecia," "male-pattern baldness,"or "female-pattern baldness," this is the most ...
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58 Setting the record straight on diabetes, leg hair loss
Yes, it could be the diabetes, but it's the blood vessel damage, not the nerve damage, that seems to be most associated with hair loss. Readers: ...
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59 Hair Loss in Men and Low Testosterone: What's the Link
Usually, androgenic alopecia occurs more often in men over the age of 30 with a family history of baldness, but in some cases, it can affect younger men as soon ...
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60 As hair loss rises, bald men in Asia grapple with cultural stigmas
While studies have suggested almost all Caucasian men will eventually face some degree of male pattern baldness -- and around half can expect to ...
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61 Male Hair Loss | Hair Loss Advice for Men | LloydsPharmacy
In most cases the cause is hereditary – and is known as male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia. It is also possible that hair loss ...
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62 Alopecia Areata (AA) -
Alopecia areata is a form of alopecia (hair loss). It's a non-life-threatening disease of your immune system that affects the hair on your ...
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63 Alopecia (Hair Loss) - Skin Disorders - Merck Manuals
Hair loss, also called alopecia, can occur on any part of the body. Hair loss that occurs on the scalp is generally called baldness. Hair loss is often of ...
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64 Hair loss and thyroid disorders - British Thyroid Foundation
In most cases, this is transient and does not progress, but unfortunately, it can cause significant baldness. There are other rare autoimmune ...
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65 Rapid Hair Loss in Men: A Guide - Hims
Hair shedding from telogen effluvium isn't permanent. Most of the time, your hair will grow back over the course of several months after the ...
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66 Hair Loss & Hair Issues in New Orleans, LA
Hirsutism is the overproduction of hair growth. In women, this most often occurs on the face, chin and/or neck but can also occur on the arms or torso. In men, ...
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67 Hair Loss (Alopecia) and Cancer Treatment - Side Effects - NCI
Some types of chemotherapy cause the hair on your head and other parts of your body to fall out. Radiation therapy can also cause hair loss ...
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68 baldness | dermatology - Encyclopedia Britannica
The hair loss in male pattern baldness progresses gradually, beginning with a characteristic recession of the hairline at the front or ...
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69 Hair Loss in Dogs (Alopecia in Dogs) - PetMD
Treating alopecia depends entirely on the cause. If it is merely cosmetic and one small lesion, no treatment may be needed. Depending on the ...
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70 Common causes of paediatric alopecia - RACGP
The most common causes of paediatric alopecia are largely non-scarring. These include tinea capitis, alopecia areata, trauma due to traction alopecia or ...
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71 Men, Cancer Treatment & Hair Loss
That means not only your scalp, but also your eyelashes, eyebrows and the hair on your arms (including your armpits), chest, legs and pubic area. When Hair, ...
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72 Hair Loss and Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenic Alopecia)
The medical term for male pattern baldness is androgenetic alopecia. This type of hair loss is caused by a combination of androgens (hormones) ...
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73 Hair Loss: Symptoms, Signs, Causes & Treatment - MedicineNet
There are many types of alopecia (baldness or hair loss), each with a different cause. Alopecia may be localized to the front and top of the head, ...
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74 Menopausal hair loss - Women's Health Concern
Genetics are important too and you may notice a family link with both male and female hair loss. Occasionally times of acute stress on the ...
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75 Hair Loss in Dogs: Types, Causes, Treatments
Circular bald patches; Baldness on the abdomen; Patches of baldness on the legs; Balding over the scrotum at the back of the hind legs. Hair ...
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76 Androgenetic Alopecia - Medscape Reference
Androgenetic alopecia, or pattern alopecia, is an extremely common disorder affecting both men and women. The incidence of androgenetic ...
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77 Metabolic Syndrome, Cardiovascular Disease and the Hair ...
Men usually have bi-temporal and vertex hair loss leading to complete baldness ... In the case of circulatory impairment in the legs, hair loss can often be ...
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78 Abnormal hair loss | Health Navigator NZ
Hair shedding phase · alopecia areata (an autoimmune condition affecting the hair follicles) · telogen hair loss (excessive hair shedding) · anagen ...
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79 Causes of Hair Loss in Goats
It is the main culprit for a goat losing hair on ears. ... in female and male animals and affect the penis, sheath, vulva, legs, and lips.
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80 Alopecia and different areas of skin: where on the body?
The subtypes of alopecia areata are based on the body parts affected as well as the severity (how much hair loss occurs). For example, alopecia totalis is loss ...
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81 Can Hair Loss Be a Sign of Something More Serious?
Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that causes the hair to fall out from the scalp, the face, and at times, from other parts of the body.
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82 Hair Loss in Horses
A common cause of hair loss on the lower legs is a result of poor hygiene in the stabling or pasture area. Urine or manure scald on the legs ...
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83 Hair Loss - The Cat Doctor
Hair Loss. The belly and back legs are very common sites of hair loss in cats. Why is my cat losing ...
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84 6 Best Fixes for Hair Loss - Men's Journal
While you won't find a miracle shampoo on the market, nioxin and some other products can help keep your scalp in tip-top shape to improve the look of any hairs ...
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85 Symptoms of Hair Loss in Men | REGAINE® UK
In men, hereditary hair loss also known as male pattern hair loss, typically starts with the receding of the hairline at the temples of the head creating a ...
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86 Hair Loss After Surgery Explained - Larry S. Nichter, MD, FACS
Once identified it needs to be treated quickly as can cause sudden hair loss. Positional Alopecia is uncommon, but can occur when the head is kept in one ...
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87 7 things your body hair says about your health
It's rare, but the immune system can turn on your hair follicles. The result can be losing your hair in odd, circular patches (called alopecia ...
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88 Hair Loss in Women Different than in Men, Now Assured ...
There have been basic studies done showing that an androgen excess in premenopausal women induces hair loss that requires different diagnostic ...
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89 Full Legs Laser Hair Removal for Men
Best Laser Room offers you the best full legs laser hair removal treatment for men in London. Our expert team uses the latest laser hair removal technology.
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90 Terminal Hair: Puberty Growth Phases From Vellus Hair
Androgenetic alopecia can occur at any time after puberty, but the risk increases with age, and it is most common among white males.7 About 50% ...
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91 Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) |
Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in the legs or lower extremities is the narrowing or ... hair loss; smooth, shiny skin; skin that is cool to the touch, ...
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92 Yorkshire Terrier Hair Loss and Balding - Yorkie Info Center
Those hairs will then do a quick shed 1 to 2 months after the event, which can seemingly cause the coat to look drastically thinned in a short amount of time.
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93 6 Reasons Your Dog Could Be Losing Hair - Elanco PetBasics
2. Hair Loss from Parasites · Patches of missing fur · Red, inflamed skin · Hot spots or infected sores · Flea droppings (black specks) or fleas on your dog, ...
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94 What To Do To Stop Hair growth on legs - FRÉNÉSIES
For immediate and quick hair removal, shaving is the best way. It will take no more than five minutes to shave your legs in the shower or bath, ...
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