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1 DRONE LAWS - Pennsylvania Drone Association
To fly a drone as a hobbyist in the state of Pennsylvania (i.e., for fun / pleasure), you are required to follow the FAA's recreational model aircraft rules.
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2 Drone Laws in Pennsylvania (2022) - UAV Coach
A list of drone regulations and links for people flying drones in Pennsylvania. ... These are drone laws that apply to the entire state of Pennsylvania, ...
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3 Pennsylvania (PA) Drone Laws and Regulations [2022]
You can operate drones up to 400 feet above ground level. However, there are restrictions on flying drones near airports, prisons, hospitals, ...
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4 Drone Laws in Pennsylvania - Droneblog
Pennsylvania has federal, state, and local drone laws in place. Under federal law, pilots must always follow FAA Part 107 rules. Drones are also largely banned ...
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5 Drone Laws in Pennsylvania (2022) - Pilot Institute
PA Consolidated Statutes Title 18 Sec 3505 ... Prohibits drone flight to survey other people in private spaces, in a manner that poses risk of harm or bodily ...
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6 Pennsylvania Drone Laws, Rules and Regulations
a. Preemption.--The provisions of 18 Pa.C.S. § 3505 (relating to unlawful use of unmanned aircraft) shall preempt and supersede any ordinance, resolution, ...
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7 Drone laws in the state of Pennsylvania
No flying of drones/UAS less than 200 feet over a property not owned by the drone operator. If property is not owned, drone operators must secure written ...
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8 Pennsylvania Drone Laws 2022: Top Full Guide - LucidCam
Drones/UAS cannot be flown less than 200ft above property that is not the operator. Operators who are not the owners of the property must obtain ...
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9 Title 18 - PA General Assembly
§ 3505. Unlawful use of unmanned aircraft. (a) Offense defined.--A person commits the offense of unlawful use of unmanned aircraft if the person uses an ...
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10 SY45 Use of Drones - Penn State Policies
To define the requirements for the use of a Drone on property owned or controlled by The Pennsylvania State University (“Penn State” or “University”), ...
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11 Top 7 Best Places To Fly A Drone In Pennsylvania
Title 18 Sec. 3505 – It is unlawful to operate a drone intentionally or knowingly to conduct surveillance of another person in a private place; ...
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12 Guidelines for the Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems at ...
Anyone intending to operate a UAS at the University of Pennsylvania must notify the PennSTAR Communications Center, 215-662-7736 (primary) or 215-662-7737 ( ...
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13 Can I legally fly a drone in Pennsylvania?
It is legal to fly drones in Pennsylvania if you are complying with FAA regulations. Certain state laws can still affect how you fly.
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14 Bill that prevents spying by drone signed into law in ...
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf recently signed legislation to prevent spying by drones and protect public privacy. The bill increases the criminal penalties for ...
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15 Allegheny County adheres to Federal and State drone ...
While the FAA maintains jurisdiction of the National Air Space at the state level, Pennsylvania prohibits the use of drones in a manner that ...
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16 What to Know about Pennsylvania's New Drone Law
In October, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed Act 78 into law. When it goes into effect on January 12, 2019, drone pilots within the ...
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17 New PA 'Peeping Tom' drone law protecting people's privacy
The 'Unlawful Use of Unmanned Aircraft' law, which goes into effect January 12 will prohibit anyone from getting surveillance of someone in a ...
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18 Current Unmanned Aircraft State Law Landscape
Empowers localities to regulate the takeoff or landing of UAS on property owned by such localities, in accordance with rules and regulations ...
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19 Recreational Flyers & Community-Based Organizations
The Exception for Limited Recreational Operations of Unmanned Aircraft (USC 44809) is the law that describes how, when, and where you can fly drones for ...
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20 sUAS (Drone) INFORMATION | Bensalem Police Department
If a drone is flying over your property, you are violating Federal Law if you knock it out of the sky. Take a photograph of the drone or write down a ...
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21 Drone laws PA (How to Register and What are the Rules)
PA drone regulations · You must be at least 16 years old to fly a drone in Pennsylvania. · You must be able to see your drone at all times when ...
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22 - Drone Law and Drone Attorney Assistance
Aviation Drone Law author, FAA Certified Flight Instructor Pilot & Attorney Jonathan Rupprecht focusing on commercial drone legal and regulation issues .
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23 725 ILCS 167/ Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act.
Sec. 10. Prohibited use of drones. Except as provided in Section 15, a law enforcement agency may not use a drone to gather information ...
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24 PA Drone Case Could Be Landmark Testing FAA Control
A court case involving local authorities, a drone enthusiast and his neighbor could set a precedent for how local law enforcement deals with drones.
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25 Section 259.322 - Michigan Legislature
(2) A person shall not knowingly and intentionally operate an unmanned aircraft system within a distance that, if the person were to do so personally rather ...
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26 Drones | Montgomery County, PA - Official Website
Drone use is allowed at Green Lane Park in one area only - the field in between Green Lane Road and the parking lot off of Green Lane Road.
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27 PA Drone Association (@PADroneAssoc) / Twitter
The PA Drone Association has been established to help nonprofits, associations and ... it is important to stay current on federal and state drone laws.
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28 Top 10 Best Pennsylvania Drone Laws Reviews & Comparison
There are many different types of pennsylvania drone laws on the market, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Additionally, pennsylvania drone ...
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29 Drone Laws & Regulations: Do You Need a License to Fly?
Title 18 Section 3505 forbids drone use to intentionally surveil other people in a private place, to use a drone in a way that puts another ...
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30 What You Should Know About Pennsylvania's New Drone Law
The legislation makes using an unmanned aircraft to intentionally or knowingly conduct surveillance of another person in a private place or to ...
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31 Pennsylvania Drone Training | dronegenuity
Areas Covered in Courses · Safety · FAA Drone Laws · Flying Drones for Income · Drone Technology Insights.
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32 FAA Drone Testing Centers in Pennsylvania
To become an FAA-certified drone pilot, you need to pass a 60-question multiple-choice test. Here's a list of the drone testing centers in Pennslyvania.
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33 14 Best Places To Fly A Drone In Pennsylvania (2022)
Recreational drone pilots are subject to the FAA rules for recreational flyers, which require them to register their drones if they weigh more ...
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34 Pa. legislation targets use of drones in hunting
Hunting Drones in Pennsylvania? ... If you have been thinking about getting your hands on a drone to assist during your next hunt, think again.
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35 Abington Township Police Dept., PA - Facebook
Public Service Announcement - Drone Operators: From the FAA please be advised if a person is going to fly a drone during the operational time and area of ...
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36 How do I know if I can legally fly my drone in a specific area?
General FAA rules for flying drones recreationally: · Your drone must be registered. Registration costs $5 and lasts 3 years. · You must have a completion ...
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37 State UAS Drone Regulations
The new rule, which took effect in late August 2016, offers safety regulations for unmanned aircraft drones weighing less than 55 pounds that are conducting non ...
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38 Unmanned Aircraft System (Drones) | Martin County Florida
Effective May 15, 2019: There is new legislation concerning recreational/hobbyist flyers of drones (UAS). Please visit FAA website below for information.
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39 Drone Laws In Pennsylvania 2019 [Read Before You Fly!]
Flying Drones In Pennsylvania Today · Be a U.S. Citizen or legal permanent resident · Be at least 13 years old · Pilot the drone clear of all ...
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There are no drone laws in the state of Pennsylvania aside from the rules and regulations provided by the FAA; however, that does not mean users can operate.
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41 Pennsylvania "Unlawful Use of Unmanned Aircraft" law
On January 12th, a new drone law will come into effect in Pennsylvania that aims to protect people's privacy from drones.
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42 Township of Doylestown, PA Parks and Recreation Areas
A. No person shall possess or operate any radio-controlled or other remotely operated model, rocket, drone, toy or similar device including, but not limited to ...
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43 10 Drone Rules To Not Ignore - Scaringi Law
The laws of drones are classified in essentially two sections: Those for hobbyists and those for commercial pilots.
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44 New Drone Regulations: What Municipalities and You Need to ...
In October 2018, Governor Tom Wolf signed Act 78 (“Act”) limiting unmanned aircraft, more popularly known as drones, within Pennsylvania.
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45 Operations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) on State ...
Rachel Carson State Office Building | P.O. Box 8552, Harrisburg, PA ... is an increased interest in individuals wanting to fly Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
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46 Free to Fly: Pennsylvania Drone Campaign - The Shorty Awards
When the Pennsylvania General Assembly was considering two bills which would have stifled drone technology innovation by making flying drones a crime punishable ...
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47 Pennsylvania law | DJI Phantom Drone Forum
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), remotely piloted vehicles (RPV) or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), all commonly referred to as DRONES, their ...
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48 Collaboration in Pittsburgh to Preempt Local Drone Ordinance
Now, drone operators will operate in accordance with FAA regulations and the safety and privacy laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The ...
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49 New Pennsylvania Drone Law in Effect - State Aviation Journal
A new drone law that passed in Pennsylvania and signed by Governor Tom Wolf back in October has gone into effect. The new law protects the ...
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50 The Drone Laws You Are Looking For on Apple Podcasts
On this episode we will be talking to Chris Tatem. Chris and I will discuss Pennsylvania's new Drone Law that went into effect on January 12thand compare it ...
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51 Is It a Crime to Fly a Drone Over Another's Private Property?
With some exceptions, federal law doesn't restrict flying over another's property. However, drones pose two primary public health and safety concerns when ...
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52 Blogs About Drone Laws - Caplan & Tamburino Law Firm, P.A.
Drones · July 06, 2015 Without Federal Laws, Local Governments Step in to Regulate Drones. Category: Drones · June 29, 2015 Green Bay Considering Measure to ...
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53 Flying in Designated PA State Parks - Mavic Pilots
Drones are allowed in Pennsylvania for recreational and commercial use, subject to FAA and local regulations. Read on for details.
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54 Text - S.3542 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): Drone Act of 2022
—It shall be unlawful to knowingly operate an unmanned aircraft in furtherance of the commission of a crime punishable by death or imprisonment ...
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55 FAA releases drone rules for real estate agents
Despite the sharp spike in popularity of drones over the past few years, the existing FAA regulations do not allow these aircraft to be used for ...
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56 Whether it's business or pleasure, know your drone rules ...
You may have noticed more drones taking off in western Pennsylvania. People are using these flying cameras to boost business, but even more ...
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57 Drones, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or ... - Kutztown University
to comply with all applicable laws, reduce safety risks, and preserve the ... unmanned aircraft vehicle or system (UAV or UAS), a drone, is regulated by the ...
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58 Pennsylvania Aerial Photography Drone Pilots - Hire UAV Pro has worked extensively in Pennsylvania and is familiar with the drone laws and regulations, professional pilots, and the landscape which allows ...
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59 New Pa. law to fine people for using drones to spy
Signed-in readers now can bookmark stories to read later. NEW! ... HARRISBURG -- Pennsylvania will start imposing criminal penalties on people who ...
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60 FAA Drone Regulations for Commercial Drone Use
These Federal Aviation Regulations, or FARs, were the FAA's first official rules governing commercial drone use. In addition to outlining the operational ...
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61 Drone use highly regulated on, near military installations
Muir Army Airfield at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa., is home to both the ... But, there are many regulations when it comes to operating drones, particularly in ...
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62 Keeping wildlife safe from drones | U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Eagle protections. Even though eagles are no longer an endangered species, they are still protected by several federal laws, including the Bald and Golden Eagle ...
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63 New Pennsylvania bill will fine drone operators up to $300 for ...
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has signed House Bill 1346 into effect, which imposes a fine upwards of $300 to drone operators who invade ...
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64 New Law Regulating Drone Use Signed In Pennsylvania - Patch
Wolf signed Act 78 of 2018 on Friday. The bill increases criminal penalties for using unmanned aircraft, which are often called drones, to spy ...
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65 Aviation - GrayRobinson, PA - A Florida Law Firm
Aviation and Drone Law ... We have assisted clients in interpreting FAA regulations and obtaining building height variances and “no hazard” determinations, ...
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66 Drone Usage and FAA Regulations - City of Philadelphia
Drone Usage and FAA Regulations · Fly for recreational or commercial use · Register your drone · Get a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA · Fly a ...
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67 Litigation Expert Michael Corso to Discuss Drone Law to ...
Michael Corso will present “Rise of the Drones: Current UAV/UAS Law ... Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, P.A. is pleased to announce ...
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68 Using A Drone? Things To Consider Update - Hamburg Rubin
Legislation from this last session in Pennsylvania provides that unmanned drones may not be regulated at the local level.
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69 Office of Legal Policy | Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Law enforcement agencies across the country have recognized that UAS can be an important tool in advancing their public safety missions while reducing risk to ...
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70 Drones Are Everywhere. Sometimes, That's the Problem
In 2018, Pennsylvania lawmakers prohibited the use of drones for surveillance purposes that would compromise an individual's privacy in a ...
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71 Pennsylvania Drone Photography & Video - SoldByAir
Most people now know that you have to be certified to fly drones for profit, which you can read about here. The more challenging part is understanding all the ...
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72 Use of drones in policing offers promise, but also raises ...
Enacting laws requiring that police get warrants for drone ... We'd go further, and urge lawmakers to reform Pennsylvania Act 22, ...
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73 Eden Prairie News: Drone Use Comes with Rules
... to hopefully make them safer,” said Donald Mark Jr., of the Eden Prairie-based law firm Fafinski Mark & Johnson P.A., which has a drone practice group, ...
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74 Memo: Drone at Pa. electric substation was first to 'specifically ...
A drone that crashed near a Pennsylvania power substation last year ... to a federal law enforcement bulletin obtained by ABC News and CNN.
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75 Where Can I Fly in Pennsylvania? - Every Drone Law 2019
Nicholas Taylor
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76 Drone Laws in the States - DRONELIFE
The bills make provisions for the authorization and regulation of the use of unmanned vehicles and make it illegal to arm a drone aircraft with ...
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77 FAA Fines Philadelphia Drone Pilot And Youtuber $184,500
He, as a drone user, is well aware of the regulations regarding such use. He chose not to adhere to laws established by the FAA, in a conscious ...
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78 Drone Policy - Louisville District - US Army
Drones should be operated in accordance with applicable state laws and Federal Aviation Administration regulations including any UAS registration ...
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79 Can You Fly a Drone Over Private Property? - Aero Corner
TLDR – There are no federal laws against flying a drone over private property as the FAA only regulates airspace above 400 feet. However, some areas have ...
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80 Police expect more drone-related calls after Christmas - ABC27
Among the most notable rules is the requirement to register any recreational or professional use drone weighing 55 pounds or more. While ...
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81 Unmanned Aircraft System (Drones) in State Parks
Drones in State Wilderness Areas, Natural Preserves, and Cultural Preserves: State Park regulations prohibit the use of motorized equipment (including UASs) ...
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82 The F.A.A. Wants to Start Tracking Drones' Locations
The Federal Aviation Administration proposed wide-sweeping regulations on Thursday that would require that all but the tiniest drones ...
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83 Pittsburgh City Council To Clarify Drone Laws | 90.5 WESA
This latest bill addresses only drones flying over public spaces. Gilman told fellow councilors he'd been told that the Federal Aviation ...
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84 Drone Laws by State - FindLaw
Sec. 1. 25 MRSA Pt. 12: Requires law enforcement agencies to obtain approval prior to acquiring drones, in addition to other rules for police ...
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85 Shooting a drone that is hovering over my house or backyard ...
The answer, Mike, is no. You cannot legally shoot down a drone just because it's over your property. First of all, you live in Springfield, ...
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86 Panama - | Global Drone Regulations Database
UAS Regulations. The AAC has a drone 'landing page' here: Which includes regulations from 2016 (in ...
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87 Drone Usage, Popularity Is on the Rise - Fox Rothschild LLP
The FAA is currently working on an official set of rules for commercial drone flight, but until those rules are finalized, the agency has ...
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88 Pennsylvania Law Fines Drones Used for Spying - Light Stalking
Basically it says that any drone pilot caught in the act of domestic surveillance with their drone could face fines of $USD 300. This fine also ...
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89 Mullery introduces legislation to prohibit drones from ...
House Bill 1896 would make operating a drone a punishable offense when it intrudes on a person who is partaking in outdoor sportsmen activities.
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90 Drone Journalism and the Law
Drone journalism refers to the use of "unmanned aerial vehicles" (UAVs) or “unmanned aerial systems” (UAS). The law in this area is not settled, and the ...
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91 Recreational Drones Present Enforcement Issues for FAA
The only restrictions that the law places on recreational drones are that they weigh less than 55 pounds, do not interfere with manned aircrafts ...
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92 Pennsylvania Drone Laws: Everything You Need to Know
Drone laws in PA prohibit the use of unmanned aerial systems within cultural preserves and natural preserves. Before operating your drone, ...
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93 Chambersburg to Discuss Banning Drones in Borough Parks
Chambersburg is 1 of 2 municipalities in PA to operate a natural gas utility. ... drones, as well as additional rules:.
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94 Drone Laws in Florida | Hendry & Parker P.A. Attorneys At Law
The use of drones is regulated primarily by the state of Florida, although local governments are allowed to enact their own ordinances. One of ...
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95 Committee passes bill to prohibit use of drones over certain ...
HARRISBURG – The Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved a measure that would penalize unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators for ...
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